Can the Muppet cat and Siamese cat mate with each other?

       Different breeds of cats also have long very similar situation, such as the focus of color puppet cat and Siamese cat, because the face is black, more characteristic, so it looks like the basic long is the same. Since they are the same in length, does it mean that cats of different breeds can mate together?

       At present, the existing breeds are formed by continuous cross breeding of two or more existing breeds. For example, we are more common. Himalayan cats are bred by crossing Siamese cats and Persian cats. If there is such a successful precedent, future generations will learn from them seriously. In fact, many problems will arise when people want to cross Siamese cats with Muppets One step is indeed to cross, but in the later stage, continuous cultivation is needed to ensure that the traits we need to keep can be completely preserved and inherited stably.

       However, if we simply use Siam to mate with a certain variety, the offspring will have many kinds of situations, and the variety is not pure, the genetic characteristics are unstable, and the most serious situation is some genetic diseases, so cross breeding is not desirable. If you want to breed Siamese cats, the best choice is to use Siamese cats. If you want to breed Siamese cats, you can get better offspring by mating with Siamese cats with better supplies. This is our most desirable breeding method.

       If you don’t do this for the breed of heart you want to cultivate, in fact, there is no need for this aspect. After many cats are bred, there will be many diseases that can be avoided. For example, there are congenital skeletal diseases in the cat with broken ears, and the treatment is not good. Although it can’t be seen when you are young, the more you will get when you grow older The more obvious it is. Of course, the example of a cat with folded ears is probably the smallest one. Therefore, it is not recommended that you mate with different breeds of cats.