Can Teddy’s beard be cut off – can a dog’s beard be cut?


       A dog’s beard can be used to measure height and width. Cutting it off may affect the dog’s feeling,

       The roots of a dog’s beard are packed with many nerves, which can cause a sensitive reaction no matter what touches it.

       The whiskers on the left and right sides can also measure the width of the body, which can be used to judge whether the body can pass through a certain place by the way the whiskers touch.

       Of course, it can grow. When I do beauty for dogs, many customers will ask for a haircut. This is also a beauty project. A dog’s beard is not as important as a cat’s beard. After shaving, the dog will not be used to it, so you must encourage him more, don’t say it is ugly, the dog also has a sense of inferiority, so you must be sure that it is right to cut his beard, so that it will not feel inferior and will adapt quickly. I am a pet beautician, hope to help you, wish your dog healthy and happy growth

       It can’t be cut off. Like cats, dog’s beard is similar to shrimp’s tentacles. Through the beard, the dog can be very sensitive to the surrounding environment.

       A dog’s moustache is used to balance and measure whether it can pass through the dog’s body. If its beard touches both sides at the same time, its body will not be able to enter. Therefore, the dog will not be squeezed and unable to get out.

       For example, when a dog goes into a cave, its beard can touch both sides of the cave. If the cave is too small, the beard will touch it first, and then the dog can use this information to decide whether to move on or not. Eyebrows are to keep the sweat out of your eyes

       I don’t know why you want to cut the dog’s beard, but we all suggest that you don’t cut it. The beard does not have a great impact on the dog, does not affect its organs and functions, but it is a strong blow to the dog’s spirit and self-esteem. It’s inhumane. You should not do that

       If you cut it off, maybe it’s not so good and barking, but it won’t be very close to you. A timid dog needs more love

       It doesn’t work. It’s natural. Cut it off….. How to say, if you cut some dogs, they will feel that their appearance has been destroyed, and their personality will become lonely. This is what I saw on TV. Some people cut their dog’s hair, which eventually changed their character. Originally, they went out very high spirited and lively. Later, when they came out, they always hid at the owner’s feet and didn’t want to show them to other dogs. They always think that they are themselves The hair born is the most beautiful, but it is not absolute. Some dogs have no problem with it. In my opinion, it’s better not to cut it. It’s always the most beautiful one in my life. Think about it

       My dog once went out of the driveway, and suddenly a car came. Fortunately, his beard seemed to touch the tire and stopped. Otherwise, he hung up. His self-protection saved his life. Anyway, I don’t think the beard is white, it’s very important!

       The dog’s beard is particularly sensitive, which is of great assistance to the dog’s movement.

       Because of the owner’s presence, the pet dog will not have much influence after cutting off its beard, and it can grow out quickly.

       But for dogs in the wild, the loss of their whiskers can greatly affect their movements.

       The function of the dog’s beard:

       1. The main function of whiskers is to assist the dog’s vision. They are often referred to as touching the hair. The beard can sense the slight flow of air, as well as the subtle changes of wind direction and wind speed. This makes the dog aware of the presence of prey or other objects nearby, as well as their size, size, and whether they are moving.

       2. A dog’s beard is twice as thick as a normal hair and thicker.

       The roots of the beard are three times deeper than the roots of ordinary hair and are covered with nerves and blood vessels, making each beard a super sensitive sensor in the process of movement. Air flow or object touch will cause vibration of the beard and stimulate the spirit level. The dog’s whiskers are as sensitive as our fingertips, and play an important role in helping dogs understand their environment and actions.

       Don’t you think Teddy’s cute with a beard?

       Of course, if you want to pull your beard, talk to Teddy first. Make it ready!

       And remind me that it’s better to pull Teddy’s beard under protection, otherwise Teddy may turn over and not recognize people, and it will be troublesome to bite you. In short, we should not pull it out as far as possible, and if we want to pull it out, we should do a good job of protection. Hope to help you.

       What’s so boring! Do you know what dogs and cats do with their beards? Ha ha, the first time I heard such a strange topic, my stomach was laughing and painful Well, let me tell you, beards don’t care about it. If there is no light at night, the beard helps them to explore whether there are obstacles in front of them You really have to go to see pet Jian’s books Make a fool of ha-ha

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