Cat wound has not healed – how does cat wound not heal?

       No way`

       Not good for a whole year? How big is the wound?

       The hospital didn’t work well?

       Chicken is OK

       It’s OK to continue to apply the ointment

       But if it’s bleeding all the time, you have to go to the hospital to disinfect it and sew it up again

       Does the kitten lick the wound itself?

       Or is the cat usually too big

       The wound will often crack?

       When a cat is walking outside, its mat will be pricked or scratched by glass without paying attention to it. After all, the environment outside is much more complicated than that at home. When pet owners see the cat’s foot pad is cut by glass and bleeding, it is necessary to think of a way to help it deal with it in time, otherwise the cat’s foot pad is likely to fester if the wound is infected.

       1¡¢ First of all, do a good job of preparatory work

       When a cat’s foot pad is scratched by glass and bleeds, the pet owner should first check the wound condition to see whether the wound is deeply scratched or the amount of bleeding is not large; if the wound is not too deep and there is not much bleeding, it is necessary to check whether there are broken glass debris in the cat’s foot pad. If there is any, it should be cleaned out with tweezers in time to avoid glass slag left in the wound. Also use a shaving tool to help the cat shave the hair near the foot pad wound, so as to avoid hair falling into the wound, or blocking the pet owner’s view, it is not good to give it medicine.

       2¡¢ Then you have to medicate and bandage the wound

       Pet owners to the cat’s wound to do a good job in the early stage of work, will use hydrogen peroxide to clean the cat’s wound, as much as possible to clean the sand and blood stains in the wound. Then the pet owner is using PET speed to sprinkle on the cat’s wound, evenly covering the wound. Finally, press the clean cotton, and stick the tape firmly, and do a good job of binding. In addition, it is better for pet owners to bring a headgear to the cat, so that it will not bite the wrapped tape.

       3¡¢ Finally, appropriate nutrition should be added

       Before the cat’s foot pads are completely healed and scabby, pet owners should not let the cat bathe and move around, and try to let it stay at home and have a good rest. If you want the cat to get better as soon as possible, the pet owner should also give the cat proper nutrition. It is OK to feed some fresh fish, beef, chicken breast, or canned cat or nutrition cream. When the cat is well nourished, the wound can be scabbed and healed as soon as possible.

       It will heal itself. It’s OK. The cat’s recovery ability is very strong. Haven’t you heard of “a cat has nine lives”, nine lives are not. But the vitality of the cat is really tenacious. I don’t recommend smearing medicine to the cat, because the cat will lick into the stomach, which is not good for the body. As for whether you will bear a grudge, it is very likely that you will not be allowed to cut it next time. The rest is nothing, and it will not retaliate. My cat is afraid of bathing and shearing. As soon as I hold it to the bathroom and pick up the scissors, I am afraid of running. The cat still has a memory.

       Oh, oh, poor cat

       I’m studying medicine. I don’t know if I can help

       General treatment of the wound is first cleaning and then disinfection, and finally medication

       If the wound is too large, it should be sutured and covered with gauze to avoid infection

       Animals are very susceptible to infection

       Not only should the wound be disinfected and bandaged

       It should also be given some anti-inflammatory drugs

       If not, please take it to the hospital immediately

       No way`

       Not good for a whole year? How big is the wound?

       The hospital didn’t work well?

       Chicken is OK. Just keep on applying ointment

       But if it’s bleeding all the time, you have to go to the hospital to disinfect it and sew it up again

       Does the kitten lick the wound itself?

       Or is the cat usually too big to open the wound?

       First of all, you have to pay attention to whether the cat’s wound is well disinfected. Will the cat lick the wound repeatedly all the time? Is there any other symptom of the wound?

       The cat’s wound should be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide or (alcohol). Don’t let the cat lick the wound. Apply medicine to the cat’s wound. The red potion can also be used to apply the medicine (sterilized) twice a day. If there is any improvement after three days, don’t worry about it. If you have other symptoms, you are advised to see a pet doctor.

       Usually give the cat an Elizabethan circle, otherwise the cat will lick the wound, naturally will be repeated.

       If the leg is lacerated with medicine, it is dangerous for the cat to lick it. Moreover, in such a bad situation, it is recommended that you go to the hospital in time for a look, and then carefully smear the injury medicine to the cat according to the doctor’s advice. If it works, it will get better in a few days. If it is delayed, it may worsen the situation.

       There is also the usual attention not to let the cat rub the wound, lick the wound, do not give the cat to eat stimulating food. Take care not to let the cat run around and exercise a little before it gets better.

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