What is feline and feline

       In recent years, it is very popular to keep pets, and the most popular ones are dogs and cats. In fact, both dogs and cats have their own attributes. Some people and some houses are especially suitable for raising. Not only are the dogs and cats healthy and smart, but also can play a vital role in the wealth and health of their owners. However, some people are not so suitable for keeping these lovely small animals, which is not conducive to their pets. The dog is simple and honest, the cat is dexterous, both are equally lovely, come to see which one you are suitable for.

       Q: what kind of person is suitable for a cat? A: Horse, dog, pig, tiger, snake

       Cats and tigers belong to the same family, so they belong to Yin in the twelve Branches of the earth, representing the northeast. According to Luo Yuhuai, there are five days, eight days and one day when the local branches and cats coincide. Therefore, people who belong to horses, dogs, pigs and tigers in the zodiac are more suitable for keeping cats. People who belong to horses can choose cats with brown and red fur, people who belong to dogs can keep cats with yellowish brown or brown color. People belonging to pigs and tigers are suitable for keeping black cats.

       In addition, it’s also good for people who belong to snakes to keep cats, which is beneficial to their wealth and health, but the cats they keep will be in poor health.

       Q: where is the cat house? A: East, northeast, South and northwest of residence

       The favorable locations for cats are due east, northeast, South and northwest. If the door is opened in these directions, generally speaking, the cats raised will be particularly strong, healthy and lively. If the door of the house is not open in these four directions and you like to keep cats, you can also choose to place the cat’s nest in these four directions.

       If the gate or the cat’s nest are located in these two directions, the cat will be vulnerable to infirmity and disease, so we should change the nest to another position as soon as possible.

What are the colors of wolf dog’s eyes

       Wolf dog is also a very common pet dog. There are many common wolf dog breeds, such as Demu, black back, Langqing, etc. in addition, some long looking wolf like dogs can also be called Wolf dogs. Wolf dog’s eyes are more sharp, of course, the color of its eyes also have different kinds.

       Wolf dog’s eye color is mostly brown or black, if there are other colors such as dark green, it is a defect. The structure of wolf dog’s eyeball is quite special. The research also found that the dog can distinguish the gray of different color levels, and also can distinguish some colors, especially blue and purple.

       When the light passes through the retina and reaches the iris at the back of the wolf dog’s eye, it is reflected back to the retina again for imaging. This is why dogs and cats can hunt at night with the help of low light. The light reflected from the iris still passes through the retina, which is why the dog’s eyes glow in low light.

       In essence, the wolf dog’s eyes do not emit light by themselves. There are many special crystal points at the bottom of the wolf dog’s eyes. These crystal points have a strong ability to reflect the light. They can gather the scattered light around and gather them into a bunch to reflect them intensively. It seems that the wolf’s eyes are glowing.

How to repel mosquitoes in summer

       Although summer is about to pass, there are more mosquitoes. Having mosquitoes at home is a very uncomfortable thing. In fact, mosquitoes seldom bite dogs, because dogs have thick skin, but we can’t stand it.

       How to kill mosquitoes is harmless to dogs? This may also be a headache for you. Let me tell you my experience of killing mosquitoes in my house. It should be useful for friends who have dogs at home.

       Electric fly swatter: electric mosquito repellent incense swatter can easily kill mosquitoes when they fly. And will stick the body of the mosquito on the racket, not easy to fall on the ground to be eaten by curious dogs, which avoids a way of disease caused by dogs eating mosquitoes.

       Unscented electric mosquito Perfume: there are dogs and cats in the family for many years. Every summer my family uses small bottles to smell mosquitoes with tasteless electric mosquito repellent incense. It turns out that there is no harm to the dog at all. There is no sneezing and other sensitive conditions, and there is no dog discomfort.

       It’s quite simple to say, for example, when you sit down to watch TV or use a computer, you put an electric mosquito perfume on your feet, then you can use an electric fly fix to kill mosquitoes when you see a mosquitoes flying around.

       The following is my personal opinion that it is not appropriate to kill mosquitoes when there are dogs at home

       Spraying insecticides: Although many of the insecticides used to kill mosquitoes are said to be harmless to humans and animals, I personally feel uneasy. On the one hand, even people can smell the pungent smell after spraying the insecticide. On the other hand, it is not sure whether the insecticide sprayed on the dog’s small body is too thick, and whether the pesticide falling on the ground will be licked by the dog is not sure. In short, I don’t think it is appropriate.

       Disc like mosquito repellent incense: the disc-shaped mosquito repellent incense that needs to be ignited with a match will produce a lot of smoke. This kind of smoke is undoubtedly a strong stimulus to the sensitive dog, which will cause the dog to sneeze and shed tears, and the ignited incense head is easy to burn the dog.

       Electric mosquito repellent incense piece: I’m not sure whether it will really cause physical harm to dogs. I just think that the base of mosquito repellent incense piece is too easy to cause dogs to smell it curiously, and the mosquito repellent incense piece is exposed to the outside, how can it be unsafe.

A dog is too lonely, two dogs at home common problems analysis

       Owners who like dogs must think that a dog’s company is enough, so they will consider finding a partner for the dog to accompany them through the time when the owner is not at home. But how to make the original dog baby accept the new dog? In fact, dogs also have their own sense of territory, so let’s tell you how to correctly introduce dogs to make new partners.

       It’s better not to keep two same-sex dogs. 1. You’d better buy a dog of the opposite sex. If it’s a same-sex dog and both of them are male, they can’t avoid fighting. Because male dogs always fight because they occupy the territory or fight for the love of their owners. 2. First of all, you should choose the dog of the opposite sex, and the age difference between the two dogs should not be too big, otherwise the big dog will bully the smaller dog. 3. At the beginning, you should make sure that a dog is the oldest dog in your family. It is recommended to choose the dog that comes to your house first. After feeding, bathing, playing, feeding it first, give him a bath, let the dog understand that his status has not changed. 4. Your actions will make the new dog understand that his status is not as good as the original dog. He should respect each other, but you should also let him know that you love him very much.

       The first dog rejects the new dog. Don’t show too much care and care for the new dog in front of it. Although this is very difficult, it must be done. Especially don’t neglect the old love because of the arrival of the new love. Let it feel that you still love it, and the new love will not have much influence on it. It will be possible for their relationship to improve after a period of time. 2. The first dog is too enthusiastic about the new dog. The new dog will be locked in a cage or fence so that it can get to know each other and will not have any direct contact with the original dog at home. When they are already familiar with each other and no longer have much freshness, the owner will let them play with them. After repeating this process a few times, the two dogs can be together. 3. The new dog’s anti guest behavior should not be soft hearted, and the new dog needs to be strictly disciplined, because this behavior has shown that it has a strong possessiveness and subjective consciousness. If there is no reasonable training, it will soon become an uncontrollable problem. How to arrange the first meeting of two dogs 1. After the new dog is received at home, give it an independent space. Don’t let anyone in the family, dog or cat disturb it. Give it a day or two so that it can get used to and know his new home. 2. The new dog meets the old dog at home. If the dog behaves well, he will be rewarded. Don’t ignore the feelings of the first dog. 3. Under your monitoring, let two dogs get along and live together for a period of time. Usually, if there are no problems within a week, you can safely and boldly let them live happily. 4. When choosing a second pet, you should try to choose a breed that is easy to get along with other dogs, such as golden retriever, Labrador Retriever, American Cocker, Collie, joy happy, border collie, samoyer and husky (details).

Pet taste secret open, looking for favorite delicacies

       New pet owners will find it strange why they can’t give their pets human food. Even many parents of the older generation will say that their pets have no problem eating human food for so many years. Some owners will say that their pets have eaten delicious food, and they are not willing to touch dog food again. So whether the pet can distinguish the delicious food, what is delicious for the pet? Don’t be dazed by your son’s food and snacks on the shelf. I’ll take a deep look at the delicacy of pets for you, so that the owners will no longer worry about the pet’s picky food.

       How do pets feel the taste? Human beings can eat the taste of food because there are taste organs on the tongue, which are attached to the tongue to form a concave convex surface, called “taste buds”; and the so-called five tastes of acid, sweet, bitter, salty and fresh are chemical substances produced after food is dissolved in saliva, which stimulates the taste buds on the tongue, so that we can feel different tastes. Like humans, pets have taste buds on their tongues, but there are only about 1000 taste buds on pets’ tongues, while human tongues have 5000-6000 taste buds to feel the taste of food. In other words, pets can only feel 20% of the taste of human beings. They can’t feel a lot of flavors like us. In addition, dogs can also distinguish four tastes: sour, sweet, bitter and salty. Researchers recently found that cats can’t eat sweetness because they lack an important protein in their genetic factors. This is the case with cats such as lions and tigers.

       Second, pets have no taste nerve? Why can’t cats taste sweet? This is because cats are originally carnivorous animals. They catch mice or birds to eat, and rarely eat sweet food. Moreover, from the perspective of primitive animal habits, once wild animals catch their prey and don’t eat it quickly, they may be robbed by other animals. Naturally, there will be no such thing as slowly tasting food, and the taste will not be developed. In this way, there is no need to develop the nerve to feel sweet. The same situation can also be used to explain the development of dog’s taste nerve: after a group of wild wolves capture their prey, although they start to enjoy it by high-ranking wolf leaders, if they move too slowly, they may not even get the residue; therefore, they always eat meat with a big mouth and swallow it without any chewing; therefore, there is no need to develop taste sense. So, do pets need no taste at all? For pets, it’s much more important to identify “can eat, can’t eat” than “delicious, not delicious.”. For example, rotten food mostly contains sour and bitter taste, so almost dogs and cats can’t accept sour food; while cats don’t like the bitterness of rotten meat, so cats only eat fresh food; dogs are not too sensitive to such bitterness, so dogs will dig out things buried under the ground to eat. In addition, because the cat can’t feel the sweetness, but the dog can, sweetness is an important key to let the dog judge whether the fruit is ripe enough to eat.

       What is the delicious food for pets? Generally speaking, it’s not just the “taste” that affects the pet’s perception of food, but also the flavor, taste and temperature. In particular, fragrance, some cats suffering from rhinitis can not smell the smell because of the degradation of smell, greatly reducing the appetite to eat. Dogs also judge whether they can eat from the smell. Once they feel that they can eat, it is common to gobble them up directly. It is impossible for them to taste them slowly, regardless of whether they are prepared by their owners.

       4. Pets have talked so much about their likes and dislikes of food. Even if they are edible food, pets still have the difference between like and dislike, right? Why is that? One of the influencing factors: the memory of taste in childhood. The weaning period of pets is also known as the “socialization period”. The experience in this period will affect the habits of pets as they grow up. For example, a cat that only eats fish during the weaning period will grow up to dislike meat. Second influencing factor: unpleasant experience in the past. If a pet has ever had abdominal pain or other symptoms of discomfort after eating a certain food, the pet will always remember one thing. Even if the symptoms are not directly caused by the food, the pet will not eat the same food again. The third influencing factor: if you don’t eat this food, you can get something else. In addition, although it’s not particularly annoying, if you have the experience of “you can get something else if you don’t eat this thing”, pets will also firmly remember it. In addition, it seems that pets have the mentality of “other people’s bowls are more delicious” – they always want to eat what the owner is eating, which looks very delicious. After eating, they will feel like and dislike the food because of the reaction of the owner. If they are scolded, they will hate the appearance of the food. 5. Conclusion there is no difference between pet and food. Once pet has partial food, it is caused by the way the owner keeps it. Daily life should pay attention to balanced and healthy diet, from now on, let them know, as long as it is given to them, no matter what kind of food is very delicious!

Is it right that men don’t have cats and women don’t have dogs

       I believe everyone has heard a saying about keeping pets, that is, men don’t keep cats and women don’t keep dogs. How did this sentence come from? Is it true or not? Do we have to follow this sentence when we keep pets? Let’s discuss it with the editor of pocky.

       The ancients said: men don’t keep cats, women don’t have dogs. They have different personalities. It’s hard to avoid biting and breaking the head. Men are dogs, cats are promiscuous, women are cats, dogs are transsexual, male dogs and female cats coexist in the same room, which is the source of disaster in the world. The main meaning is that men with cats will become meek and cowardly, and women with dogs will become unruly. It seems that there is no scientific basis for this. It is a little superstitious. Let’s laugh it off.

       And the second statement is related to sex. I will not elaborate on it here. And Xiaobian thinks the most reliable one is that dogs and cats are two kinds of animals with opposite personalities. Cats are gentle in character. If they are raised with them for a long time, people will have a change in their character, and lose the masculinity of men and the softness of women. Cats are like women, and men can’t keep them. Once they are raised, they will fall in love with women like cats and cannot extricate themselves; Women are generally more vulnerable in feelings, easy to use too deep, so can not have dogs, dogs are cheap, it is easy to let women rely on, fall in love, but dogs are not human, can not live longer than their owners, so when the old dog died, women will be sad, and it is difficult to get out of the shadow.

       However, Xiaobian thinks that “men do not have cats, women do not have dogs” this statement itself has many mistakes. First of all, people who keep pets will treat pets as family members, and will not treat cats and dogs differently. Pets will surely be sad when they die. It is not correct to say that women are more difficult to come out of the shadow. In addition, the formation of a person’s personality is very complex, and it is difficult to say that a great change has taken place because of a pet.

       No matter it is a cat or a dog, as long as our owner is willing to raise it and pay love and energy for it, I believe they can bring us endless joy. And the old saying that “men don’t have cats and women don’t have dogs” is not suitable for everyone. Whether a pet is suitable or not is not only determined by gender. Xiaobian just hopes that whether you have a cat, dog or other pets, you should be responsible for them in the end and give them a warm home.