Cat bath cold symptoms

       Cats are born with noble quality and love to be clean. Pet owners should pay more attention to bathing cats once or twice a month. The protective layer of cats’ skin is relatively weak. Frequent bathing can not achieve the purpose of cleaning, but can also cause damage to the cat’s fur. When bathing, pay attention to using warm water instead of cold water, and dry the fur in time after washing Hair. summary: the basic questions about how to do when a cat has a cold are these. When you bathe your cat, you should pay special attention to the indoor temperature and outdoor temperature. Don’t let the cat in a place with great temperature difference. It’s easy to catch a cold.

       In today’s society, there are more and more cat owners. However, most of the people keep their own cats only by watching others raise them. Many people don’t really know whether their cats are suitable for them or not. They don’t have a clear understanding of cats. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge about raising cats. Some cats can’t take a bath even if they are dirty.

       When the kitten just leaves the mother’s body, there will be some viscous liquid. Some owners want to wash the cat clean, so that they can hold it in their arms and observe it carefully. However, such a practice is not good for the “newborn”. The newborn cat is still very strange to the world. Leaving the mother makes it feel insecure, let alone having a stranger take a bath for it. Moreover, the immunity of the newborn cat is relatively poor. These viscous liquids are just the things to protect them in a short time. Washing them off will make them very vulnerable!

       We all know that the mother after giving birth to a baby is the weakest period, and the immunity is very low. If the pet owner bathes the cat at this time, it will infect it with some diseases, which is really harmful to its health. You need to give it enough nutrition first, and then give it a bath when it recovers!

       Generally speaking, when we have a cold, we will drink hot water, take a hot bath to dry and hide in the quilt. But cats are different from us. If cats have a cold, they can’t take a bath, which may aggravate the disease.

       Cat moss is a kind of skin disease, this kind of disease must be unable to bathe, will make the condition more serious! This is very harmful to its health, even seriously may endanger life. So if your cat is accidentally infected with cat moss, you must not give it a bath at this time.

       Cats often have a movement is to use their tongue to lick their body, to do a simple body cleaning, but if you frequently give it a bath, their skin will be in a long-term moist state, will be more sensitive, easy to get sick, not good for health!

       This may be because the cat caught a cold. It is normal for the cat to have a cold. Then the owner of the cat should take some measures to the cat in time, because even if it’s just a cold, the cat can’t recover. If you don’t care, the cat will become serious, and it’s not good for the cat’s health.

       1¡¢ Keep your cat warm

       Cats may also be caused by catching cold. When the weather is changeable, or after bathing the cat, we should take timely measures to keep the cat warm. In summer, we should not blow too much air conditioning to the cat. We can let the cat stay in the room with appropriate temperature. In addition, we can prepare small clothes for the cat when it is cold, and prepare some clean warm water for the cat Cats drink.

       2¡¢ Feed your cat with meow

       If the cat has some sneezing and eye secretions in addition to clear water and snot, it is not enough to keep warm. It is also necessary to take other measures for the cat, otherwise the cat’s body will still be uncomfortable. Then the cat owner can try to feed the cat some home fun melamine, and pay attention to the temperature of the food, and then heat it Feeding is OK.

       3¡¢ Nourish the cat

       What’s more, we should pay attention to prepare some nutritious food for the cat at this time, because the cat’s body is relatively weak at this time. The supplement of nutrition can not only make the cat’s spirit better, but also help the cat’s recovery. Then, the cat owner can prepare some light and high-quality food, such as porridge and vegetable congee, to feed the cat, and can also give the cat a proper one Some boiled meat or fruits and vegetables to feed.

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