Can’t cat grass have parasites? – there are parasites in kittens’ feces

       1. Cats cannot be deworming during illness and injury. 2. The insect repellent medicine changchongqing is OK, but observe the cat’s feces to make sure there are no eggs or adults. In addition, the parasite eggs have a strong ability to attach to the body. After a period of cycle, they will hatch into adults again, which needs to be strengthened by repelling insects at intervals. 3. It’s right to grow cat grass with hair spitting balls, but it takes a week or so for the growth cycle of cat grass to grow out for the cat to eat. You can plant cat grass while feeding it special cat hair cream or a small amount of vegetable oil.

       Cats like to lick, one is clean, the other is to lick trace elements, so it is easy to eat and not digest. The function of cat grass is to help the cat spit out the accumulated hair ball, which is good for health. The cat grass in pet shop is seeds, which is 30-40 yuan per pot. It’s better to cut it and feed it after growing up, otherwise it will be gnawed to death in a few days

       Here to introduce a way to save money, their own wheat seed to plant, delicious, cats love to eat

       Some cats don’t eat grass, but long – haired cats love to eat, and black – Cat Sheriff – like cats also like to eat

       Cats are born to be loved by people. It is very loving for you to adopt kittens. You must have patience to love them well. The love and fun they give you are countless times as much as you give them

       Hello, it is not recommended to feed raw meat to cats. You can cook raw meat for cats. If you eat raw meat for a long time, you may have some oral problems and parasitic problems. If you feed meat to cats, you can feed high protein meat such as chicken breast. However, it can not be fed for a long time, which may lead to picky eating and dental calculus problems. It is recommended to feed cat food, do not feed more miscellaneous, feeding words as single as possible. Don’t feed something you’ve never eaten. Just feed cat food regularly and quantitatively. The nutrition in cat food is full price. Love pets

       Care for life

       Take care of your health

       The behavior of eating grass is just to induce vomiting. Feeding cat grass has the effect of removing hair.

       But the parasite depends on the grass to be useless, still need reasonable exorcism.

       In general, the regular time of deworming is once every 1-3 months. No matter in vivo or in vitro, it is not to see what kind of grass you eat that can drive away the insects. If you keep a pet normally, don’t listen to any folk prescription. If you have any problems, you should take targeted medication and treatment.

       Now there are so many anthelmintic drugs that the effect is so good.

       From Chong Da Sheng Q & A!

       Cats don’t have to eat cat grass and peppermint when they grow up. They just want to promote that after licking their hair, the hair will knot in the intestines and stomach to produce vomiting, commonly known as vomit.

       The role of mint and cat grass is to make them vomit and spit out the hair knots in their bodies.

       So if your cat is a short haired cat, you can choose to use hair cream or eat cat food containing hair.

       However, it’s not sure that the cat food after eating the hair removing cream and hair removing cream will not vomit hair. Therefore, it is not important to eat or not to eat it. The important thing is that when he spits out the hair knot in his body naturally, he should clean it up.

       On the issue of long worms of cats and cats, it is necessary to do internal and external deworming for cats and cats on a regular basis every year. Even if cats are kept in buildings, fleas and other insects will inevitably appear in indoor cats. Therefore, it is recommended that you do insect repellents for cats every year.

       It’s normal for cats to have parasites. It can be said that every cat will have parasites.

       You can use Bayer (or broad-spectrum medicine),

       If you don’t want the cat to have parasites in the future, you should do regular deworming for the cat. Generally, the cat should be treated once every three months (half a year is enough). Even if you don’t feel that the cat has parasites, taking insect repellents is prevention. Cat repellent is very important, which affects the health of the cat baby, so be sure to regularly expel insects.

       Bayer is about 20 yuan a piece, and the broad-spectrum one is about 3 yuan. But Bayer is the best anthelmintic. If economic conditions allow, then use Bayer. These medicines can be purchased in pet shops

       It is possible to infect people, but to see what insects, pay attention to disinfection and hand washing

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