Cat lacrimal gland is heavy how to do – cat’s tear mark how to deal with

       Some cats are caused by natural causes. Garfield is the most obvious one. The nasolacrimal duct in the face of other cats is special. As long as the tears secreted by the eyes cannot be discharged from the lacrimal duct, they will flow out from the corner of the eye and gradually form tear marks as time goes on. If it is caused by natural factors, pet owners also need to pay more attention to the cat’s eyes, reduce the incidence of tears.

       Usually give the cat food should be less oil and less salt, it is best not to put salt. Because oil and salt will stimulate cats to shed more tears. Some severe tears may cause kidney failure or skin disease. But some cats are prone to tears and need to pay more attention to their diet.

       With the nose branch of the cat, tears will increase. To give the cat lysine and use the cat eye drops to improve, the tear marks will gradually disappear.

       Normal physiological phenomena

       If it is a normal physiological phenomenon, the cat’s canthus will only secrete a small amount of eye excrement, cleaning up is easy. Wipe it off with a wet towel or toilet paper. In this case, the owner of the cat doesn’t need to worry about it. He should take care of the cat’s eyes and protect his eyes.

       On fire performance

       1. When the cat is on fire or when it is more serious, there will be more eye droppings. Most of them are dry paste. It is not very easy to clean up. Before cleaning, the eye droppings need to be moistened and softened, and then gently wiped off with a wet cotton swab.

       2. Cat owners should pay attention to the cat’s diet is not too greasy, too dry, too heavy taste, will cause the cat to get angry, bad breath, eye dropsy. Give your cat more water and eat more fruits and vegetables.

       3. When the cat’s appetite is poor and there is no appetite, the cat can be fed with food that is easier to digest, such as millet porridge and other semi liquid food, to regulate the cat’s intestines and stomach.

       Nasal branch of cat

       1. Cat nasal branch is a kind of acute upper respiratory tract infectious disease with high infectivity. Adult cats are usually infected with conjunctivitis. White spots appear on the conjunctiva, and conjunctiva is flushed. The secretion increases viscosity. It is suggested that the cat should be treated with Xingqu eye drops, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and anti-virus combination for better treatment of conjunctivitis.

       2. The mortality rate of young cats with cat nose is very high. Adult cats will recover after treatment for about a week. Once a cat has a nasal branch, it is necessary to supplement meow lysine immediately to inhibit the spread of the virus and enhance its resistance. Combined with amoxicillin, cephalosporin and other disease resistant substances, the effect is better.

       Like Persian cat, Garfield cat and other cats with heavy tear marks, eyes are often wet, to pay attention to cleaning care, to avoid inflammation around the eye infection.

       1. Due to congenital curvature of nasolacrimal duct, Jingba, douniu, Xishi, jinjila, yingduan, Garfield and other short nosed dogs and cats, the speed of producing and discharging tears is unbalanced, and tear marks are easy to appear

       2. Daily diet. Low salt and low-fat food is the main food to reduce meat intake

       3. Living habits. The results showed that bacteria were easy to breed in plastic bowl, second-hand smoke and stress reaction, too much bentonite cat litter dust. Frequently use quwei disinfectant at home

       4. Other diseases. Ear mite, can aggravate tear marks; eyelid entropion, keratitis, glaucoma, etc.; cat nasal branch, calicivirus infection

       5. Take eye drops regularly.

       6. If the nasolacrimal duct is seriously blocked, it is necessary to dredge the nasolacrimal duct and go to the hospital.

       First of all, keep your eyes clean. The owner can use gauze to wipe the cat’s eyes from the head to the tail of the eyes, and gently from the edge of the eyes. If there are dry and hard eye secretions, gently rub back and forth with cotton wet with salt water to soften the secretion. Do not use brute force to wipe the cat’s eyes, otherwise it is easy to cause inflammation around the cat’s eyes.

       Then prepare eye drops for cats three times a day.

       If this cleaning process and eye drops do not work, it is likely that the cat’s porphyrin metabolism is abnormal. The owner should consider the internal problems of the cat. Porphyrin, a kind of metabolite widely existing in animals, usually flows out of the body at will. However, cats may excrete porphyrins from tears / saliva and urine. The tears containing porphyrin will appear red tear marks after staying on the hair for a period of time.

       At this time, the external cleaning will not work. Bile acid can be used as a kind of excretion fluid. It can first promote the secretion of the bile, accelerate the excretion of porphyrin through the bile, so as to reduce the porphyrin in tears and achieve the effect of removing tear marks

       Causes of pet tears:

       1. Diet

       With the improvement of life, pet food additives and cereals can cause sensitive symptoms and increase the secretion of tears.

       The cat’s tears are too heavy to wipe well, please pay attention to the following situation!

       2. Physiological structure

       The dog’s eyes are windward tears, once the lacrimal gland is blocked with inflammation, it is easy to form the lacrimal gland. If the dog’s hair around the eyes is too long, often touching the eyes will stimulate the cornea and conjunctiva, also can form abnormal tears.

       The cat’s tears are too heavy to wipe well, please pay attention to the following situation!

       3. Ear canal infection

       When bacteria grow in the ear canal, dogs often scratch their ears. Facial nerves crisscross, auditory nerves, facial nerves, etc., are quite sensitive areas. Mixed with its ear, nose and throat inflammation.

       The cat’s tears are too heavy to wipe well, please pay attention to the following situation!

       4. Dietary nutrition

       Pet food contains a large number of artificial colors, additives, preservatives, and a series of indirect causes of tears, please pay attention to whether pets often face discomfort, shake their heads or shed tears and other symptoms.

       The cat’s tears are too heavy to wipe well, please pay attention to the following situation!

       5. Congenital lacrimal atresia

       This is a common lacrimal atresia problem, that is, the upper and lower lacrimal points and lacrimal canaliculi are not smooth, this is more troublesome, it is recommended to go to the pet hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment.

       The cat’s tears are too heavy to wipe well, please pay attention to the following situation!

       Cat tears

       Tear marks are a common problem in many cats. In fact, tear marks themselves do not cause any harm to the cat’s body, but have a great impact on their external image. Especially for some white cats, it looks more obvious, and it will greatly reduce the image score of the cat. Therefore, we must not ignore the eye care of the cat at ordinary times, so as to prevent the appearance of the cat affected by tears.

       1¡¢ Causes of tear marks

       1. Diet: diet is one of the most common reasons for the formation of tears in dogs, and it is also one of the reasons that we know the most. Dogs eat salty people prone to tears, this as long as the dog more than 3 months should know. So in this case, first stop feeding salty dog food or food and give your dog more water. Try to eat light.

       2. Eye disease or inflammation: if the dog’s eyes have inflammation or other diseases, it may cause more tears, resulting in tear marks. For example, lacrimal gland inflammation: the lacrimal gland secreting tears is infected, which causes abnormal large amount of tear secretion, and the nasolacrimal duct has no time to clear so many tears, which will lead to the outflow of tears, and over time will form ugly tear marks. There is also a more simple eye problem, which is trichiasis. Trichiasis has been irritating the cornea. This situation will make the dog’s eyes feel very uncomfortable, resulting in frequent scratching of the eyes with the forelimb. Therefore, they are often seen to have watery appearance, which also causes very serious tear marks.

       3. Breed reason: some cats like to shed tears because of their own breed, such as exotic short hair cat and Persian cat. They all like to shed tears. Because of their special appearance, the curvature of nasolacrimal duct becomes very large, so the amount of tears discharged is limited. Even if the normal amount of tears can not be loaded, it will cause ugly tear marks or even black eye frames.

       4. Genetic disease: primary excessive tears, is a hereditary disease, tears often secrete too much, so it is easy to cause tear stains.

       Usually pay attention to the cat’s eye cleaning

       2¡¢ How to deal with cat tears

       1. If you pay attention to cleaning up at ordinary times, the tear marks will not be too obvious, and it is relatively easy to clean up. Generally, you can use hot towel to wipe more.

       2. You can also use some starch and boric acid powder in half and pat it on the tear marks. The powder can absorb stains and play a bleaching role.

       3. Take a teaspoon of boric acid powder and mix it in a cup of boiling water. Buy a small container and put the makeup remover in it. Pour the solution on the makeup remover and slowly pour out the excess solution. Cover the box. Then take a piece of these cotton pads every day to bleach, remove tears, and prevent the accumulation of tear marks. Remember to change the makeup removal cotton once a week to prevent infection caused by bacteria breeding for a long time.

       The stubborn stains on the cat’s face can be removed by the powder of starch and boric acid powder. First water into paste, paste carefully spread on the stain, natural air dry, dry after brushing off and then wipe clean. Be careful not to let the powder fall into the eyes.

       The causes of tear stains are related to daily diet, nursing and related diseases. Therefore, pay more attention to diet, do not feed too salty food, and clean the cat regularly. If there are eye diseases, it is better to take the cat for examination as soon as possible, so as to avoid the more and more serious tear marks and seriously affect the beauty of cats.

       My family’s 2-month-old Garfield began to eat commodity grain, which was not wanted by friends and sent to me. But after eating it, the tear marks were very heavy and the excrement smelly. Later, I asked many people to know The commodity food is not good and too oily. It has to be changed. Then he said that my cat would continue to eat kittens when he was less than one year old. He could only replace it with cat food when he was one year old. Then he inquired left and right. The best natural cat food exported was the one with 30% fresh goat milk. He asked his friends to buy it. When he bought it, Xiaobao took the initiative to eat it himself No oil. If you eat it for a month, the tear marks will be obviously less, but there are still some tears. Then I will continue to buy them again to eat them. This month, the cat is getting fatter and fatter. In the past, the cat didn’t like to be fat because of the stomach problems of the cat. Now I know that eating the right food can be fat because I’m afraid of troubling my friends. Later, I searched the Internet for natural cat food and red kraft paper Packaging, because of its environmental protection, I bought it and compared it with the authentic products. Because the shipment was Dalian, it was said that there was a port close to it, which was specially exported. So I really eased the tears. I have been eating this natural cat food. Now my father cat is the little black Baba. Ha ha ha, he also eats the low sensitive formula of duck meat in his small circle Fire, also do not shed tears, especially proud, ha ha ~ compared with my friend’s home meow, my eyes and ears are not those eyedroppings ah Therefore, eating is really important. People’s small RB is very good. They have legislated on pet food, so the factories dare not make mistakes. This is really the food of conscience. We have to study hard at home, but we have to legislate first. I think it’s very important

       The cat’s tears are mostly white, and the amount is not long-lasting. This is usually caused by the fire, which may be due to the salty and oily food. It is recommended that cats should replace natural foods or fresh meat with low sensitization, no artificial flavors and attractants, which will not cause the cat to get angry. The peak of the mouth, the desire for now, are good, no grain, low sensitive and meaty, and what chemical ingredients are not added. The domestic recommendation JIANSUO Jian’s meat fermented cat food is used, and the material is not imported into rations, and its price is fermented with fresh meat. The price performance ratio is also very high. Generally speaking, it is very healthy food.

       In addition, some eye diseases can also cause cat to have tears.

       Upper respiratory tract infection diseases, such as feline calicivirus infection, infectious respiratory disease, pneumonia, rhinotracheitis. If the tears are caused by these diseases, it is usually accompanied by secretions from the nose.

       conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis can cause secretions in the cat’s eyes, which can cause redness and swelling. Sick cats are usually sensitive to light. When they see light, their eyes are likely to be irritated and secretions will be produced.

       Corneal diseases. The cat’s cornea is more vulnerable to injury, corneal injury will appear inflammation, and automatic secretion of a lot of tears, which will also lead to excessive blinking cats, eyes muddy.

       Cat’s tear marks are usually under the corner of the eye, and the cat with long-term tears is easy to form thick tear marks.

       3. Cats have inverted eyelashes

       Cats also have inverted eyelashes in their eyes. If the eyelashes of cat’s eyes fall down long, it will stimulate the eyes to shed tears. This is also one of the reasons for the cat’s tears. Pay attention to observe the cat’s eyelashes and hair around the eyes. If there are inverted eyelashes, use small scissors to trim the cat. When the hair around the eye is longer, you should also trim it regularly in time, so as not to affect the health of the eyes.

       2. The reason of unreasonable diet

       If the cat has been fed salty cat food for a long time, or if the cat drinks less water and often eats dry food, the cat will not stop crying and form tear marks. If the cat has no other abnormalities except tears, it is estimated that it is the cause of the fire. You can first adjust the cat’s diet and change it to a light ecological food. Then pay attention to guide the cat to drink more water, you can also make some light vegetables such as carrots cat rice for the cat to eat.

       1. There’s something wrong with the eyes

       If the cat’s eyes are red and swollen, and there are tears all the time, and there are a lot of secretions, it may be that there is something wrong with the cat’s eyes. This is one of the reasons for the formation of cat tears. To solve this problem, the excrement removal officer should wipe the dirty things around the cat’s eyes with a pet wiper, and then use a proper amount of the cat eye drops. Clean your eyes twice a day until your cat’s eyes get better. Usually, the cat’s eyes also have a small amount of eye excrement, to pay attention to cleaning up every day, otherwise the accumulation of breeding bacteria will easily lead to cat’s eyes problems.

       ***: if your pet has tears, you can use your pet to remove tears.

       1. The flow caused by natural causes often forms tear marks

       Among the cat breeds, Garfield is the most obvious natural cause. The nasolacrimal duct in the face is twisted than other varieties. As long as the eyes secrete more tears and the tears are not drained so fast, they will flow out from the corners of the eyes and form tear marks. This kind of natural facial reason can only be acquired more care of the eye, reduce tear marks.

       There are also because the cat’s lacrimal gland is blocked, when born, it can’t be released naturally, and is sealed by the film. The tears can’t flow to the nose smoothly, and the tears stay in the eyes, and flow out from the corners of the eyes when the amount is large. After a long time, the porphyrin substance in the tears remained on the hair, and the dark tear marks appeared. This can be improved after surgery.

       2. The problem of eating food for a long time causes tears

       Feeding greasy and high salt food for a long time will not only stimulate the eyes, but also produce tears more easily and even difficult to remove. Cat owners often talk about a healthy diet and control of salt and oil. For those fed with cat food, choose home fun ecological cat food and abandon the old-fashioned high-fat cat food. Pay attention to the combination of fruits and vegetables, can help to improve the eye tear problems.

       3. Eye inflammation, secretion of more tears

       There are a lot of germs and bacteria around life. Eye inflammation tears, and contact with some fungi, fungi will stimulate conjunctiva and tear red. If you are too angry on your diet, your eyes will become inflamed and your eyes will become more watery. These two kinds of eye drops can improve the situation of tears, 2 ~ 3 times a day, 1 ~ 2 drops of state fun cat eye drops can be. The tear marks gradually became lighter and disappeared.