Cat teeth in the gums – cat’s gum problems

       How long has this situation been? Do you feel pain? Is there any other uncomfortable phenomenon? Saliva has blood, generally can’t be salivary gland problem, gum may be broken you don’t know, because gingival rupture is not painful, most of the small amount of blood in the mouth is caused by gum bleeding, there may be oral mucosa ulceration.

       I help you to check, solemnly recommend a new method to treat cat gingivitis. Pay attention to your parents suffering from gingivitis, and solemnly recommend an original treatment method which has been experimented by myself and achieved obvious effect, that is: Propolis! Two cats were treated: mushrooms at home and stray cats tea tea for a long time downstairs Mushroom: red and swollen gums, swollen lymph nodes, can’t eat hard cat food. During the period, it flows light yellow and thick saliva. It has a very bad smell. The drugs used include metronidazole file, watermelon cream and Yunnan Baiyao. They have been sent to hospital for treatment, but they have no obvious improvement. Tea tea tea has red gums, swollen lymph nodes, and can’t eat hard cat food Treatment time (up to now): Mushroom 7 days, tea tea 3 days, a new method for the treatment of cat gingivitis Treatment: use a syringe to pour propolis, 0.5ml each time, once a day. Parents with conditions can also do it twice a day. Mushrooms are too fierce. It’s hard to finish once. During the treatment, the main reason is that her saliva will pollute the home environment. The cat will spit bubbles and saliva after every propolis infusion. This is normal because the propolis has the taste of mint, but how Can eat a little bit of adjuvant treatment: Spirulina powder mixed with cat food, this is not recommended, because it has not been used alone, not clear about the therapeutic effect, it is used to supplement vitamins to cats, this is also my long-term health care products, ha ha, spirulina itself has no taste, so cats are very easy to accept Treatment equipment: a 5ml syringe, two pairs of cotton gloves, I wear two in one hand, so as not to be bitten by mushrooms. The current situation: Mushrooms – basically do not drool, can eat hard cat food, lymph nodes basically return to normal size, almost no stink tea – can eat hard cat food, lymph nodes significantly reduced I will continue to give them treatment for a period of time to observe the follow-up effect, interested parents can try ha, propolis is a natural antibiotic, has a marvelous effect on the treatment of oral ulcer, the boundary is my mother when a doctor said.

       Hello! See the picture. Don’t worry, cat


       , oral cavity

       mucous membrane

       And the lip mucosa will appear

       Black spot



       Precipitation phenomenon, some

       Breed of cat

       That’s right, most civet cats will have this kind of situation, and these


       It will increase with age. But if your cat’s kidney is not good, such as NN more frequent, and each time the amount of small, you should pay attention to, may be


       The signs. thank you.

       It may be gingivitis or periodontitis. The decrease in food intake is due to the cat’s toothache

       You can use gauze dipped in light salt water twice a day to clean the teeth and gums of cats. If you have difficulties, you can also go to the pet hospital and ask the doctor to clean the teeth for your cat. By the way, you can also check for cavities

       In addition, more dry food should be fed when feeding, because wet food is easy to leave food residue on the teeth, causing gingival inflammation or tooth decay. Dry food can help to grind teeth, remove the food residue left on the teeth, and keep the cat’s teeth healthy

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