Cat eyes can’t open recovery – how can cat’s eyes not open

       Chloramphenicol. My aunt picked out a kitten outside and gave it to our mother cat as an adopted daughter, but her eyes couldn’t open and she was purulent. Let the female cat lick its eyes, because the saliva is disinfected. But if you don’t have a cat mother, you can use cotton swab or cotton ball to make a small one, and then dip it in warm or normal temperature water (flowing water, clean) or directly dip it with chloramphenicol to gently wipe the thick on its eyes. Then to see if there can be a small slit, then point chloramphenicol, as long as the point in the eye can. One time a day, twice a day. It’ll be all right soon. Kittens have eye dropsy at the beginning, which may be the cause of inflamed. I don’t know what you feed them and whether they often drink water. Now I suspect it’s the Pearl.. Or if you don’t have clean hands, it’s OK to give the cat eyes.

       O(¡É_ O ~ don’t worry too much! Our family also has dogs and cats. Kittens may have eye infections and are uncomfortable. First of all, keep the kittens healthy and clean with water. At the same time, avoid the kittens’ eyes from being stimulated by strong light, and see if they will get better after two days. Take a bath with the kittens to keep them clean and clean, so as to prevent the kittens from washing their eyes with their paws to aggravate the infection If it can wipe itself with saliva, it will not be too serious, because small animals have certain self-healing function. O(¡É_ Hope to get well soon~

       When I was a child, there should be only a small slit. Later, I will open it slowly. I will wait two days. If I don’t open it, I will gently lift it with my hand or dot my eyes with pet eye drops

       Chlortetracycline eye ointment or general antibiotics (not cool) eye drops can also be used. Smear the affected area with cotton swab. If it is serious, apply it once a day for a few days. It is better to clean the affected area with warm water before applying

       If it’s not convenient to buy, 5% normal saline is OK

       If the cat’s eyes really can’t open, then the owner must pay attention. First of all, we should observe whether there are other diseases in the cat’s eyes besides eyes. For example, there is a lot of redness, swelling and eye droppings (yellow and purulent eye droppings adhere to the eyes, making the cat’s eyes can’t open; or more eye droppings have dried up, causing the cat’s forehead eyes to open. After observing the kitten’s eyes, according to their own understanding of the pet cat, judge the general symptoms of the cat’s eyes. Of course, if you’re not sure what’s wrong with the cat’s eyes, take the cat to a pet hospital first. Let the veterinarian diagnose it, help the kitten to clean up the dropsy around the eyes, and then treat it.

       Generally speaking, sterilization of cats and cats will not cause any special damage to the eyes, except for some cases where the operation time is too long and there is no eye drops during the operation. For example, the operation of my cat is very fast, but 20 minutes, after waking up, there is no abnormal eye. The sticky eyes should be too much secretions from the eyes that can’t be opened. If the cat can’t clean it up, it should be cleaned with eye drops. What’s more, remind the landlord that eye secretions often indicate that there are hidden dangers in cat’s health. Maybe cat food is not suitable, or there is some disease. If eye drops are not good for 48 hours, you should take them to see a doctor. I hope your cat is healthy~

       It is normal not to eat or drink that night. It will gradually recover from the next day. More delicious wet food should be prepared for the cat. In addition, the cat wears a collar to see if the water in the bowl can be drunk by the cat.

       The next day to see the wound on the cat’s stomach, there is no suture, pus, or abnormal swelling and so on. If the cat doesn’t eat or drink at all the next day, call the doctor or take it back to the hospital for the doctor to see.

       Never remove the collar to prevent the cat from scratching the wound.

       If the cat’s eyes can’t be opened, pet owners should pay more attention to it. After all, cat’s eyes need to be maintained. If they can’t open, it may be red and swollen eyes.

       1¡¢ Caused by fire

       As a result of the cat’s body fire is more serious, it will lead to inflammation of the cat’s eyes and secretion of abnormal amount of eye excrement. In this case, the cat’s eyes are often wet and sticky around the eyes, and the cat’s eyes paste. In this case, the cat owner needs to moisten and soften the eye excrement before cleaning it, and then wipe it off with a wet cotton swab, and then give the cat eye drops, 2-3 times a day, 1-2 drops each time.

       Cat owners also need to pay attention to the cat’s diet, do not only feed dry cat food and fried food, properly feed some fruits and vegetables food and liquid food, easy to digest and not easy to cause the cat to get angry.

       2¡¢ Foreign body stimulation

       Cat’s eyes have dust or foreign matter, will shed tears or eye droppings, at this time it will often blink fine extrusion foreign body. It can be observed for 1-2 days. If any foreign body is found in the cat’s eyes, it is necessary to clean it in time. You can gently wipe off the eyedroppings at the corners of the eyes with a wet paper towel, and then gently blow or wipe off the foreign body. Remember to use a light method to avoid hurting the cat. In the future, you should also observe the cat’s eyes. If there are foreign bodies in the cat’s eyes, you must clean them up in time.

       3¡¢ Feline conjunctivitis

       Cats with conjunctivitis will also lead to increased eye dropsy, generally divided into acute and chronic conjunctivitis. If you have acute conjunctivitis will appear more tears, water samples at the beginning, and then become gray white mucus or yellow green secretions, conjunctival congestion, flushing, edema, photophobia, etc. If you have chronic conjunctivitis may appear red brown tear marks, conjunctival congestion, conjunctival coarseness, and sometimes mucinous secretions.

       If the cat’s eyes can’t be opened and shed tears, it may be caused by eye problems. The cat’s eyes suggest that the pet owner should check the cat’s eyes in time, find out the cause of the cat’s tears, and solve the problem symptomatically. Don’t let the cat cry all the time. It is not only easy to cause tear marks, but also eye problems. If it is an eye problem, it should be handled in time without delay.

       1¡¢ The cat’s diet is inflamed

       Cats are not suitable to eat oil and salt. Sometimes cats eat food with heavy oil and salt, or eat foods with high salt content for a long time, which may stimulate the eyes of dogs and cause redness and tears. Therefore, pet owners should pay attention to the diet of cats. Some foods with heavy oil and salt should not be given to cats, which will not only cause tears, but also lead to hair loss. In the selection of cat food, it is also necessary to pay attention to the diet of cats Pay attention to choose low salt, and then to prepare enough drinking water for the cat to drink, drink more water.

       2¡¢ The cat’s eyes are infected with bacteria

       Of course, a cat’s eyes infected by bacteria can also lead to redness and tears. Sometimes, it can cause purulent tears. For example, a cat fights and accidentally gets a foreign body in his eyes, which may also lead to red, swollen and flowing eyes. Especially the kitten’s eyes are relatively fragile, and they may shed tears if they are not noticed. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the cat’s eyes in time and clean the tears Clean, wipe it with a wet paper towel, and then prepare the eye drops for the cat, 2-3 times a day, 1-2 drops each time, directly into the cat’s eyes.

       3¡¢ Cat eyelashes trichiasis

       If the cat’s tears are caused by the inverted insertion of eyelashes, the eyelashes need to be pulled out. If the pet owner can’t deal with it by himself, he can also take it to the pet hospital to take it out. He always has to deal with the cat’s eye problems in time without delay. If the nasolacrimal duct is twisted or the lacrimal gland is blocked, it may cause the cat to shed tears all the time, which needs more observation and timely treatment by pet owners.

       The first thing to be sure is, is it normal to eat, drink and Lazar except for this eye? It’s best to have a fever. Because the cat’s eyes have problems, it may be more than a simple eye infection.

       If you rule out the high fever, respiratory infection, then you said black and bloody eye excrement, may be caused by eye infection. Don’t use eye ointment. Sticky people don’t feel comfortable with it, let alone cats. You can use chloramphenicol eye drops or ribavirin eye drops in combination, because it’s hard to determine whether it’s caused by bacteria or viruses. The usage is very simple. If there is eye dropsy every day, you must use warm water to clean the eye dropsy slowly, and then drop the eye drops, five times a day, until the improvement, and then adhere to three times a day, and then medication for a week to consolidate.

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