Can Teddy’s ear mite infect people

       Healthy dog’s ears are clean, dry and tasteless. If the dog’s ears smell from time to time, it is likely that they have already suffered from ear mites. Ear mites are infectious and cause temporary infection to humans. Therefore, it is particularly important and necessary to keep the pets infected with otonychus in isolation and keep the environment clean and hygienic.

       1¡¢ What are ear mites?

       Ear mites like to settle in dogs’ ears. In the dog’s ear canal, ear mites feed on body fluids and skin cells, relying on debris and nourishment.

       2¡¢ Common symptoms of ear mites: shaking head and tapping ears

       Ear mites are a common cause of ear inflammation in dogs. Ear mites usually gather secretions in the ear canal of dogs. At this time, dogs usually shake their heads and dig their ears. Dog often grasps Sao, easy to cause auricle or head depilation, serious can cause ear hematoma.

       3¡¢ What to do with ear mites?

       Dogs with ear mites, we must keep healthy dogs and dogs with ear mites, and then take measures.

       Dog ear mites need to last at least three to four weeks to ensure that they are eliminated. Ear mites can sometimes spread from the ear to other parts of the dog’s body, so in the treatment of ears, we should not ignore the cleanliness of other parts of the body and the environment. To use pet ear cleaning solution for dogs, first drop the pet ear cleaner to clean the dirt outside the dog’s ear, and then clean the inside of the ear. Drop the pet ear cleanser, pull up the ear, and let the dog shake its head and throw out the dirty things inside. Ear mites are very stubborn and have a long life cycle. The host should clean them up every day so that they can be completely removed.

       No, because ear mites are not a common disease. There are several mites that can invade the ear canal of cats and dogs. It is not important to determine which mite is in diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, we call them ear mites. Unlike what you think, ear mites can live anywhere on animals. Ear mites are highly infectious. They can be passed on from mother to her offspring. They can also be easily transmitted to all other pets in the family, including cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, ferrets, etc., but they will not infect humans. The frequency of scratching and shaking head depends on the degree of infection. If the mite is severe, dry or fresh blood may appear in the ear canal. Dry blood is like brown mud. If you look into your pet’s ear and see something like brown mud, your pet is likely to have ear mites, or bacterial or fungal infections. Ear mites are common, but should not be ignored. If left alone, they will seriously damage the ear canal and eardrum membrane, causing permanent hearing damage. If mites spread to other parts of the body, the animal may scratch that part (or not). How to deal with it? Many ear preparations on sale can kill mites. These products include an insecticide (usually pyrethroid). Preparations without insecticides can not kill mites. It takes two to four weeks to eradicate mites, depending on the drugs used. As mentioned earlier, many ear mites are found throughout the body, including feet and tail, so these parts should also be treated at the same time. There are many anti flea and lice products, such as sprays, drops and shampoos, which can be used to treat mites all over the body as long as they contain anti mite ingredients. But make sure that the product used is approved and remember to treat the tail, because the animal’s tail is coiled close to the ear when it sleeps. Since ear mites can spread easily from animal to animal, it is best to have all pets in the family treated at the same time. Most mites can’t survive without animals, so there’s no need to clean rooms and yards for mites. Answer: 13:44 on November 6, 2004

       Dogs often scratch their ears and there is a smell in the ears, it should be ear mites.

       Ear mites can’t infect humans, but it can cause bleeding and secondary infection when dogs scratch their ears, so it can cause great damage to dogs’ ears,

       It is convenient and convenient to use the dog’s special ear mite removing pet to clean it, and the effect is good.

       Often clean the ear hair for it and spend more time with her.

       Ear hair cleaning: for some long haired dogs with drooping ears, ear hair needs to be cleaned regularly, so as not to block the normal discharge of earwax like a filter screen, and make the ear canal inflamed. It is a particularly troublesome thing to remove the ear hair that grows out of the ear canal. However, parents of long haired dogs such as Jingba, bixiong, British ancient nomad, VIP and Yorkshire should have the awareness of cleaning ear hair regularly. The so-called cleaning ear hair is to pluck ear hair, not pruning. Because if only pruning, the hair roots will remain in the skin, and the shortened ear hair will continue to grow. With the emergence of new ear hair, there will be more and more ear hair in the ear, which will not clean up the ear hair at all.

       When plucking the ear hair, hold on to a handful of ear hair and pull it off quickly. As you can imagine, this process will be a little painful, so the dog will feel uneasy. Knead by hand, mint cool ear powder can relieve the dog’s tense mood, also can reduce the dog’s pain. Don’t worry about the ear powder left in the dog’s ear, because there is no obstruction of the ear hair after cleaning the ear hair. Finally, remember to massage the dog’s root, caress its head, comfort and praise it after plucking the ear hair.

       It is particularly important to note that do not casually open the ears for dogs. The dog’s ear canal is very fragile and needs careful care from the owner. The owner should regularly check the smell, inflammation and wax accumulation of the dog’s ear. If you don’t have too much earwax, you don’t have to worry about it. Earwax naturally protects the ear canal and only needs to be cleaned up when it accumulates too much. Just clean the inside of the dog’s ears with cotton balls soaked in ear drops.

       But if the earwax accumulates again after a week of cleaning, you should see a doctor. This is a sign that the dog has ear mites. The ears of healthy dogs should not be cut or notched and sensitive to sound. Open the auricle, the ear canal is clean, there is no sticky secretions, no odor, the color inside the ear is pink. If the dog always tilts his head, unnaturally swings his ears, or rubs the walls and furniture with his ears, it is likely that his ears are uncomfortable. He should check them carefully and deal with them in time according to different situations.

       Ear mites are highly infectious. They can be passed on from mother to her offspring. They can also be easily transmitted to all other pets in the family, including cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, ferrets, etc., but they will not infect humans.

       Ear mite ¡Ù mite.

       Ear mite disease in dogs is a highly infectious parasitic disease caused by urticaria auriculi and Sarcoptes auricularis.

       Ear mites are highly contagious. Clinical manifestations of ear itching, dog scratch ear with hind paw from time to time. Skin injury, ear hematoma and shaking head are often seen. Dark brown secretions and epidermal hyperplasia were found in the ear canal. When secondary bacterial infection can cause suppurative otitis externa and otitis media. Deep invasion can cause encephalitis and neurological symptoms. The dog has obvious ear pain and tenderness, and refuses to check the ear.

       In the dog’s ears, you can see brown and black dirt, some oil, and some dry flakes. Dogs often scratch their ears with their hind legs to relieve itching. Ear mites can be seen clearly under the microscope. If a female dog has ear mites, then her baby will certainly have one. Because of the weak resistance of young dogs, young dogs living in groups are more likely to develop ear mites than adult dogs.

       In addition, there is a Demodex. Demodex can be found in normal puppies, but it is not infected. When the skin is inflamed or the collective is in a state of stress or resistance is reduced, the mites begin to multiply and cause disease.

       Treatment: 1

       2. Wash the ear canal with antibiotic ear drops

       3. Drop 1% ivermectin or other acaricides into the ear

       4. Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg body weight, once skin shot, 7 ~ 10 days after repeated use

       5. In case of otitis media or serious infection, antibiotics should be used for systemic treatment

       We should often give the dog a bath, often take it out to play, give him more delicious food, clean his hair, plus the treatment of pet Shun Tang Hui Chong drops, the effect is very good, pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene.



       Hold the cat in your arms, gently turn the outside of your ear over and buckle it on your head. The ear canal will be exposed. Use a cotton swab to wipe off the dirt in the external ear and ear canal. Note that the cotton swab should be inserted into the ear canal about 1cm. The technique must be light. Be careful. Wipe according to the wrinkles in the ear canal of the cat. Do not stab it rigidly, so as to avoid pain and injury to the cat. And pay attention to the action of the cat, must be relatively stable in the cat wipe. Then spray the lotion on the affected area, 1-2 times a day, and it will be better after five days. After that, regular use can effectively prevent ear mites and other inflammation.

       Ear mite is inside the ear, the effect of injection may not be good!

       You can buy ear drops or ear washes directly, as well as professional ear mite medicine. Why do you need an injection

       Too many injections hurt the internal organs! Don’t think of injections all your life. If you find out that you will be treated in time, so that it will not spread to other places. If you don’t know what to buy, just buy Velcro, just like our family! Every day to adhere to use, a few days or good!!

       It can infect people, but the insect will die automatically after less than a week, because the doctor said the insect can’t absorb nutrition and reproduce in human body. But there were a lot of red spots on my body at that time, which was infected by my dog. Although it went down a week later, my body itched to death, and it hurt and itched. Finally, I couldn’t help holding the dog and was infected again……

       Ear mite is a kind of parasite on the skin surface and ear canal. It lives by sucking on the lymph and skin residue. The ear mite will spend its life on the host. If it is not removed, the ear mite will cause ear inflammation and affect the hearing of dogs. The ear mite is also easy to spread among pets. Because the dog’s ear hair is longer, it is more conducive to the breeding of bacterial ear mites. Even dogs who never go out of the house can be infected because people are also temporary carriers. Because when there are foreign bodies in the ear canal of a person, a large amount of ear wax will be secreted. Different people’s ear wax has dry and wet, and it does not have a lot of ear hair like pets, which is not suitable for the breeding of bacterial ear mites, so people will not be infected with ear mites.

       When dogs have ear mites, they will scratch their ears and shake their heads. There will be dark brown secretions in the ears, accompanied by peculiar smell. Continuous scratching can also cause hair loss and ear redness.

       It will take a long time to remove the earwax completely. First, soak the earwax with lingmengwei ear drops. After the earwax softens, it can be wiped off. Then use Wang Xiang ear drops to drop into the ear canal, knead a few times to make the ear drops evenly distributed in the ear canal, two to three times a day. It is recommended to persist for more than 20 days until the ear mites are removed.

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