Cat cleaning tips – how to give your cat a bath

       Pet cat

       Although most cats don’t like to take a bath, it’s not inevitable for a long haired cat to take a bath, so we must let the cat develop the habit of bathing.

       After combing the hair, the next step is to give the cat a bath. Unlike dogs, most cats don’t like bathing so much, although they love to be clean. But bathing is really necessary for cats with medium and long hair, so we should make the habit of bathing from childhood. For cats who don’t like bathing, they will struggle very hard. At this time, we can’t force them, otherwise the cats will be scared. Bath water temperature can not be too high or too low, about 38 degrees is a more appropriate water temperature.

       First put the cat in the water and comfort it, then wet the hair on the back with a towel to avoid water entering the eyes and ears (cotton can be used to plug the ears before bathing, and remember to take out the cotton ball after the bath). It is suggested that the cat’s shampoo or bath liquid should not be used to bathe the cat with human shampoo or disinfectant water, which will damage the cat’s skin and hair It is easy to cause skin diseases. After washing, first use the absorbent towel to dry the water on the body as much as possible, and then use the warm air to blow dry. Do not let the cat catch cold.

       1. We should choose a warm and sunny day to bathe cats to prevent them from catching cold.

       2. Before preparing to take a bath, cut the sharp fingernails of the cat first to prevent the cat from scratching its owner when taking a bath. For the method of cutting nails, please refer to the “what’s needed for the excrement removal Officer – the correct way to cut nails for cats”.

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       3. Prepare some cat snacks. If the cat struggles after just entering the bathroom, feed a little to calm the cat’s mood and make the cat feel that there is delicious food in the bathroom, which is not so terrible.

       A kind of

       4. Find a helper to help with the bath. A person helping a cat to take a bath may cause the cat to escape or scratch its owner due to the cat’s struggle and uncontrollable situation. So two people are needed to help the cat take a bath. If the cat is familiar with people, strangers will make the cat afraid.

       5. Prepare hair dryer and dry towel with good water absorption. After the cat takes a bath, it is necessary to wipe off the moisture on the body and blow dry it.

       A kind of

       6. Before taking a bath, comb the fur on the cat’s body to make it fluffy and smooth, and easy to wash away the dirt.

       Can cats use human Bath Gel?

       may not. Because cat skin and human skin structure is not the same, pH is also different, and bath gel is generally targeted according to the skin pH to design, so as to avoid skin pH imbalance.

       The use of human bath gel for cats may lead to hair loss, dandruff, and other skin diseases related problems. Therefore, we should not choose human bath gel for cats.

       Precautions for cat washing:

       1. Prepare a basin of warm water and put your hands in the water. It is not hot or cold.

       2. When bathing cats in summer, it is necessary to turn off the cold air conditioner to keep the temperature in the bathroom consistent with that in other rooms, so as to prevent cats from catching cold due to indoor temperature difference.

       3. Take a bath for the cat. Don’t use a shower or faucet under too much pressure. It is easy for the cat to be frightened and run away. The water pressure should be adjusted a little less, gently sprinkle on the cat. If the cat is struggling, it is necessary to pacify the cat more. Beating and scolding will only make the cat more afraid of bathing.

       4. When taking a bath, do not put water into the cat’s eyes and ears, and try to avoid washing the cat’s head. The cat can be put on a bath cap to prevent the bath water from entering the ears. To clean the cat’s head, wipe it gently with a wet towel.

       5. Gently massage the cat’s body. After the cat’s fur and skin are wet, use a little shower gel.

       6. Be careful not to let the cat lick the bath gel and bath water to prevent the cat from eating poisoning by mistake. After using the shower gel, rinse twice more to clean the body of the cat.

       How often does a cat need to bathe?

       Cats are very hygienic. They don’t need to bathe frequently. Cats also clean their fur. Cats usually take a bath 2-3 times a year. Especially for the milk cat under 2 months old, the cat is not very dirty. It is not recommended to wash the cat. It is easy for the cat to have a bath. If there is obvious dirt on the cat, wet paper towel can be dipped in warm water for local wiping.

       Bathing cats can not only keep the cat clean, but also reduce the incidence of various small problems. So what should I pay attention to when I give my cat a bath?

       Tools / raw materials


       Methods / steps

       Cats don’t like water. In the bath is to avoid letting the bath water into the cat’s ears and eyes, causing the cat’s resistance and aversion to bathing.

       Don’t bathe cats too often. Just wash them twice a month. Too frequent bathing can easily cause skin problems.

       After taking a bath, try to wipe the cat with a well absorbed towel. In winter, try to dry it with a hair dryer to avoid catching a cold.

       We try to choose a higher basin when bathing the cat to avoid the cat jumping out of the basin because of the struggle.

       The warm water for the cat’s bath should not be too high. Put your hand in and feel warm. It’s about 40 degrees centigrade.

       Don’t use products like human bath milk when bathing cats. You can buy a cat bath.

       Electrostatic brush (network hot) supermarket seems to have sold, more than ten yuan. Advantages: it’s not only labor-saving but also convenient. Once combed, the cat’s fur is gone. The cleanliness is very good. Defect: very effective for hair, weak for large particles of dust. Dust removal paper / dust roller is also available in supermarkets. A roller is about 9 yuan, and then you can buy a replacement, which is about 9 yuan. Advantages: simple and labor-saving. After using one layer, you can tear off the dirty paper and throw it away. Continue to use the next layer. Disadvantages: it is difficult to brush the cat hair in the corner. Because it’s a consumable, it’s quite expensive. Advantages of rubber gloves (with glue lines): recommended by experts. Gently wipe, the cat hair into a strip, and then take it down. Labor saving and convenient, the cat hair in the corner can also be removed. Be sure to buy one with lots of lines on your fingers. Disadvantages: dry weather is easy to have static electricity, so it is not convenient to remove cat hair, you can stick a little water, it will be much better. There is also a need to learn to use the left hand, or the left hand sleeve will be wasted! Vacuum cleaner (especially portable) advantages: strong suction, clean thoroughly. It is suitable for large area use when cleaning. It’s great to clean the screen with it! Disadvantages: loud noise, easy to scare the cat. It is relatively troublesome to use and cannot be handled at any time. Roadside beach vent ball (Bagua source) advantages: small size, easy to carry. With a gentle roll, a large amount of hair can be glued down. It is also convenient to clean with water. Disadvantages: many people say there is a bad smell of rubber. Afraid of toxic, so use with caution. Advantages: the ultimate hair removal tool, patented brush head, can be used for clothing, furniture, carpet, car cushion, etc., and also can be used for pet own waste hair cleaning. Can quickly absorb all kinds of hair, dander, dust. Self cleaning is more convenient. Disadvantages: expensive.

       British short haired cat

       It’s not easy to give a cat a bath, because most cats are afraid of water. However, there must be a process of adaptation. Some cats who used to take a bath when they were young will like to take a bath when they grow up. Here are the precautions and steps for bathing cats.

       1¡¢ Seven notes

       1. When the kitten wants to take a bath for the first time in this life, don’t let it have a negative impression of water and bathing. For example, he or she will be splashed with water to make him feel afraid.

       2. There are cats who hate to take a bath. Don’t let the kittens see the tragic scene!

       3. The earlier the kittens exposed to water, they will not reject bathing. Therefore, they can start bathing when they are about two months old, or at least wait until the full moon.

       4. Take a bath for the first time in my life! Please pay attention to the warm room temperature, put shallow, warm and comfortable water, let the kitten bubble feet, adapt to it before starting.

       5. Comfort and talk to the kitten at the same time. No matter scrub, flush, action should be gentle, avoid irritating eyes, choking nose.

       6. In a word, before taking a bath for the first time, the owner had better deduce the procedure to let the kitten have a pleasant experience based on the principle of gentleness and quickness. At least, it should feel that there is no threat.

       7. Trim the cat’s nails first and then wash it. The owner can wear cleaning gloves to prevent scratching. Close the bathroom door and limit the cat to bath in the bathtub, bucket and corner to avoid running around.

       2¡¢ Ten steps

       1. Comb the cat’s hair first and comb the knot.

       2. Adjust the bath water to a suitable temperature, which is 37 ~ 38C.

       3. In order to make the cat adapt to the water temperature, it is necessary to wash the feet first.

       4. Rinse the whole body from the neck down.

       5. Pour out the appropriate amount of hair washing essence on the cat’s body and rub it carefully. Make sure that the hair on the whole body is thoroughly cleaned.

       6. rinse the foam with warm water.

       7. Wrap the cat in a clean towel and dry it.

       8. Use a hair dryer to dry the cat. Remember that the temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high.

       9. After drying, please remember to comb the cat’s hair.

       10. Clean the dirt in the ears and corners of the eyes.

       Special attention: the bath liquid should be special. There are all kinds of choices. We can make different choices according to the needs of cats. If it’s too troublesome, we can also use the multi effect hair washing and bathing essence.

       1. Preparation before bathing

       (1) Cat bath solution (never use human bath for cats! The skin of a cat is different from that of a human being.

       (2) Dry the towel. You can prepare a few more, and it will be easier to blow dry if you dry it more. Conditional can use special absorbent towel, the effect is better.

       (3) Hair dryer. It’s used to dry the cat’s fur. If there are conditions, it is best to choose the silent heater, this noise is very small, most cats can accept.

       (4) Hot water. The water temperature is about 38-40 ¡æ. It can be washed in a basin or with a nozzle (but the water should not be too strong). It is recommended to use a bucket. Cats are not easy to run out.

       2. Precautions in bathing

       (1) Don’t bathe cats less than three months old, because they can easily catch a cold or have diarrhea and die easily. (if a cat under three months old is dirty, please wipe it with a hot towel

       (2) Don’t wash the head directly with the nozzle, and don’t lift the water to wash the head. This will drain the cat’s ears and cause otitis media easily. It is recommended to clean the head directly with a hot towel, and it will be cleaner if you wipe it several times more.

       (3) When blowing, use hot air and turn it on from the lowest air volume to avoid scaring the cat. And pay attention to step by step. When the hair dryer is turned on, it should be far away from the cat. When the cat is slightly stable, it will gradually approach her. You can gradually increase the air volume after the cat adapts, but be careful not to burn the cat.

       (4) After drying, it’s best to brush the hair carefully with a brush (especially for long haired cats), so that the hair shed in the bath will not be licked by the cat, so as to avoid the formation of hair balls in the stomach and seriously affect the digestive system.

       3. How to give a cat a bath

       (1) Wet through the coat below the neck. Hold the cat’s neck with the left hand so that the cat will not jump out. (the strength of the left hand is not loose and tight, and the cat will not have a bad breath, and the head can still rotate, but it will not escape from your hand) water with the right hand, or wet the hair below the neck with a spray nozzle.

       (2) pour proper amount of cat’s special bathing solution on the cat’s fur, and rub it into the hair with hands to create foam. Carefully knead the part of the paw, the lower part and the hair on the tail. After full foaming, rinse thoroughly with warm water until there is no foam. (the cat that just brought home is hard to wash out the original color after the first bath. If your hands and feet are fast enough, the room temperature matters, and the cat doesn’t resist too much, you can connect the bath liquid again, then knead the foam and rinse clean. But if the room isn’t warm enough, your hands and feet are slow, and your cat isn’t quiet, you need to wash her after a while

       (3) Take the cat out, gently and quickly rub some water off the cat with your hand, then wipe it with a dry towel and try to dry it.

       (4) Use the lowest heat level of the hair dryer to blow the cat’s fur, and use one hand to constantly pull the place where the hair dryer blows (just like we blow hair). If the cat is more suitable for the sound of the hair dryer, gradually increase the air volume of the hair dryer, but be careful not to let the hot wind burn the cat.

       (5) At this time, when the cat’s stomach is covered with hair, it will not affect the function of the hair. If the cat has hair knot, you can carefully cut the obvious part with scissors (pay attention not to cut the skin) under the premise of someone’s help. Don’t rush for success. You can do it slowly and safely in the future.

       Cats love to be clean. Bathing is not only for cleanliness and beauty, but also for prevention and treatment of external parasites and skin diseases, as well as promoting blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, to let the cat develop the habit of bathing since childhood. When taking a bath, put 40-50 ¡æ warm water into the basin, and the bath water should not be too much, so as not to submerge the cat, or wash with slow water spray. After the cat is done, dry it quickly and put it in a warm place. If the indoor temperature is low, cover the cat with dry towel or blanket to prevent cold. When the coat is completely dry, carefully comb it. If it is a long haired cat, you can also use a hair dryer to dry and comb, but also pay attention to the temperature.

       When bathing cats, we should pay attention to several problems

       1. The water temperature should not be too low or too high, and it should not be too hot (40-50 ¡æ). Keep warm indoors to prevent cats from catching cold and causing cold.

       2. To the long haired cat. Before taking a bath, the coat should be fully combed to remove the fallen coat, so as to prevent tangle during washing, so as to spend more time on finishing.

       3. It is not suitable to take a bath when the cat is not in good health. The kittens under 6 months of age are easy to get sick, and generally do not take a bath. Cats over 6 months old should not take too many baths, generally 2-3 times a month. Because the skin oil has a protective effect on the skin and fur. If you take a bath many times and lose a lot of oil, the coat will become rough, brittle and lusterless, and the elasticity of the skin will decrease, which will affect the beauty of the cat and may become an inducement of skin inflammation.

       You can’t take a bath without vaccination!

       The immunity of the kitten without vaccination is very low. It is easy to get cold and loose when taking a bath, and even cause more serious problems. It is suggested that you should take two injections of vaccine before washing again two weeks later!!!

       If the kitten is dirty because of mischief, you can consider wiping it with a hot towel or brushing it with a brush.

       After vaccination, you can give Mimi a bath, if the short hair cat can wash once a few months, long hair cat once a month is enough. At ordinary times to give Mimi comb hair can also ensure the cleanness of Mimi.

       Because cats want to secrete sebum to protect their hair, if washed too often, the skin protection ability will decline, which will lead to skin cancer, and it is best to use pet shampoo to avoid the toxic side effects of human hair shampoo. And keeping your home clean is the most effective way

       It’s not good to bathe dogs and cats with adult shampoo

       Use adult shampoo to bathe dogs and cats, and many times. Such dogs and cats, especially white dogs and cats, were washed off and their skin turned pink. Adult shampoo is alkaline and can wash oil from dog and cat skin very clean. As we all know, the sebaceous glands on the skin secrete oil to protect the skin and prevent dryness. If the oil is washed away, the skin resistance is low, it is easy to be infected with bacterial, fungal or scabies skin diseases. Give dog and cat bath, had better use dog and cat bath shampoo. If you can’t buy it, you can use a bath shampoo, or use neutral soap and soap.

       Don’t bathe Mimi often

       Cat’s fur has some very precious protective oil, as well as some trace elements. Cats clean themselves by basking in the sun and licking their fur. Generally speaking, cats with bright and clean fur are healthy, otherwise they may not be healthy.

       The cat’s body will secrete grease, this protective film will prevent dust from getting on the body. That’s why cats who often bathe are more likely to get dirty. With a protective film, the cat can shake the dust off its body during exercise. It is said in the book that cats don’t need to bathe, and dogs should be washed less, just a few times a year.

       It’s better to keep your hair clean than to take a shower. If the short haired cat does not wash the house clean, he will lick it very clean. This month, I didn’t wash Beibei’s hair because I was vaccinated. My hair is smoother than before.

       Long hair should be washed, but pay attention to:

       1. The water temperature should be controlled. Cats have higher body temperature than humans. The bath water should be heated a little. It is better to keep the bath water at 38-39 ¡æ.

       2. Don’t take a bath in the wind.

       3. After washing, if it is winter, be sure to blow dry, short hair summer can let him dry naturally. If your cat is afraid of the bellows, wrap it in a large towel, wipe the water dry and put him in a warm place.

       Cut his nails first to prevent you from being scratched

       For two people, one should hold its neck with his hand, and the other hand should hold two hind legs, but don’t lift it up and hold it. The other person sprays it with warm water of about 40 degrees, and applies Bath Gel (there is no cat’s special shampoo, and the human’s shampoo is OK. Be sure to rinse and blow dry, otherwise it will be chronic poisoning if it licks), and do not get ears Duo Li, gentle enough to wet hands, face repeatedly also wipe

       If a person, trouble point, there must be a basin, the purpose is to let it pick on the edge of the basin, and not easy to escape. All in all, close the bathroom. Cats will throw water when they take a bath. You’d better change into special clothes or just be naked. Hold the cat’s neck from the back with the left hand, and press it down with appropriate force at any time. Pay attention to its hind legs and its mouth. Don’t be bitten by it

       When it is quiet, spray from the back of the head or neck, spray the right hand, and then spray from the belly. Be careful that cat hair does not get wet easily. Then the right hand to squeeze the shower gel, give it a full body foam, stomach and feet and PP are specially washed, tail probably wash, don’t pull or rub. All the wool is wet and frothing and rinsed with spray.

       Then gently pinch the water with both hands, and then wipe the water with a towel repeatedly. It is best to put it in the sink at this time, let it face you, pick it on the edge of the sink, first wipe the head, and then wipe the front feet from the neck, and also wipe the body. The advantage of this is that it has no chance to attack you

       Must wipe to no water can drop down the state, and then regardless of its high or not, hair dryer treatment, quickly blow dry

       Sometimes especially disobedient, after encircling its neck, gently hit its forehead, it will not be satisfied with whine, this time quickly wash hands

       Blow dry it is proud, because clean and wash down the hair to fall, can be put on the bed to play~~~~