Can there be parasites in dog urine – how to judge whether there are parasites in dogs?

       In the early stage of infection with ectoparasites, dogs usually bite their tails, body, ears and personality more frequently than ever before. During sleeping and playing, dogs suddenly lay down and lick their bodies.

       In the initial examination, brown dirt and smelly ears can be found on the ears; if the fur is peeled off, flat dark brown ant sized objects on the skin will be found, soybean big insects biting the skin of cats and dogs, and white slightly transparent particles will be found.

       In the initial stage of infection with parasites, dogs are thinner than usual, listless, lax and easy to fatigue. The dog feces excrete eggs and adults; the feces have rotten odor; the appetite is normal but the meat is not growing or even more emaciated; there are white flat nodes around the dog.

       Extended data:

       For cats and dogs, the ectoparasites mainly include lice, fleas and ticks. This is the breeding season for lice and fleas. They like to hide on the surface of their skin. Ticks usually parasitize dogs and cats around their ears, ears, eyes, neck and toes.

       They bite the hair and skin of dogs and cats, which can cause itching, depilation and skin inflammation. Some parasites can inject pathogens and blood parasites into pets when they bite healthy dogs and cats, and even threaten human health.

       Therefore, when a parasite is found on the body of a cat and cat, we should first select timely and highly effective insecticides, such as professional insect repellent and insect repellent bath, or choose a pet to take a bath in a regular pet hospital. If you are not sure, you can buy an insect repellent spray.

       Source: People’s Daily – parasite breeding season, don’t forget to bug your pet

       Golden Retriever

       Like children, puppies are easy to be infected by parasites and viruses due to their poor resistance at birth. Viruses and parasites are easy to be infected by sucking, licking the floor or licking hair. If you are infected with parasites, you must deal with them in time, otherwise it will affect the health of dogs.

       Because of the weak constitution, narrow intestinal cavity and serious parasitism, puppies will have parasitic enteritis, commonly known as “turning intestines”. The performance is diarrhea and constipation alternately, and then the puppies’ feces are thin, with mucus in the stool, and some of them will have blood streaks or sauce oil color, accompanied by vomiting, not eating, poor spirit, pale mucosa, emaciation and anemia. When serious, it will affect the dog’s intestines and stomach, and damage the dog’s health. Therefore, for the sake of dog’s health, we should regularly expel insects to puppies.

       There is no difference in medicine between oral and injectable anthelmintic drugs, and the effect is very good. However, oral treatment is accepted by the majority of pet lovers and can be sold in corresponding pet shops or pet hospitals. It is worth mentioning that if the dog has insects for a long time, or has affected the dog’s gastrointestinal condition, the dog is thin. At this time, it is necessary to not only expel the insect for the dog, but also increase the nutrition for the dog, and pay attention to the balanced nutrition of the dog.

       For the care of puppies to all aspects, the dog’s disease should be dealt with in a timely manner, so as to raise a healthy and strong dog.

       If a dog can’t eat something, grind it on the ground with its buttocks. You are a kind-hearted person, but the stray dog itself may be sick. You’d better take it to the pet hospital for a comprehensive examination. If there is no condition, send it to your local stray animal rescue station. Of course, if you are going to raise it, you must remember to take good care of it

       Parasites from dogs can be transmitted to humans.

       “Toxoplasmosis” is a typical example. Toxoplasma gondii is a kind of parasite on dogs, which has no great impact on dogs. However, if people are infected, they will be in danger. For example, pregnant women will be infected, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus. Generally, doctors will recommend abortion. Toxoplasma gondii will live in the human body, and finally enter the human brain with the blood flow, eventually threatening health.

       In addition, heartworm, Ascaris and hookworm can also be transmitted from pets to humans.

       To do regular body deworming dogs, pay attention to health habits. Hold the dog, touch the dog’s utensils, clean the dog’s excrement, wash your hands well, and disinfect your home environment frequently.

       Extended data

       Toxoplasmosis should be investigated before and during early pregnancy

       Yao LAN, director and chief physician of the second Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Changsha maternal and child health care hospital, said toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease of both human and livestock. Feline animals are the ultimate hosts of Toxoplasma gondii, and the eggs are excreted with the feces of cats. Pregnant women infected with Toxoplasma gondii virus in the early pregnancy have the greatest impact on the fetus, which may lead to abortion or fetal malformation, or induce fetal brain and eye diseases.

       Toxoplasma virus is mainly transmitted through the digestive tract, such as eating undercooked meat or eating with pet feces on the hand.

       “Some pregnant women have deep feelings for their pets. Sending away pets will make them feel very depressed. We can respect the pregnant women’s ideas and continue feeding, but we should pay attention to the feeding methods.”

       Yao LAN reminded that owners should do a good job in cleaning pets, regular physical examination and deworming, do not let pets outside prey. Pregnant women should keep a certain distance from their pets, especially avoid contact with pet faeces, wash hands after touching pets and before eating, and do not eat undercooked meat.

       Reference source: People’s Network – pets at home, what health risks should be paid attention to?

       Heartworm, Ascaris and hookworm can be transmitted from pets to humans.

       Do regular body deworming for dogs, pay attention to health habits. Hold the dog, touch the dog’s utensils, clean up the dog’s excrement, wash your hands well, and disinfect your home environment often

       Toxoplasma gondii is not transmitted through dogs unless you eat the meat of a dog that died of Toxoplasma gondii.

       Generally not, but should pay attention to the foot floor hygiene, dog urine may contain parasites, but must pass through the mouth blood or body fluid to enter the body, as long as the feet are scrubbed clean, the general probability of infection of parasites is not large

       Your situation may lead to indirect transmission, we must pay attention to, before the dog urine is cleared, do not touch the bottom of the feet with your hands, and then put your hands in your mouth. As long as you pay attention to sanitation and strict disinfection, the probability of general infection of parasites is small

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