Can the dog’s stomach be kicked bad – the dog’s stomach is kicked by accident and always takes a deep breath

       Animals like dogs are very ferocious.

       The dog jumps over the wall in a hurry.

       In Chinese traditional culture, the ugly nature of dogs has been deeply revealed.

       Rational people know that dogs transmit rabies.

       Irrational dog owners fear rabies while keeping dogs.

       If you really don’t want to get rabies, you don’t have cats or dogs. This is the real healthy life.

       See how much kick, the dog’s stomach and back is very weak, because the spine is longer, ribs are less, not good protection of internal organs;

       If the dog is kicked, if vomiting, dizziness and lack of time to take it to see a doctor, usually free can also help the dog press the stomach, the dog is very enjoy massage oh.


       1. The dog (Latin Canis lupus familiaris) belongs to chordate, vertebrate, Mammalia, Mammalia, Carnivora, schizopoda and Canidae. Chinese also known as “dog”, dog belongs to Carnivora, distributed all over the world. Dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens are called “six livestock”.

       Some scientists believe that dogs were domesticated from gray wolves by early humans. The domestication time was 40000 years ago to 15000 years ago, and has developed to today. Known as “the most loyal friend of mankind”, it is now the highest breeding rate of pets. Its life span is about ten years.

       In Chinese culture, dogs belong to one of the twelve zodiac animals, ranking 11th in the zodiac.

       2. Influence of civilization

       As the earliest domesticated domestic animal, dog’s existence and evolution are inextricably linked with the development of human civilization. For it, Westerners praise it with exquisite works of art, and also regard it as the most loyal guardian. But dogs always have a low status in Chinese people’s mind. This can be seen from the continuous archaeological discoveries in China.

       What is most expected is that a large number of mammalian fossils have been found in the strata such as zhoujiayoufang in Yushu County, Jilin Province, China, which is the late Pleistocene period of the Paleolithic Dog Stamp photo collection. A large number of mammalian fossils have been found between 26000 BC and 10000 BC. In addition to human fossils, the skulls of domestic dogs have been found as “semi fossils”. Although some people think it belongs to Pleistocene animal fossils, more experts think that they are the remains of Holocene or modern animals. This kind of Paleolithic remains of domestic dogs indicate that the residents in Northeast China have begun to domesticate dogs. In other words, the Dongbei dog appeared in the late Paleolithic period, about 10000 years ago. The original human beings in Northeast China are Mongolian Tungus people. It is reasonable to believe that the ancestors of Donghu, Rong, Di and Sushen first domesticated dogs, among which Rong is a famous dog raising clan.

       It can be seen that northeast China and Mongolia are the centers of domestication of domestic dogs in the late Paleolithic period and the early and middle Neolithic period. In addition, skeleton fossils of the late Holocene were found in Anyang, Henan, Cishan, Banpo, Xi’an, Dawenkou, Shandong, Changzhou, Jiangsu, etc. it can be affirmed that China is one of the centers of domesticated dogs.

       Ah! Why is this? It’s heartache. My dog sometimes beats him when he’s disobedient. He just yells at him gently, but it’s not so cruel! It’s very naughty, sometimes it licks its stomach, it’s OK, I think he may kick it’s belly, it looks like the injury is not light! You’d better take her to the doctor, make something delicious for him, love him more, touch his wound more, let him know that you love him very much, he needs help very much, how old is the dog? Hope it will get better!

       The dog should have internal bleeding symptoms, do not feed for the time being, and then have a good inspection of the dog’s abdomen, with the hand peritoneum, to see if the dog has a strong pain. It doesn’t matter if there is only slight bleeding in the stomach and intestines. It’s not good to be afraid of kicking the spleen or bleeding. It is better to take the dog to the hospital for examination, which is safer. By the way, who is your friend? Beating a dog depends on its owner! It really makes me feel very angry!

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