Can the cat get rid of itself – what about the kitten? Can you do it yourself

       Generally speaking, as long as the cat’s mental state is good, it should be able to rule out the possibility of feline plague, and their own kitten laxity should be gastrointestinal problems.

       Catching a cold can also cause the cat to loose. Observe whether it is caused by catching cold, especially when the temperature difference is large. If it is because of cold and laxity, the cat’s mental state will not have any change, which is very common. The cat can be recuperated by drinking small Bupleurum and other cold lotion for a few days.

       If the kitten does not catch a cold, you can take some cat probiotics to promote digestion of the stomach and intestines. When feeding, do not feed some food randomly to avoid other problems. Do internal deworming, cats sometimes appear more parasites, this situation is generally eating some uncomfortable things caused by gastrointestinal problems, it is necessary to give the cat some anthelmintic medicine.

       If the accumulation of hair ball in the body is too much, the cat has the nature of licking the hair. When the accumulation of hair ball in the body is too much, it may appear laxity, which is appropriate to feed some cat grass to clean the hair ball.

       1. The cat has diarrhea due to indigestion

       There are many reasons for cat diarrhea. Generally speaking, it may be due to eating expired cat food or eating too much and too much miscellaneous food, which may block the intestinal tract, cause indigestion and diarrhea.

       2. Cats have diarrhea due to stress reaction

       When cats feel changes in the external environment, they will have some stress reactions, such as diarrhea, vomiting, etc. This is a normal reaction, pet owners need not worry too much, should understand what factors caused the stress reaction.

       3. Cats have gastroenteritis and other diseases

       When cats suffer from gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases, it is easy to cause diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms.

       In addition, if the cause of diarrhea is inconsistent with the above, then the excrement removal officer needs to take the cat to the pet hospital for treatment.

       Conclusion: the main reason why cats have diarrhea but are in good spirits is basically the above mentioned. Generally, young cats are easy to have diarrhea, but cats usually recover after a few days. If you find that the cat hasn’t recovered after a few days, please take the cat to the pet hospital in time to have a check-up, so as to be more thoughtful.

       Precautions for keeping cats:

       1. Home has rattan or leather sofa cloth art sofa, pay attention to prevent cat scratch bite claw, you can buy a cat scratch board or cat climbing frame for it.

       2. If there are other pets in the house, it’s better to adapt to the cage for a few days; if there are no other pets, the cat should also be kept in the house for three days after coming back to familiarize him with the smell and environment

       3. Eat cat food with cat litter, eat cat food trade-off is actually cheaper than cooking cat fish bibimbap, clean and simple. Teach him to go to the bathroom and buy a fully enclosed Cat Toilet. The smell will not be so strong

       4. If you don’t go out, you don’t need to take a bath, expel insects regularly, and you need to do all the vaccines.

       5. If you feel that the cat’s estrus is noisy and annoying, the female cat has a physiological period, and the male cat will run out of the field, then birth control is recommended. KC surgery should be performed in a regular hospital. Or mother and father raise ~ my family is ~ ~ ~ but kittens to choose a good family to send, or birth control is the most convenient

       6. Close the doors and windows, especially the male cat. He will try his best to escape and play.

       The possibility is that the cat’s stomach and intestines are sensitive, so the cat’s physical fitness is poor, so it is easy to loose.

       Some cats look good in spirit, healthy and not sick. They just vomit and diarrhea as soon as they eat. They don’t absorb as much as they eat, and they don’t grow meat. They always look malnourished, which makes the pet owners very confused. In fact, because the cat’s stomach is sensitive, so the cat’s physical fitness is poor.

       First of all, we should know that gastrointestinal sensitivity is not a disease. A cat’s gastrointestinal sensitivity will lead to poor absorption function and inability to absorb nutrition. Sometimes, the cat’s appetite is much better than that of ordinary cats, and they eat a lot, but even so, it always looks very thin and weak. It is easy to have diarrhea, vomiting, slow growth, and the hair is not nutritious Can cause cat anemia, low platelet count. So how to take care of such a cat?

       1. Choose foods that are easy to absorb and avoid frequent changes. The pet owner feels that the cat is malnourished and will generally choose better food for the cat. However, for the cat whose stomach is already sensitive, eating too well will not only be unable to absorb it, but also increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, resulting in more serious intestinal reactions.

       Therefore, cats in this situation should choose nutritious and easily absorbed food, and do not easily change the cat food. If you find a cat food that is suitable for your cat, you should not change it easily, because the cat’s stomach is sensitive and always changes the cat. It is more difficult to adapt and cause various adverse reactions.

       2. Ensure good eating habits. Cats with sensitive intestines and stomachs do not mean that they have poor appetite. On the contrary, they may have a good appetite. Some pet owners see that the cat always wants to eat, so they will follow the cat’s heart and feed the cat all the time. However, in this way, it is more harmful to the cat’s intestines and stomach. Therefore, pet owners should control the food intake of the cat, and feed the cat regularly and quantitatively, a little bit at a time. The feeding frequency can be increased to avoid bringing more burden to the cat’s intestines and stomach.

       3. Pay attention to clean and fresh drinking water. Sometimes cats may not be as strict as our human requirements on water supply, but as pet owners, they should try to ensure that their drinking water is hygienic and fresh. Clean water will cool and dust after a long time. Moreover, cold water may stimulate the cat’s intestines and stomach and cause cat diarrhea. It is recommended to choose warm pure water and keep it fresh.

       4. Replenish the cat with nutrition cream. For cats with gastrointestinal sensitivity, nutrition must be supplemented, and attention should be paid to the correct way. Nutrition cream is a good choice. In addition, you can eat probiotics to regulate the gastrointestinal tract and observe the defecation status of cats. First of all, we should exclude some disease factors.

       5. Attention should be paid to parasites and digestive tract diseases. If the cat has diarrhea and soft stool, and the pet owner does not regularly expel insects to the cat, then you should go to the hospital for stool examination to see if there are eggs. If there are parasites in the cat, then no matter how much you eat, the nutrition will not be absorbed by the cat. Therefore, for the health of the cat, deworming work is essential. Generally, cats over one month old can be expelled for the first time In addition, even if the cat does not go out of the house, it should be regularly repelled, because the pet owner may carry it out when he goes out. It is recommended to expel the insect in vivo once every 3 months, and once a month to 3 months in vitro. If the cat eats raw meat, the internal deworming should also be guaranteed once a month.

       If the cat has diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite and poor spirit, it should be noted that the cat may be sick, or digestive tract disease, or some other diseases. The cat should be sent to the hospital in time.

       No matter how much cats eat, they are not fat. Pet owners should pay attention to this problem. Although gastrointestinal sensitivity is not fatal, it is not conducive to the healthy growth of cats. In order to make cats more healthy, pet owners should try to improve this situation. In addition, if the disease causes, they should not hesitate to take the cat for diagnosis and treatment.

       Cats with diarrhea but good spirit should be sensitive to the intestines and stomach of cats. Gastrointestinal sensitivity is not a disease. Sensitive intestines and stomach of cats will lead to poor absorption function of cats and unable to absorb nutrition. Sometimes cats’ appetite is much better than ordinary cats, and they eat a lot. Even so, they always look very thin and weak, easy to diarrhea, vomiting and development Slow, hair also looks very no nutrition, serious will lead to cat anemia, low platelet.

       Your cat is sensitive to stomach and intestines. When my cat was young, it was always lax. I went to ask the doctor. The doctor said that the situation was mostly gastrointestinal sensitivity, because the cat’s intestines and stomach are relatively weak. If you eat too much and too much food (many different kinds of food), it may lead to gastrointestinal sensitivity. The doctor said that the food for the kitten should be single. For example, for cat rice, it can only be meat mixed rice, The only way to give cat food is to give it cat food all the time, or mix some meat with it. Don’t give it anything you can eat. It will hurt its intestines and stomach. What’s more, you can’t give it too much meat. If you eat too much, you will have diarrhea. A friend of mine loves her kitten. She loves her kitten. She gives a lot of meat to eat every day. The cat will have a lot of diarrhea every day, Later, I told her to give her only one spoonful of meat a day for her cat

       However, my cat was very weak when she was young, so she insisted on giving cat food for more than a month, but it still didn’t improve. Later, she didn’t loose after eating California Natural Food and Mercer natural food (both of which have the function of regulating intestines and stomach). It took only three days to eat it. Ha! If your cat eats too much meat every day, try to reduce the meat and see if it will be pulled, If you still have it for two weeks, please buy the two cat food I just mentioned. The effect is really good. It can be sold on * *. Besides, you can give a piece of yeast tablet every day (also called motherhood, which is sold in pharmacies. It costs 1 yuan a pack, there are 100 tablets). This medicine can help digest and regulate the stomach, but you can’t take it for more than five days. You have to stop taking it in four or five days. It’s three parts of the poison. It’s not good to take too much, Remember not to give pure milk to kittens to drink, kittens drink this will pull belly, but yogurt can, but not too much, appropriate for and

       Wish your kitten recover soon!

       All aspects of the kitten’s body is still relatively fragile, although the emergence of laxity is more common, but do not ignore the cat, or it is likely to aggravate the disease.

       1. Fast for half a day

       Kittens may eat unhygienic, raw and cold, irritant, allergic, too greasy food, so the cat is easy to loose. Can let the cat fast for half a day, during which can feed some warm water, discharge those let the cat loose the food.

       2. Supplement probiotics

       Some cats have poor digestion ability, and often have diarrhea. To this end, you can add some probiotics to your cat, such as pet Xieting, to help reduce diarrhea.

       3. Feeding anthelmintic

       Parasites are also a common cause of diarrhea in cats. Generally, a healthy cat will be vaccinated and deworming after 3 months. Check whether there are white eggs in the cat’s stool. If you are not sure, you can go to the pet hospital for stool examination. After confirmation, feed the cat with anthelmintic.

       4. Measure the body temperature and take anti fever needle

       If a kitten gets wet in the rain, does not blow dry in time after taking a bath, or if the air conditioner blows too much, it is easy to catch a cold, and it is also lax. Especially if the cat has runny nose, cough and other symptoms, it is necessary to measure the body temperature in time. If the body temperature exceeds 39.5 ¡æ, they will be sent to the hospital for antipyretic injections.

       In addition, enteritis, feline plague and so on can also lead to feline laxity, especially when the cat laxity is accompanied by vomiting, a strong smell of stool, and poor spirit and appetite. This situation is more difficult to solve, need to be sent to pet hospital in time to avoid delaying the cat’s condition.

       It depends on the situation. If a cat suffers from enteritis, feline plague, or other malignant diseases, it can hardly heal itself. Therefore, more observation and attention should be paid

       1. Diarrhea caused by a cold

       By keeping warm and observing, we can see if the cat’s resistance can heal itself. If sneezing, runny nose and cough are more serious, it is recommended to take meow Jinggan. If necessary, antibiotics should be added.

       2. If it is indigestion and stress reaction caused by diarrhea

       May as well feed the cat meow Changyi, through the way of supplementing intestinal beneficial bacteria, observe for a few days to see if the stool is slow and forming.

       3. If it is enteritis and feline plague, diarrhea caused by these two situations, cats are generally not in good spirits, even do not eat or drink, have a fever, etc. in this case, it is recommended to send them to the pet hospital in time.

       Because the cat is young, all aspects of the constitution are relatively delicate, so it is easy to be caused by some factors, and the phenomenon of thinning and yellowing. Then, once the pet owners found the kitten laxity, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to deal with it. The following is a list of the common causes of * *, and the pet owner can apply the remedy according to the cause:

       1¡¢ The possibility of catching a cold

       If it is out of season change, when the temperature difference between day and night is large, the pet owner bathes the kitten, which is easy to cause it to catch a cold; or if the cat does not take proper measures to keep the cat warm and let the cat sleep directly in a cold place, there will be a cold situation, and then there will be some slight laxity. In this regard, the pet owner should put on a small dress for the kitten, or lay some cotton cloth or blanket in the place where it usually moves or sleeps.

       2¡¢ Intestinal tract can not adapt to new food

       When pet owners are raising kittens, they may be eager to love their pets. They often buy some cat food to feed the kittens. However, they ignore that the kittens’ intestines and stomachs are not well developed. They may suffer from stress reaction due to frequent food exchange. Then, the pet owner should stop changing food, and appropriate fasting time of 12-24 hours, and then give the kitten some meow Changyi to observe and see.

       3¡¢ After vaccination or deworming

       What’s more, if the pet owner has just come back from the pet hospital to vaccinate the kitten, or has just given the cat a pet anthelmintic, it may also cause the cat to have a stress response. If the pet owners see the situation of the kitten laxity is relatively slight, it is a normal phenomenon, as long as the kittens have a good rest for a period of time, and also pay attention to keep the kittens warm and properly feed some warm boiled water.

       First of all, we must find out the reason why cats are lax. We should not blindly use drugs. That is just a remedy, not a permanent cure. There are many reasons for feline laxity. Only by taking the right medicine can we have a good therapeutic effect

       Fluperate and berberine can not be used to treat laxative cats!!! Because some medicine people can take, but for cats is toxic side effects, these two drugs are like this! Remember! Remember!

       For a laxative cat, we should first find out the reason for his diarrhea,

       1¡¢ Dyspepsia

       This is the most common cause of diarrhea, especially in kittens under half a year old. Simple dyspepsia is also called loose stool.

       1. Change food

       Generally, kittens are more likely to get upset by changing food. Their intestines and stomachs are very delicate, because their digestive system is very delicate, and they lack a lot of digestive enzymes. If they are not well digested, they will become thinner and thinner, causing dehydration, which will be very dangerous. At this time, under the premise that you are sure that you are not infected with any disease, you should stop feeding such indigestible food as canned food and meat, and feed two or three pieces of lactamase at a time, two or three times a day. This will work in one day.

       In addition, in this case, you can also try “Mami love” (Duowei rujunsan, which can be bought in pharmacies, is for * *) One small tube at a time, powder mixed in cat food or directly fed after dissolving, twice a day, the effect is the same as that of lactase. There is also “bowel surgery” also has this effect, you can choose one of the three convenient.

       If you need to control your diet, you can starve for about one day, and don’t overfeed each meal later. Let her stomach and intestines be well prepared. Don’t be nervous about this kind of diarrhea, but focus on regulation.

       2. Catch a cold

       In autumn and winter, many cats are prone to diarrhea. Generally speaking, as long as the cat’s spirit and appetite are the same as usual, it can be considered that the sudden change of the weather and the cold causes diarrhea, so it is necessary to keep the cat warm and regulate his digestion

       2¡¢ Enteritis

       Enteritis symptoms are in addition to diarrhea, the cat’s mental state is not good, temperature rise. In this case, the symptoms of cats are very similar to that of feline infectious enteritis (cat plague). After confirming that the cat has been immunized, the following treatment can be carried out. Otherwise, please go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis as soon as possible.

       Oral gentamicin injection. Drugstores are often filled with 80000 units of 2ml, each time drinking 20000 units, twice a day. It should be noted that after taking Qingda for half an hour, the cat needs to be fed with some digestive aids of living fungi, such as lactamase and mamai’ai, to help the cat recover its digestion ability.

       You can also go to the drugstore to buy “Smecta” for cats to stop diarrhea. Different from Qingda, it takes bacteria out of the body by physical methods.

       3¡¢ Parasites

       Need to take medicine to beat insect, had better go to the hospital to do a stool examination first, and then targeted medication.

       In addition, because of the diarrhea caused by parasites, blood may be seen in Bb. Conversely, if you see such BB, it is better to test and confirm. It is suggested that insect repellent should be carried out once every three months to completely eliminate this phenomenon!

       Cat laxity is the most important thing to pay attention to observe his mental state and appetite, if there is no difference with usual, give him to regulate the stomach can, if there is fever and poor mental performance should be inflammation, can refer to the above treatment of enteritis or to the hospital examination and treatment.

       Daily nursing of gastrointestinal discomfort in cats and cats

       1. Pay attention to diet: do not feed indigestible food, ensure drinking water, do not feed raw water, do not feed

       Salty food.

       2. Keep your cat in the sun for 2 hours a day


       3. Some digestive drugs should be properly supplemented, such as dry yeast tablets. Because the yeast tablets have a light fragrance, cats and cats will take the initiative to eat them. Qingda can’t feed them regularly. If the time is long, it may lead to hearing loss.

       Your kitten should be small. There are several cases of diarrhea. Sick, bacterial infection of small cat plague, this does not self-healing need to see a doctor, the cat will be more dangerous. This kind of cat watching spirit is not right. Get medical help as soon as possible.

       Indigestion after eating something you shouldn’t have. Eat too much will, if the cat eat food, some pet owners will think that the higher the cat food protein, the better. In fact, some cats can’t absorb so much vegetable protein, which will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines. If they can’t digest directly in the intestine, they will enter the rectum, and their stools will become soft and stinky. So the cat is the best, not the most expensive. This kind of cat needs to change its food or adjust its diet. If you can’t give the cat anything to eat for a while, go and buy their trial food and try it to see if the cat is palatable. Second, you can only know what the food is like when you hold it in your hand. Try soaking it in water at 60 ¡æ for half an hour to see if there is sediment in the bottom of the water and whether the food is scattered. Scattered precipitation and more, it must be meat with little. At that time, my cat was hungry and had diarrhea. The first time I raised a cat, I thought it was better to import food for it. Speechless, I tried to pull my stomach abroad. The doctor said that maybe it was too high protein, and not all cats could stand it.

       For fear of wasting money, I choose to try the grain with good reputation in China, and still eat a fresh grain. People want to eat fresh intestinal absorption of good, pet is also right. After taking a detour on the cat’s food, I have a little understanding. 1. Buy a try on outfit to see if it’s not a waste of money. After the top system, I buy a formal dress and return it to me. This is very considerate of my wallet. 2. The date should not be too long. If it is too long, many preservatives must be added, which will easily deteriorate and increase unsafe factors. Cats, of course, have problems eating. 3. See if it is produced by a regular factory and whether there is a regular factory, which is related to quality control.

       Maybe you have a cold. You can catch a cold like a person. When the general weather changes greatly, pay attention to keep warm and feed some antidiarrheal medicine and cold medicine.

       Feline laxity is quite common, but it depends on the situation. If it is suffering from enteritis, feline plague, or other malignant diseases, it can hardly heal itself.

       1¡¢ Eating the wrong food that is not easy to digest

       When some pet owners feed the cat, if they don’t pay attention to it, they eat a lot of meat, biscuits and other things to the cat, which will easily cause the cat to have poor digestion. Then the pet owner needs to stop feeding the cat for 12-24 hours. At the same time, the cat should be fed with appropriate amount of meow Changyi, and sufficient drinking water should be prepared for observation for a period of time.

       2¡¢ There are a lot of parasites in the stomach

       Since childhood, most cats have not been treated with internal deworming. When the intestinal environment is damaged by parasites, it will also cause diarrhea, and there will be bloodstains, white eggs, adults and so on in the stool. Then pet people need to give the cat some pet Qing or happy brown sugar, these are the cat’s special anthelmintic, to help the cat to kill the parasites in the body. Pet owners also need to develop the habit of repelling insects to cats once every three months, so as to prevent cats from happening again.

       3¡¢ Some stress reactions

       Or the pet owner suddenly takes the cat to a new environment, which makes the cat feel uneasy. It is a little like postpartum anxiety, which makes the cat loose when it has a stress response; or there are sudden explosions, explosions or some external shocks, which may also lead to the situation of laxity. Then the pet owner should not disturb it excessively, let it have a good rest.

       Cats catching cold can also induce diarrhea. Now the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large. Pet owners should pay attention to keep the cat warm and try not to let the cat go out. They can prepare some comfortable cat nests for the cat to sleep.

       1. Too much, indigestion

       Symptoms: soft stool, mostly will not be watery

       Treatment: eat less, reduce the amount of original grain by half, and generally return to normal after 1 or 2 days. If the cat can’t recover itself, it is necessary to give the cat meow stomach power to help the cat promote gastrointestinal digestion. It is recommended that two meals a day be the best. Do not put long food, especially in summer, when the cat salivates with food, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria. In addition, if the cat also appear laxity, soft stool, give the cat to take meow want probiotics conditioning, the general cat a week to restore health.

       2. The weather changes and the stomach is sensitive

       Symptoms: soft or rotten, a few will be with blood, but generally not with a fishy smell

       Treatment: halve the amount of food, mix cat food with probiotics for cats, one third of a pack for kittens and half a pack for big cats. There is almost no reason for this kind of diarrhea, especially in some places where it is cold and hot at the same time, it can only be avoided by controlling the room temperature as much as possible by the host.

       3. Cold, fever

       Symptoms: soft or rotten, a few will have blood, occasionally with a fishy smell

       Treatment: cooling in summer and keeping warm in winter are also necessary common sense. The normal temperature of the cat is 38-39.5 ¡æ. If the cat has a fever, you need to go to the pet hospital to give the cat an injection to reduce the fever. In addition, don’t let the cat stay in the air conditioner for a long time. If the cat is only laxative, soft stool, sneezing, runny nose, and the mental state is OK, give the cat a cold powder and meow lysine to solve the problem of sneezing and runny nose, and use probiotics to solve the problem of laxity and soft stool.

       4. Diarrhea causes: eating wrong food, bacterial infection

       Symptoms: the stool is generally in the shape of thin or even water, with more farts released, usually with a fishy smell, and more times of defecation, which may cause dehydration in serious cases

       Treatment: oxytetracycline, half a time for adult cats and 1 / 4 tablets / time for young cats, once a day. If you use meow to help digestion, you must use oxytetracycline at least 2 hours after eating. In severe cases, tobramycin injection can be used to stop diarrhea and prevent dehydration. The dosage should follow the doctor’s instructions.

       1¡¢ Do a good job of keeping warm in time. When the pet owner sees the cat’s nose hanging with clear snot and constantly coughing and sneezing, it can be comprehensively analyzed that the cat is suffering from a cold, and there may be additional cases of diarrhea. Then, pet owners should take timely measures to keep the cat warm. They can put on a small dress for the cat, or lay a soft blanket and quilt in the place where the cat usually plays and sleeps, so as to prevent the cat from catching cold and aggravating the cold diarrhea. 2¡¢ Feed some related nutrients If the owner of the pet has done a good job in keeping warm for the cat, and the cat is no longer sneezing and coughing frequently, but it is still a little lax, the pet owner should consider feeding the cat some relevant nutrients. You can refer to the practice of experienced owners, and give the cat a certain amount of meow Changyi, pour it into a small plate and let it directly lick, or It’s OK to mix it with food and feed it together. 3¡¢ Go to the hospital for examination However, if the pet owner keeps warm and feeds the cat with nutrition, the cat still coughs, has a runny nose and is still suffering from other diseases. Because the cat for about two months is in a lot of trouble, because of its poor resistance, it is particularly vulnerable to the invasion of external bacteria, so the pet owner has found the cat for a long time When the phenomenon can not be cured, we should take it to the pet hospital for examination, and then cooperate with the veterinarian to treat the cat.

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