Can you bring a pet dog with you

       Take Nanjing as an example. You can’t take a pet dog on a long-distance bus.

       “Nanjing public passenger transport management regulations” stipulates that:

       Article 38 the following provisions shall be observed when taking a bus:

       £¨1£© Observe the riding order and take the bus orderly in the station area;

       £¨2£© Do not hinder driving;

       £¨3£© They are not allowed to engage in marketing activities or distribute publicity materials;

       £¨4£© They are not allowed to beg or show their skills;

       £¨5£© It is not allowed to carry inflammable, explosive, poisonous and other dangerous goods or articles that are easy to pollute or damage others;

       £¨6£© No smoking, spitting and littering are allowed;

       £¨7£© Dogs, cats and other animals are not allowed to be carried.

       Extended data

       Precautions for passengers taking long-distance bus:

       1. Passengers should hold a valid ticket and take the train according to the number, date, time and ticket at the gate.

       2. Passengers are not allowed to carry or carry with them dangerous goods, prohibited goods and out of gauge goods.

       3. Under any of the following circumstances, no riding is allowed:

       (1) Those who do not comply with the regulations of passenger transport and disobey the advice;

       (2) Mental disorder without escort or with escort may endanger the safety of other passengers;

       (3) Patients with malignant infectious diseases and alcoholics;

       (4) Other circumstances endangering public safety.

       4. Passengers shall be responsible for the following situations during passenger transportation:

       (1) Passengers without a ticket, holding an invalid ticket or a ticket that does not meet the requirements.

       (2) Concealing the pollution caused by drunkenness or malignant infectious diseases and endangering other passengers.

       (3) Carrying dangerous goods or other prohibited articles into the station, boarding or consigning.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Nanjing public passenger transport management regulations


       No pets are allowed in the cabin of long and short distance passenger cars. During the Spring Festival, if people need to take their pets on buses, they can only put their pets in cages. After doing a good job in sanitation, quarantine and other related work, they can check them in the passenger station and put them in the cargo hold. However, as the cargo hold is easy to cause pet suffocation, it is not recommended to take a long-distance bus with pets in principle.

       Pets need to be checked in and taken in the luggage compartment. The owner of the pet should have the relevant quarantine certificate and disinfect the pet cage one day in advance. On the day of departure, come to Xi’an railway station four hours in advance to check in. It is understood that the charges will be charged according to the actual arrival charges. The pet cage should be made of iron wire or steel bar. The paper box should not be consigned. The bottom of the cage should have a tray for feces, or it should be tied under the chassis with sacks or cotton mats.

       Pets can also fly, but they must be checked in. “Pets have to be put into a dedicated cabin and placed in the aerobics compartment of the aircraft.” Airport related staff said that the owner of the pet must have the animal quarantine certificate before boarding and arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance. As for the related expenses, the price of pet transportation is the full fare of economy class ¡Á 1.5% ¡Á the weight of pet and box (kg).

       It’s too big. I won’t let you get on the bus. It’s not easy for the dog to take, and the big dog can’t help it

       General means of transportation must not work. The dog is too big.

       Unless you can drive your own car, or find a few fellow countrymen and talk to them to see if they are willing to pull the dog together.

       Or you can only foster in a friend’s house or pet shop.

       Typing is not easy, if satisfied, hope to adopt.

       What city are you in? Yes, my dog used to take a bus on New Year’s holidays, but it should be put into a special pet box or pet bag. Care tips: you must take the dog to the seat of the car. It can’t be placed under the trunk of the car. The air is not in circulation. If you are not around, it will panic, especially prone to carsickness and vomiting, Laxity! Wish your dog grow up quickly, if my answer can help you, hope to adopt, thank you… I like dogs very much. I have bred different kinds of dogs for many years. I am interested in communicating and learning with each other!

       Please read the following materials patiently and carefully!! It’s all about the detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal experiences!! I hope it will help you a little bit!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£ First of all, you should go to the regular pet hospital to issue a pet immunization certificate, and then buy a dog cage. Pet hospital you can dial “114” will tell you, and then the pet hospital will tell you the specific shipping price.

       01. You can take a long-distance bus and put it in the trunk, but it’s easy to suffocate your pet.

       02. You can check it by train. Take your * * and immune certificate to the check-in office. You and your dog are on the same train. The dog is in the luggage car. It’s very convenient. You can feed and feed water on the way.

       03. The plane can be used. It’s put in the warehouse……………………… How to get on the plane:

       Before buying a ticket, first consult the airline company whether there is an oxygen chamber on the plane, and then put forward the request for consignment.

       A kind of

       Take the puppies to the animal quarantine station where they live to issue the quarantine certificate, or go directly to the animal quarantine supervision station of the capital airport for on-site quarantine. The cost is about 140 yuan.

       A kind of

       Put the dog in a strong cage to avoid injury or escape.

       A kind of

       Take the dog to the airport.

       A kind of

       At the same time of changing boarding pass, check in the dog.

       A kind of

       Pay for the puppies. The check-in fee is full price air ticket ¡Á 1.5% ¡Á (total weight of pet + cage).

       Cost: if a dog weighs 8 Jin and cage weighs 10 jin, the total weight is 18 Jin. The full price of the ticket from Beijing to Kunming is 1820 yuan. The shipping price is 18 ¡Á 1.5% ¡Á 1820, equal to 491.4 yuan. Plus the quarantine fee of 140 yuan, the total price is 631.4 yuan, which does not include the money to buy the cage…………………………. “About whether dogs can be allowed to be taken on the bus” now has a new policy. It is explicitly stipulated in the article that pets are not allowed in public places. Of course, buses are also public places. There are more people on buses, which will bring inconvenience to others. Many people are afraid of dogs. Even if it is explained clearly that the dog does not bite people, it is useless. In addition, dogs carry germs and bacteria are easy to infect. Many people will think that the dog is dirty or the dog has a smell. Maybe the dog at home can’t smell it for a long time, but people who don’t have it can smell the dog’s fur, which is easy to fly to others, and some people will be allergic to dog and cat fur. There are also people with unbalanced mentality. Buses are clearly people’s means of transportation. How can dogs take buses? Everyone’s ideas and perspectives are different. Of course. If it’s a taxi or a small dog that can be put in a pet bag, a guide dog (who has to take care of special people) or a private car, that’s another matter. As a dog people still have to start from their own, consciously abide by the provisions and regulations, civilized dog. Of course, if it’s a private car, you have to consider how old the dog is. If it’s just born, I’m afraid it can’t eat because of the poor immunity of the dog. If the dog has been for several months, the private car should specially prepare a plastic bag and water and other necessary supplies to prevent it from carsickness or water and soil incompatibility Physical discomfort.

       If you take a bus, the dog is small, and it is not a big problem to hold it in your arms. You only need to take the necessary goods; if the dog is bigger, it should not be allowed to take pets. In fact, when dogs are brought to places with a large number of people, it is also a kind of harm to dogs, and it is easy to cause diseases. ¡¡¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£ This also takes into account the people around us. We have to respect the opinions of all the people on the car. Of course, if all the people on your shuttle bus don’t mind, even if the driver agrees, it’s just like a private car. You can take as many dogs as you want, how many dogs you want to take!

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