Cat caught sick

       Once bitten or scratched by the cat, the wound should be disinfected with 2% iodine liquor immediately, and antibiotics should be taken according to the situation. If the situation is unstable, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. If it develops into cat scratch disease, the course of disease will be prolonged and it should be treated carefully under the guidance of doctors. Children with cats are also prone to toxoplasmosis, which is due to the fact that cat feces contain a kind of Toxoplasma oocysts. When people eat water and food contaminated by the oocysts, they will have fever, weakness of limbs, muscle soreness, hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice and other diseases

       It is the season of high incidence of rabies at present. Doctors remind that people who are bitten by cats may also be infected with rabies. Therefore, the public must not be careless.

       Dogs, cats and mice belong to an up and down chain of infection,

       If the sick rabies bites a cat and the bitten cat bites the mouse, the rabies virus will spread among the three kinds of animals. Once the cat or mouse infected with rabies attacks human beings, even if there is only a slight scratch, people can also be infected with rabies.

       Therefore, doctors warned that if someone is bitten or scratched by a cat, three emergency measures should be taken immediately:

       Step 1: rinse the wound. Immediately wash the wound with flowing water, wash away the virus as much as possible, and squeeze the blood out. If possible, it is best to rinse with 20% soapy water for 20-30 minutes. Then disinfect with iodine wine, then wash out the iodine wine with alcohol, and repeat for 3 times.

       Step 2: go to the local epidemic prevention department for vaccination immediately. Never delay for a few days. The incubation period of rabies is short about 10 days, and the long incubation period may take several years.

       Step 3: if the wound is badly bitten, be sure to inject the antiviral serum and use it together with the vaccine. Antiviral serum must be tested under the guidance of doctors.

       As more and more people keep pets, some diseases caused by pets such as cats and dogs are also increasing. Recently, the news that a patient died of cat scratch disease in Hainan has aroused the concern and concern of pet fans. In this regard, medical experts said that cat scratch disease can be prevented and treated in general, and there is no need to panic. Experts also warned: pet fans or people who often contact cats and dogs should pay special attention to pet hygiene. Especially in spring and other animal estrus season, pay special attention to keep away from stray cats and dogs.

       Xie Shifeng, deputy chief physician of infection department of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, said cat scratch disease is an infectious disease caused by both human and livestock. 80% of it is related to cat scratch and bite. Dog, rabbit and monkey scratch can also cause cat scratch disease. With the increasing number of cats and stray cats, the number of cat scratch disease patients is also on the rise. There are nearly 10000 cases of cat scratch disease in the world every year. The incubation period of the disease is generally 10-30 days, a few can be months or even 1-2 years. At the onset of the disease, lymphadenopathy and fever may occur. Xie Shifeng said that cat scratch disease can be prevented and cured, so there is no need to panic. If there is a history of being bitten and scratched by a cat, the disease can be diagnosed by laboratory tests. Once the disease is diagnosed and symptomatic treatment, the general recovery is good. According to reports, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital in recent years, a total of 4 cases of cat scratch disease patients, after treatment, the patients were completely recovered. Xie Shifeng also warned that people with low immune function may have serious systemic diseases, such as heart and brain complications, and very few will lead to death. He cited relevant information and said that about 10% of pet cats and 33% of stray cats carried the pathogen in their blood and spread it among cats through fleas. It is suggested that patients with chronic diseases and those with low immunity should not keep pets. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid being bitten and scratched by animals, especially in spring when animals are in estrus, so as to avoid unnecessary injury. In case of being bitten or scratched, the rabies vaccine should be injected into the hospital in time.

       You can’t get sick. Your Mimi has been given an injection. It’s just like an ordinary wound. Wipe it with alcohol cotton ball. My husband was also scratched two blood channels in the process of jumping yesterday. It’s a little painful. Some of them are just like the A4 paper. It’s OK

       However, if you take a bath, it will be better if you take a shower. Don’t put the cat in the basin, it will struggle to death

       Do you mean people die? Or will cats die?

       If the person is going to die, it is a healthy looking cat and may also carry rabies virus, but cats and dogs themselves will not get sick. After being bitten or scratched by cats and dogs, it is possible to get this disease. Therefore, it is necessary to wash it with soap and wash it under running water for at least 20-30 minutes, and then rush to the hospital for rabies vaccine injection. Rabies vaccine must be injected within 24 hours after being bitten by animals, If a person is vaccinated for more than 24 hours, as long as he has not been ill before the vaccine takes effect, that is, before the vaccine stimulates the body to produce sufficient immunity, the vaccine can be effective. For those who have been exposed for several days and months but have not been vaccinated with rabies vaccine due to various reasons, as long as they can get the vaccine, they should be given supplementary injection as soon as possible just as those who have just been exposed, so as to strive to catch up with the disease Let the vaccine work. At this time, the dose of the previous injection or the first two injections should be doubled.

       General hospital has hit rabies vaccine, generally is the whole course of injection five injections

       The price of imported vaccine is about 260 yuan per person (5 pieces)

       The price of domestic vaccine is about 170-180 yuan per person (5 pieces)

       For the sake of insurance, it is suggested that you should go to the hospital for vaccination

       There is also a person after being scratched by a pet, usually will appear “cat’s paw disease”, the specific symptom is inflammation and swelling of lymph nodes after infection. The initial symptoms of the disease are blisters or small lumps in the arms, hands, head and scalp within three to ten days after being scratched. These symptoms are often misjudged as the result of the insect. In fact, this is a kind of wound called inoculation, through which bacteria are often introduced into the human body. About 70% of the patients with the above symptoms have a record of being scratched by a cat. Within two weeks of being scratched by a cat’s paw, the lymph nodes near the inoculation wound will swell and feel soft. These swollen lymph nodes are usually found in the armpit, neck and clavicle. The diameter of the swollen lymph nodes ranges from 1 to 5 cm, and is accompanied by a red and swollen area, which can last for months.

       For most people who have been scratched and scratched by cats, swelling of lymph nodes can indicate that they have contracted “cat’s paw disease”. However, about one third of people who have been scratched by cats will have more common symptoms, such as fever above 38 degrees, fatigue, no appetite, headache, etc. About 14% of people who have been scratched and scratched by cats will have some atypical symptoms of “cat’s paw disease”, such as ulcers at the inoculated wounds and swollen lymph nodes around the ears. Other possible symptoms include osteoarthritis, pneumonia, hepatomegaly and splenomegaly, and unexplained persistent fever. These symptoms usually last about two weeks after they appear. “Cat’s paw disease” gets better slowly, but it can heal itself

       “Cat’s paw disease” is mainly caused by a bacterium on the cat, which can lead to the above symptoms in people who have been scratched. But cats with the disease don’t have the symptoms themselves. The most active seasons of the bacteria are summer and winter. Family members are also more likely to suffer from the disease at the same time.

       “Cat’s paw disease” generally does not spread between people, mainly through the cat with this pathogen scratched and infected. Therefore, the main preventive measures are not to contact with unfamiliar or unfamiliar cats, and to educate children not to play with cats at will, especially not to play with the cats in the neighborhood or seen outside. If scratched, clean the scratch thoroughly with soap and water. If you have a cat at home, in order to prevent your family from being scratched, you may as well ask a pet doctor to cut off the claw nails for the cat.

       We have to give injections within 24 hours. We should wash them with soap and water immediately after being caught. Brother, we should go to the epidemic prevention station to inject rabies vaccine. If the hospital doesn’t have it, we must go to the epidemic prevention station. Hurry up. Don’t delay.

       I don’t know if the cat died!

       Disease analysis:

       Hello, people or animals during a rabies attack are at risk of spreading the virus to other people.


       If you have been vaccinated with rabies vaccine according to the procedure, there is no possibility of rabies infection if you are injured by her. No need to worry

       If your cat has been vaccinated against rabies


       It is possible to be infected with rabies virus after being scratched by a cat. The incubation period is 20 years. There are also some animal diseases and parasites.

       If scratched by the cat, rabies vaccine should be injected within 24 hours, otherwise it will be invalid.

       My family has always kept a cat, should try to avoid being scratched and bitten by the cat. Since it has been several years, with or without the virus can not do immunization now. It shouldn’t be a big problem. I’m the same.

       It’s OK. I have cats in my house. It’s OK for your cats to take all the prophylactic injections. Moreover, some cats don’t like to go out and play, so they are very clean. If you cut your fingernails often, your cat is less likely to spread rabies. Don’t be afraid. Cats are naughty when they are young, but if they don’t give up when they are young, it’s very safe to have vaccinations. I wish you a happy cat

       First give the cat rabies vaccine, within half a year, do not get too close to the cat, and do not let it go out of the house. After half a year, if the cat does not get rabies, it can be considered completely safe, but if you want to be safe, never let the cat out of the house.

       If a cat is caught and bitten within half a year after vaccination, a person needs to be vaccinated (five injections, one shot). If the cat does not get rabies after 10 days of injury, the possibility of being infected with the virus is very small. However, for the sake of safety, it is better to finish the vaccination. If you are injured six months later, you can stop vaccinating.

       This is theoretically a completely reliable measure. According to rabies experts’ research for many years, if cats and dogs are not allowed to get rabies within 10 days after injury, people will not get sick. If they do not get sick within half a year, people will not get sick at all because cats and dogs will transmit the virus at most 10 days before the onset of the disease. Although cats and dogs are in the incubation period, they will not transmit the virus, while cats and dogs will have a maximum incubation period of half a year. Let the cat not go out of the house, and the rabies vaccine, is to be more insurance.


       no no no

       I have a cat. As long as this cat is with you since it was born, it usually won’t bite and scratch..

       And I’ve had cats for more than 10 years, and none of them has rabies or viruses..

       Just take him to the vet in time for an injection

       It’s OK. Your cat is domesticated and seldom goes out, so the probability of carrying germs is much less. In addition, even if there is no bleeding, the bacteria will not be transmitted through the blood. To say the least, even if the wild cat catches the bleeding, the probability of rabies is very small. Children in rural areas have been bitten and caught by cats and dogs. How many people died of rabies 20 years later?

       The fatality rate mentioned by the landlord refers to that after suffering from the disease, it is impossible to be saved once suffering from the disease, but the probability of suffering from the disease is very small. Please rest assured

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