Cat coated with erythromycin ointment – can erythromycin ointment cure feline tinea

       If you want feline ringworm to be good soon, pay attention to the nutrition of the cat, improve the cat’s resistance, and enhance the cat’s constitution. This is very necessary. It is not enough to feed cats alone. It is suggested that lecithin be mixed into single cat food to improve the skin resistance of cats and prevent cats from being infected with tinea felis.

       The fungus of tinea felis is very stubborn, in addition to the internal nutrition conditioning, also need to give the cat some spray. According to the severity of cat ringworm, spray twice a day with minruining, spray the affected area directly, twice a day, and shave off the hair if necessary.

       To prevent the cat from licking the affected area after medication, it is recommended to put Elizabethan ring on the cat. If the cat’s condition is very serious, it is recommended to take medicine bath or send for medical treatment.

       Feline tinea should be cleaned in time.

       First of all, we should clean the place where the cat grows. We should disinfect the litter and clothes of the cat.

       And the environment around the cat’s nest and the environment of the family should be disinfected.

       In terms of disinfectant, we can choose pet only.

       The most commonly used external medicine for tinea felis is mingruining. The effective ingredient is nano silver. The advantage of this medicine is that the main ingredients are plant extracts. After spraying, the cat can lick it, and the antipruritic effect is particularly prominent.

       From the clinical symptoms of cat moss, cats with cat moss will have alopecia areata, hair loss, whole body itching or local itching.

       In case of doubt, take the cat to the pet hospital for skin examination, and draw the final conclusion through the doctor’s diagnosis. Or you can buy a Wu’s lamp to give it a light. If it emits fluorescent green, it can basically be identified as cat moss.

       When pet owners in the diagnosis of cat moss, must timely treatment, treatment process may be longer, but must be patient oh.

       After confirming that it is tinea felis, we can use mingruining externally to improve it. Generally, it can be improved in about one or two weeks.

       Pay attention to the prevention work and disinfect the environment frequently.

       As a novice cat parent, he has adopted a cat for three months. Recently, the cat is always crying, runny nose and sneezing. After reading some information on the Internet, he may have suffered from the nasal branch of the cat. His weight will also be reduced, and he will cry every day. How can I treat the nasal branch of the cat?

       Recognize the nasal branch of cat

       As a novice parent, we must understand some common diseases of cats and treatment methods: cat nasal branch is a common viral disease, young cats are more likely to be infected with this virus, serious will lead to death. Once infected with the virus, it will be carried for life.

       Symptoms of herpes virus

       Early symptoms are: depression, sneezing, coughing, followed by conjunctivitis, and serous eye and nasal secretions, body temperature and rapid rise, paroxysmal sneezing, deep tracheal cough, tongue and jaw ulcers and other symptoms often occur; if there is secondary infection of bacteria, then the eye and nose secretion will appear purulent.

       The harm of herpes virus

       Cats at this stage may cry every day because of the virus, mental devastation, and poor appetite. Parents should take measures to treat them in the early stage. Chronic infection may result in chronic sinusitis, ulcerative keratitis and panophthalmia. Infection in young cats may cause severe conjunctivitis, which may eventually lead to panophthalmia and blindness.

       The treatment methods were as follows

       First of all, give the cat to eat anti-virus infection of acyclovir, a strong anti-virus. You also need to take 500 mg of lysine a day, and cat amine is specially used to treat the nasal branches of cats. It is worth noting that lysine should not be taken on an empty stomach under normal circumstances, because high purity lysine may cause vomiting in cats.

       For the treatment of conjunctivitis, to control the occurrence of panophthalmia in time, you can go to the drugstore to buy eye drops for auxiliary treatment; use 4-6 times a day, which is good for the conjunctivitis of cats. The effect will be obvious.

       Erythromycin ointment for external use generally has few side effects, and some of them will have burning sensation, itching, swelling and other emotional stimulation reactions. Therefore, the medicine should be stopped, and the ointment used locally should be washed. There are also cases that are allergic to erythromycin and can not be used. After using, erythromycin ointment may have symptoms of erythromycin allergy such as gastrointestinal discomfort. If you find that the cat is lax or has abnormal mental and dietary conditions, please stop immediately

       Effect of erythromycin ointment:

       Erythromycin ointment is the preparation of erythromycin for external use. It is mainly used for anti-inflammatory, anti infection, keeping the wound moist and promoting the repair. It can be used for purulent skin diseases, such as pustular, small area burn, ulcer surface infection and acne vulgaris

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