A cat is a good choice

       Nowadays, the pace of people’s life is speeding up, coupled with the proliferation of electronic goods, people are close to each other, but bow their heads and do not speak, indifferent and indifferent. Many people choose to keep pets for warmth and sustenance. What kind of pet can be your soul mate? Cats are a good choice! ~

       Why can cats become people’s soul mates?

       The cat is elegant, noble, lovely, self-conscious, simple to raise, clean and loving its owner Let’s take a look at the benefits of keeping a cat. It’s really an ideal companion animal

       1. In the morning, when your alarm clock has rung, but you are still lazy in bed, the kitten will jump to your belly, use its soft little claws, walk up and down your head and face, until you get up.

       2. Keeping a cat helps to form a good sense of time. A cat should press the time of two meals a day. If you forget the meal time, the cat will be angry and the consequences will be very serious.

       3. Keeping a cat is conducive to the cleanliness and hygiene of the home environment. Anything that hinders the cat from playing and running, and any fragile things should be put away.

       4. Keeping a cat is conducive to the habit of loving labor. It is necessary to sweep and mop the floor every day after having a cat at home. As for the intensity of labor, it’s up to your cat.

       5. If you don’t sweep the floor for a week, there will be a carpet on the floor, which is made of cat hair.

       6. Keeping a cat will make you exercise a lot, not only because if you want to catch your cat, you need to run around. Think about it. When you want to save a precious China that fell from the cupboard, you need to have the skill of a goalkeeper.

       Have you decided to have a cat? There are some questions to consider before raising a cat

       1. Pure cat or domestic cat: different kinds of cats have different shapes and fur. As we all know, Siamese cats, fold eared cats and Persian cats are different in body shape and spleen. For example, Siamese cats are extremely extroverted, while Persian cats are quieter and more suitable for indoor life.

       For most people, domestic cats are perfect. Domestic cats have a wide variety of colors and fur, and if they are well cared for when they are young, they have a mild spleen; they are also stronger and live longer than purebred cats.

       2. Long haired or short haired: long haired cats are cute, but they need to be combed regularly to make their hair soft and healthy. You must have a brush ready to comb it every day. Although cats don’t need to bathe frequently in winter, they should be wiped dry in time even if they are washed once or twice a month. The water temperature of bathing should be higher than that of people.

       3. Male or female: castrated male cats like to roam around. They also like to spray their urine or not bury their feces to mark their territory (including in your house), which can produce a strong odor. Female cats without ovariectomy will have regular estrus and may become pregnant. During this period, they are very noisy and attract many male cats nearby.

       4. One cat or two cats: if you are not at home most of the day, you’d better choose to have two cats, so as not to make the cat feel lonely. Cats who grew up together, especially after surgery, know how to live in harmony.

       How to buy healthy cats? Healthy cat logo:

       1. The ears are clean and erect, with little or no earwax and no other foreign bodies;

       2. Anus and external genitalia should be clean without secretions, and there should be no fecal dirt on the fur nearby;

       3. Bright eyes, no tears, no secretions, no inflammation;

       4. The mouth should be clean and dry without saliva and food. The gums should be firm, pink and without ulcer;

       5. The body muscles are strong and developed without rash. Don’t choose a cat with a runny nose or tears. Healthy cats are sensitive to their owners’ calls or other sounds in a quiet state, and their ears swing back and forth after hearing the sound. The sick or deaf cats did not respond to sound. When a kitten is selected, you should try to call it to see if the cat responds.

       Choose the cat as a companion animal, you should take good care of it, oh, enjoy the happy time with the cat!!