Care of pregnant Siamese cats

       When the Siamese cat is pregnant, it is also a very critical period in its life. Cats breed in multiple births, so they must suffer a lot during pregnancy. The pregnancy cycle of Siamese cat is generally about 63 days. During this period, it needs the owner’s meticulous care and care to promote the development of fetal cats and give birth to healthy kittens.

       When the Siamese cat is pregnant, the breeder should first strengthen its food and nutrition management. In the early stages of pregnancy, the cat’s lifestyle can be the same as before without too much change. With the extension of the cat’s pregnancy, the owner should prepare high-quality protein, vitamins, calcium and other nutritious food for it. Moreover, the prepared food should be easy to absorb and digest, and will not cause the burden of digestion of the cat’s intestines and stomach. As the cat’s gestational age increases, the amount of food to be fed should gradually increase, especially at the end of pregnancy, the amount of food for the cat should at least double.

       Siamese cats in pregnancy, in addition to strengthening food management, owners should also pay attention to the cat’s life management. We know that pregnant cats will become lazy and don’t like sports, but long-term inactivity may lead to birth difficulties. Therefore, during the period of pregnancy, the owner should properly guide the cat to do some exercise, walk or walk the bend. Siamese cats in the near time of childbirth, there will be signs of childbirth. And the owner has to prepare the relevant production tools for the cat before it is officially delivered. For example, box, towel, scissors and so on.

       When Siamese cats are pregnant, the activities of cats should be reasonably limited. Limit the cat’s large range of walking and jumping, and reduce the times of taking the cat out for exercise. To prevent cats from abortion due to violent exercise or impact, ensure Siamese cats can successfully pass the pregnancy period and give birth to kittens smoothly.

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