Cat hind leg bone broke, eat what good

       A cat with a broken leg usually takes three months to recover.

       After the cat’s leg is broken, it needs to go to the pet hospital for bone grafting. It will take three months for the cat to walk normally. Because the broken tendon and broken bone is a difficult and good disease, the time is relatively long. We should bask in the sun more and eat some food containing calcium and phosphorus at the same time, which is conducive to the recovery of bone injury.

       I’ve seen a cat with a broken spine recovering on its own. And the vet said it was okay. So you don’t have to worry about the recovery of your cat. Secondly, I think you should accompany it more and comfort it. After all, it is injured and needs care. When he calmed down, he should take the initiative to eat and drink.

       Does cat hind thigh still crus fracture? At the beginning, my cat was the hind leg, and then she would jump on three legs every day… But now it has been raised well. If he doesn’t eat it, it should be painful. If the fracture is not handled properly, there will be inflammation, inflammation, leading to inflammation. If the big thing is not small, it is troublesome. The wound should be cleaned up to avoid water. If the bone is completely broken, it will be more troublesome for him to walk Good suggestion to go to the animal husbandry bureau to pick it up. (because the pet house is expensive, it will kill you black yo) it is suggested not to eat the whole cat food, because the cat food is hard and the legs hurt. Can he have the strength to bite things. At that time, I fed canned cats, and occasionally gave me a milk cake with calcium. Later, I changed it into my own sea fish + chicken breast meat (very cheap, and I can eat it several times) + * * (I prefer to drink soup. In that time, for her to stew some bone soup occasionally, I knocked out the * * for him) which was softer, rice The amount will be reduced. My meow was very thin at that time. Don’t run out of food in the bowl. Also pay attention to the cat going to the toilet. Don’t touch the wound. Finally, I hope your meow will recover soon~

       First, determine the fracture location.

       If the cat is not injured, you can gently lay down the injured cat and gently touch it from the spine to the limbs. If you touch the fracture position, the cat will scream.

       If the cat has trauma, debridement and hemostasis should be carried out first. 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used for debridement of cat trauma. Note that the cat is sensitive to iodine, so tincture of iodine must not be used for debridement. If the bleeding continues, wrap the tourniquet around the heart 3-4 cm away from the wound and tie a knot in two circles. Yunnan Baiyao can be used as hemostatic, and external application can stop bleeding and detumescence.

       Second, osteosynthesis (fixed section).

       Bone setting (fixed section) is the key to the success or failure of the treatment of cat fracture. If you can’t do it yourself, you’d better ask experienced people to help. Generally, even in the countryside, you can find a bone surgeon who can treat people and ask them to help.

       Third, fixation.

       First apply Yunnan Baiyao to the injured area, and wrap the fracture site with sterile gauze, but pay attention not to strangle it, in case the cat’s blood circulation is not smooth, it can be wound for about 5 circles. Then find a board suitable for the length and size of the cat’s injury, and wrap it with gauze to fix the fracture site, so that the cat’s fracture site can not move and bend.

       The small cat’s head is round, with a pair of sharp small ears. The big green eyes stare like two small green lights. The big ears of the kitten “Mimi” stand upright all day long. Where there is sound, turn to the other side immediately. It looks like a Leida with special performance The cat’s whole body is white with black spots. It looks like a ball of snow-white cotton with a few drops of ink on it. There is a herringbone mouth under the cat’s nose and a white beard on both sides. It’s very impressive. The cat’s beard is very hard, like a steel needle, the size of the energy out of the hole. The long tail of the small black cat is like a small whip, swinging from side to side. The kitten has a pair of bright and flexible big eyes, and the black pupil will change: in the morning, it looks like a date stone; at noon, it becomes a fine net; at night, it turns into two green light bulbs, round and shining In the morning, the kitten stretched out first, then sat up again, licked a little saliva on the tip of the tongue with two front paws, washed his face like a man, and then licked his fur with his tongue until there was a little light. The cat’s ears were erect, and a pair of round eyes kept turning around and flashing in the night. It’s mouth with eight long whiskers, it’s long and slender in its face, looks more lovely! Cute kitten wearing white flower clothes, like a lovely “little princess.”. It swayed its thin and long tail, dancing with it, as if for its own lovely and air, kitten with a hairy body, dexterous limbs, long tail, kitten hairy like a hairy tennis ball. Kittens are very fond of jumping about. Kittens are docile animals. Love to sleep, love to be coquettish. I like to be coquettish with others.

       Mainly to supplement calcium, you can consult the veterinarian to eat some pet vitamin / calcium medicine, food can be bone combination, for example: chicken bone, ribs cooked rotten, cat milk, seafood can also help healing. In a word, don’t expect it to get better in a few days. It needs several months of conditioning. You can be patient. After the operation of bone union, the main support is to keep the cat away from the movement of the injured area.

       If the cat’s leg is really broken, we must ask the veterinarian to take the bone, otherwise if we can’t do it ourselves, it will cause a lifelong disability to the cat, which is roughly the same as that of human beings, and it should be fixed in plaster. You have to see it clearly. Whether the cat’s leg is broken or just injured, just look at whether the cat’s leg can move. If the cat’s bone is broken, it will not move. If the bone is good, it will still move if it is injured. If the bone is not broken, then just find a quiet place for it, put the food near it, and make the sleeping place warm, and it will get better. If a cat has an internal injury, it’s hard to survive, even after seeing a veterinarian. So you have to distinguish.

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