Cat Orange world

       Because of its body shape, orange cat has been ridiculed by netizens. It is said that ten orange cats are fat, nine are fat, and one is collapsing the Kang. The picture shows that the orange cat is fat. The orange cat is charmingly naive, but also likes to play coquettish. Xiaomeng is also a good hand. The young orange cat is lively and active, and the adult cat has a slightly calm personality. However, regardless of age, it is true that she is fat or not and clings to people. Orange cats are very close relatives, and their owners follow them wherever they go. Today, Xiaobian takes you into the world of fat orange.

       Orange cat pattern: note that orange cat says that cat color is not a single species. There are four patterns in orange cat. Fish bone pattern is the most common pattern. In addition, there are classical pattern, hemp pattern, tiger pattern and stripe pattern.

       Fish bone mottling, dense, clear, narrow stripes, leg ring stripes connected with the body markings. The tail is striped like a palisade.

       Classical pattern with dense stripes and clear and wide outline. The legs are evenly lined with bracelet like stripes, which are integrated with the body markings.

       Hemp tiger spot pattern, the body of the coat has a variety of stripe colors and the shadow of the background color. When looking down, you can see no obvious spots, stripes or large patches, only the dark shadow on the back.

       The reason why orange cats are easy to get fat: the male female ratio of orange cats in the world is about 4:1. Most of the orange cats are younger brothers, and there are few younger sisters. The typical Yang Sheng Yin decline is mainly determined by genetic factors. There are more and more orange cat families. In order to grow up healthily, many parents will sterilize the cat before it matures. After sterilization, cats are more docile in character, no longer anxious and no longer thinking about complex problems. Six root is pure, the heart does not read to eat to eat can, can not fat?

       In short, it is a very happy thing to have an orange cat. It is cute, sticky, charming, intelligent, almost perfect, orange cat detailed introduction, after watching, do you want to raise orange cat?