Cat nose dry eye has foreign body – cat eye has secretion, nose is dry, how to do

       Regularly clean the eyes and ears of cats. If cats shed tears, on the one hand, the food they eat is too salty and the salt is secreted from the lacrimal gland. On the other hand, it is not bacteria in the eyes. The proliferation of bacteria can also lead to tears and red eyes. Regularly clean the eyes of cats. Long term tears will also cause tear marks. It is recommended to use eye drops Or erythromycin eye ointment, antibacterial anti-inflammatory

       Dry nose may be uncomfortable, more eye droppings may be eye problems. 1. Make appropriate dietary adjustments Pet owners usually feed cats some dry food, such as cat food, snacks, etc., which are lack of water. If the cat often eats and the weather is dry, it is easy for the cat to have internal fire, resulting in eyes secreting a lot of eye excrement and nose becoming dry. Pet owners should pay attention to give the cat some food with more moisture You should also pay attention to the diversity of diet. If you have time, you can make some nutritious minced meat porridge for feeding, and then feed some fruits and vegetables food regularly. The cat does not take the initiative to drink water, so it makes more choices from the food. 2. Use cat eye drops The cat’s eyes secrete a lot of eye excrement, and it can’t be ruled out that the eye has inflammation. The inflammation of the cat’s eyes may be caused by careless diet, or other reasons. The pet owner can first check whether the cat’s eyes are red, swollen, and photophobia, and then clean the cat’s eyes and whole face with a wet towel, and then give the cat Use special cat eye drops, and pay more attention to diet. 3. Regular cleaning. If the place where the cat stays is not cleaned well, some foreign matters will inevitably run into the cat’s eyes, causing inflammation in the eyes. Moreover, the environment with poor sanitation is easy to breed all kinds of dirty things, leading to some problems in the cat’s body. It is suggested that pet owners should clean the environment regularly, especially the place where cats stay. The food left by cats should be cleaned up in time. In addition, if you need to pay attention to the cat’s temperature, if there is a rise or even a fever, you should send a doctor for a fever reduction needle.

       A dry nose means that the kitten is sick and uncomfortable

       According to my experience, your kitten is making eyes

       I used to pick up a kitten and give it a bath. After that, I started to make eyes, red eyes, get sick and eat nothing. Later, I went to see a pet doctor and gave it an injection, and then died the next day….

       Buy some eye drops and give it a drop. Besides, as long as you eat, it’s too hot. Cats may get angry and drink more water and milk… I don’t know anything else.

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