Cat leg wound has not been taken off the thread has been infected how to do

       First, repeatedly clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide, and then wipe off the pus by sticking a cotton swab with Iodophor. Otherwise, the wound will be difficult to heal, and some red blood will be normal after wiping off. And then immediately spray pet speed fast anti-inflammatory, prevent suppuration, can help wound healing, to completely cover the wound is appropriate. Then press the wound with medical cotton and wrap it with tape and gauze. If the pus is more severe, it is necessary to take some anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent inflammation, the dose is a third of the person, twice a day. It’s best to wear Elizabethan covers on cats to prevent licking. If you can’t handle it yourself, you’d better go to the pet hospital.

       First of all, you can clean the cat’s wound first. Clean the wound residue thoroughly. The suppurative substance is the product of bacterial battle. It must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the wound from deteriorating again and infection.

       Secondly, we can choose some beneficial bacteria to kill harmful bacteria and anti-inflammatory drugs to the cat to sterilize the wound and accelerate the healing and healing of the wound.

       PS: if the parents are not good at treating the cat’s wounds, they don’t know how to deal with the pussy wounds of cats. Well, when the pet cat has such problems, you can take it to the pet hospital for professional treatment at the first time. With the help of veterinarian, scientific treatment of pussy cat wounds, so that it can quickly recover health.

       It is suggested to send the pet hospital for examination, debridement and medication.

       If you do not want to send, first see what causes the wound, if there are foreign bodies in the wound, first take out the foreign body.

       Go to the drugstore to buy oral anti-inflammatory drug cephalosporin, the best for children, to the cat with a small amount of water powder powder feeding. In addition, the cat’s hair near the wound should be pushed clean, so as to facilitate the application of medicine and prevent more bacteria from being brought in. Then buy hydrogen peroxide and 2 ml syringe (both very cheap), go home with a cotton swab dipped in iodine wine to scrape the pus of the affected area, and then fill the syringe with hydrogen peroxide to wash the wound and surrounding skin. After washing, apply erythromycin ointment (no eye ointment). Don’t bandage the wound! Bandaging is not good for recovery! Rinse with hydrogen peroxide twice a day and apply erythromycin and iodine for 2-3 times. Insist on medicine!

       I hope that the owner will not abandon the cat, insist on treatment, and will certainly recover. When feeding and applying medicine, the cat will have strong resistance because of pain and discomfort, but also need to complete the medication and medication, I hope the owner has patience.

       Upstairs said very detailed, a look is also old cat friend. I add, your cat in addition to leg pus, should pay attention to other symptoms, small nose also dry? Eating, drinking and pulling are normal? Pus must have inflammation, body temperature is just slightly higher or has a fever?

       If the food, drink and pull are normal, and the temperature is still within the normal range, according to the upstairs said, deal with it again. If it is still more serious, please go to a doctor directly. This is not a big problem and will not cost a lot of money.

       The regular method is to change the dressing, do not know what medicine is applied? It is recommended that you wipe with Iodophor, wipe off the concentrated liquid as much as possible, expose the fresh meat, and then apply antibiotic gauze or ointment, and wrap it up.

       Don’t do it yourself, because you are not professional and can’t operate aseptic. If you can’t do it well, it will aggravate the infection. Find a clinic to help you change your dressing. Give me a few dollars each time.

       This must not be licked, whose saliva has bacteria.

       Don’t be superstitious about any panacea. Don’t believe in the science of regular treatment. Why do you believe in those?

       Afraid of surgery, then adhere to the doctor’s requirements to do, change the dressing, otherwise the operation can blame who?

       Cat wound infection can be large or small, the most important thing to pay attention to is not to be infected again

       First of all, the cat’s wound should be treated well

       Clean the hair around the infected cat’s wound first

       Then clean with warm water and disinfect with hydrogen peroxide

       If the cat doesn’t cooperate, you can wrap the cat’s body with a big towel and only expose the wound

       Finally, spray pet speed directly on the cat’s wound

       It can effectively prevent wound infection again

       The dustman should remember to put an Elisabeth ring on the cat to prevent the cat from licking it

       Cats should be infected with bacteria causing inflammation and pus, mainly because you did not pay attention to the cat cleaning and disinfection of the wound caused.

       If the cat’s wound is infected, you need to clean the wound repeatedly with normal saline and wipe off the pus with a cotton swab. Otherwise, the scar will be affected. During this period, the cat may feel pain and move disorderly, so it is better to let a person help you fix the cat’s body. After wiping the pus, you should cover the wound completely, and then wrap it with gauze to isolate dust and bacteria. You should also put Elizabethan cover on the cat to prevent the cat from licking the wound.

       During the period, pay attention to keep the environment dry, do not let the cat’s wound touch water, moist air is easy to make the wound fester.

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