Cat mint, commonly known as cat drug

       Now many parents will buy a kind of herb called cat mint for cats. This herb smells cool and refreshing, and most cats like it. Pet cats also have their own “drugs”, namely cat mint. Cat Mint is commonly known as “cat drug”. Dry the plant and crush it into pieces. Put it in the cat toy, you will see the cat crazy! Cat friends call cat MINT “cat drug”. Catnip is the English name of catnip. About 50% of the cats are interested in the smell of the grass leaves and like to scratch, but this does not mean that cats must eat cat mint to maintain health. In fact, cat Mint is a kind of hallucinogenic plant, some of which will cause temporary (5-15 minutes) behavioral changes after eating, such as sneezing, chewing, rubbing, rolling, meowing, delirium, etc. Some cats will chase imaginary mice after eating cat mint, while others will sit still and stare blankly. These behaviors do not cause any harm and camphor grass is not addictive. In short, cat Mint has no substantial help and harm to cat’s health. The cat and the mints will be sold in the cat’s paw and peppermint shops in China. In foreign countries, in addition to selling mouse toys filled with cat mint, crushed cat Mint grass, and canned cat Mint seeds and soil, you can buy them and grow them yourself, so that cats can eat fresh cat mint. Cat Mint will not only make the cat crazy and happy, but also the role of vomit hair.