Cat pressure dermatitis – how does cat get dermatitis treated

       Skin disease is a kind of disease which is difficult to cure and has a high recurrence rate. The owners of pet cats hate skin diseases very much. Skin disease is not only for the health of the fur cat, but also can be transmitted to other healthy cats, and family members will suffer as a result. Therefore, once found that the pet cat has skin disease, it must be treated in time. Scabies is a form of scabies that initially infests the ears, then the head, and then the whole body. Scabies can cause severe itching when they eat animal dander. So cats with this parasitic disease will constantly scratch their ears, shake their heads, rub their bodies against walls, and so on. Once parents realize that the cat has this behavior, don’t be depressed and send it to the pet hospital for treatment. Flea allergic dermatitis is that after flea bites, the wound appears small red papules. After the cat scratched and scratched by itching, the wound will appear. Sometimes the wound will be combined with mold and bacterial infection, so that the lesion area will be enlarged and enlarged. Cats with flea parasites can also itch, scratch and rub against walls. Therefore, it is also the best choice to send to the pet hospital for treatment. As for skin diseases, the earlier they are found and the earlier they are treated, the easier it will be to control them. In addition to injections and medication, the cat should be smeared high. Parents should also pay attention to daily maintenance, timely disinfection of cats, killing parasites. The daily use of tableware, cat nest, cat toilet, sleeping mat and so on need to be cleaned and disinfected in time, and parents need to timely replace the cat with a new sleeping mat to provide a clean living environment for the cat. Disease keeping pet cat owner cat health treatment animal pet selection pay attention to the maintenance of cat health disease

       You’d better go to the Bai hospital to check if there are mites. Most mites will cause inflammation. If you have time, go to the hospital for injection, the effect will be better, usually once a week, 4-5 weeks to improve. If you don’t have time, it’s OK to apply ointment, but pay attention to the junction between the affected part and healthy skin.

       1. Allergic dermatitis of flea

       After flea bites, the wound appears red papules. After the cat scratched and scratched, the wound appears, and sometimes the wound will close

       In addition, fungal and bacterial infection made the lesion area larger and larger.

       Treatment: in addition to parasitizing cats, feline fleas also feed on human blood, and are intermediate hosts of tapeworms. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a clean environment. Although there are many flea sprays, drops, infusions, powders, and other flea collars on the market, you should consult the doctor’s professional opinions and select the most appropriate treatment method under his guidance.

       2. Scabies

       This is a kind of scabies, which begins to parasitize on the ears, then attacks on the head, and then all over the body. This insect will cause severe itching when eating animal dander. So when you find that the young cat constantly scratching the ear and shaking its head, you should pay attention to the fact that scabs, ulcers and abscesses have even occurred. Please do not continue to observe and send to the hospital for treatment!

       Treatment method: pay attention to the care of cat feeding management on weekdays to enhance its own resistance. Keep the environment, the cat itself and all utensils clean at all times. Clean the earwax regularly and pay attention to scabies infection. Once hair loss, auricle thickening and scale like scab are found, consult a veterinarian immediately.

       3. Ringworm of money

       Cats under one year of age are susceptible to ringworm, a special mold. The typical symptoms are irregular round areas of hair removal, mixed with scaly spots and scars, and sometimes with allergic papules,

       Treatment: this kind of tinea money due to strong infection, human and animal common, once found, it should be sent to the veterinary department for treatment and control. If the cat has been suffering from skin diseases, it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect its related appliances, scrub or spray the surface with 0.5% bleach solution. If the cat is exposed to the sun for 5-6 days and hours a day for a week, the effect will be better. It is better to expose the cat to the sun until it is cured. After the effectiveness of cat treatment, it will continue for about a week to 10 days, and the disinfection of appliances is also the same, so as to avoid the recurrence rate.

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