Brief introduction of Siamese cats

       Siamese cat, also known as Thai cat and western female cat, is called Siamese in English. It originated in the 14th century and its ancestors were impure Asian cats. Although scientists have no evidence of the origin of Siamese cats, they believe that Siamese cats are from Thailand. According to records, Siamese cats lived in Thailand’s palaces and temples hundreds of years ago, and then they were given as diplomatic gifts to other countries.

       Most people think that the first time Siamese cats arrived outside Asia was in 1884 when the British Consul in Bangkok, Thailand (1847-1916), brought a pair of Siamese cats pho and Mia from Bangkok to England and gave them to his sister Lilian Jane veley (later veley became one of the founders of Siam cat club in 1901). However, looking through the records, US President lesford case received a Siamese cat as a gift from the US consulate in Bangkok in 1878. This is the first time that there are historical records that Siamese cats left Asia six years earlier than they landed in Britain, but they did not breed. In 1885, Pho and Mia gave birth to three young Siamese cats, duen Ngai, kalohom and khromata. Three kittens and their parents took part in the cat show at Crystal Palace in London in the same year. The unique posture and behavior of Siamese cats impressed the participants deeply. Unfortunately, the three kittens died shortly after the exhibition, but there was no record of the cause of death.

       Siamese cats are also known in Thailand as wichien Maat, meaning “moon diamond”, which is enough to prove how much the local people attach importance to Siam cats. It is said that in the past, Siamese cats had special personnel in charge of living and eating in the imperial palace of Thailand. Even if there was an economic crisis in Thailand, their lives were not affected at all.

       Siamese cats are regarded as aristocrats by many people. However, compared with Persian cats of another kind, Siamese cats are much more extroverted. They are lively and active, and respond immediately to the voice of their owners. If you want to have a smart cat around you that can break free and peaceful life, then Siamese cats will not let you down. As for some people on the Internet asking whether Siamese cats need to walk to consume their physical strength, experts say that Siamese cats can meet their physical needs by exercising at home. If they are worried that Siamese cats are not active enough, they should play more games with them every day.

Are Siamese cats really noisy cats

       Although many people have never seen Siamese cats, they may have learned from other people’s mouths that Siamese cats are very lively. They have a loud voice, and sometimes they can’t stand it. Many people can not help but ask, is Siamese cat really such a cat? If so, why do so many people want to keep Siamese cats? We might as well take a look at the true character of Siamese cats.

       1¡¢ Siamese cats cry when they have nothing to do?

       Strictly speaking, not every Siamese cat has a loud voice. In fact, many parents of Siamese cats will find that they do not affect their normal life. Although the voice of Siamese cats is not particularly pleasant, and their voices are not as gentle and sweet as Persian cats, as long as their owners are properly trained, they will not cry at all. However, if the cat is in estrus, it may be more likely to bark than usual. The owner can comfort the cat when it is in estrus, or sterilize the cat directly when appropriate, so that it will not cry frequently.

       2¡¢ Siamese cat too lively?

       Some netizens said that Siamese cats are very lively cats, and they seem to be unable to stop for a moment. Siamese cats are very lively, but the saying “can’t stop for a moment” is too exaggerated. Siamese cats just have an extrovert personality. When they want their owners to play with them for a while, they will take the initiative to ask for them. They don’t want some cats to wait for their owners’ favor. In addition, Siamese cats are very curious, and they spend a lot of time exploring. It seems to people that their energy can not be used up. Therefore, they are labeled as too lively.

       3¡¢ Siamese cats have no relatives?

       Although Siamese cats are noisy, they are very close relatives, and if they are not accompanied by their owners for a long time, Siamese cats will be depressed for a long time. Siamese cats have high intelligence quotient. Apart from Canadian hairless cats, almost no cats can match them. Because of this feature, Siamese cats are easy to train, provided that the master’s training methods are appropriate. Once they learn some skills, Siamese cats can apply them to life.

Introduction to the oldest species of Siamese cat

       Siamese cats have smooth lines, sharp color contrast, elegant and well-defined noble head, dark blue almond shaped eyes and silky short hair, which make them become active works of art. Combining this beauty with intelligence, curiosity and a love of life, we can get the essence of Siamese cat. Siamese cats, which first appeared in England, were brought home by an ambassador as a gift from Thailand. They appeared almost immediately at cat shows in the UK, and in the US they began in the early 20th century. Seal accent is still the most famous color. Their brown limbs are almost black, and with their light brown bodies, we are deeply moved. The Siamese cat with chocolate key color has cream white body and milk chocolate color of legs, tail, face and ears. Although this kind of color appears frequently, it is the blue key color that was officially recognized earlier. The Siamese cat, recognized in 1934 as the blue key color, has a bluish white body and dark blue extremities. Chocolate accents were later approved. In 1955, the light purple key color was recognized, and the variety was finally improved. The body of light purple key color is white, and the extremities are dark gray with peach color, so it looks very light and beautiful. Although color is a distinctive feature of this breed, body structure is equally important. Siamese cats are studied in terms of length. From the beginning, the breed standard required a long wedge-shaped head and long body lines. Slender legs support a strong tubular body, and slender neck and tail become elegant decorations. The short, close to the body coat perfectly sets off the long lines. The long head of a Siamese cat can be described as a straight profile with a straight chin. From the front, the outline of the face appears to be a smooth wedge, with large ears forming the two corners of the wedge. The most striking sign of the head is the slightly sloping dark blue almond eyes (at least one eye wide apart). Even if you can resist all the other charms of the breed, this pair of eyes can still capture you easily. Siamese cats can show irresistible wisdom and emotion.

Four kinds of cats not easy to shed hair

       The owner will be very happy when looking at the beautiful hair of the cat, but once it comes to the depilation season, he will be very upset. At this time, if you can have a cat that is not easy to lose hair, it will be more happy! Today, I’d like to recommend four kinds of cats that don’t love to lose their hair!

       Siam cat Siamese cat, also known as Ximu cat and Thai cat, is a world-famous short haired cat and a representative breed of short haired cat. Ethnic history Siamese cat originated in Thailand (so called Siam). More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was only raised in Thailand’s palaces and monasteries. It was a nobleman who stayed at home. Siamese cat is strong and active, witty and flexible, curious and understanding. The cat can be used for walking with a leash. Siamese cats are outgoing, expressive, intelligent, active and curious. He likes to be company with others, loyal to his master and understanding. He gives people feelings and trust like a dog. He can even go to the street with his master like a dog. Therefore, he has won the title of “dog of cats”.

       2. American Shorthair is a kind of cat native to the United States. Its ancestor was brought to North America by the early European immigrants. It is similar to the British short hair cat (details) and European short hair cat. According to records, several cats were carried on board the Mayflower to help deratization. This breed of cat is selected from the cats collected in the streets and streets and cross bred with imported breeds such as British Shorthair cat, Burmese cat and Persian cat (details). American short haired cat is famous for its big body, strong bone, developed muscle, intelligent nature and gentle character. It is a large and medium-sized short haired cat. The coat is thick and dense, and there are more than 30 kinds of coat color, among which the Silver Stripe variety is particularly valuable. American shorthair cats inherit the strength, bravery and hard work of their ancestors. They are gentle in character and will not change because of the change of environment or mood. Full of patience, amiable, will not lose his temper, do not like shouting, suitable for the family with children. American short haired cats have strong resistance. American short haired cats are also very smart cats. Although they can’t perform some tricks such as catching a ball from high altitude, their owners can teach them to promise their names and stay away from furniture such as sofas. American Bobcats at home like to lie on their owners’ legs and enjoy their owners’ caresses. They will cherish their toys, especially when the owner is away, they will invent a variety of different ways to play, so that they do not feel lonely. American Bobcats are happy to get along with other animals, including birds and dogs.

       3. British Bobcat the ancestors of the British Bobcat can be said to be “war ridden”. As early as 2000 years ago in the Roman Empire, they had followed Caesar to fight everywhere. In the war, they relied on the super rat catching ability to protect the Roman army’s food and grass from being eaten by rats, which fully guaranteed the stability of the rear of the military supplies. It is not only recognized as a good mousetrap, but also loved by more people. The cat is round and plump, with thick, short and developed limbs, short and dense fur, big head, round face, and large and round eyes with various colors according to different fur. British short haired cat is bold and curious, but it is very gentle and adaptable. It will not change because of the change of environment, nor will it lose its temper or scream. It will only try to climb to a higher place, lower its head, stare at the big round eyes and look down at you with a smile, just like the one named “Louis” mentioned in “Alice in Wonderland” ¡±Like the cat, no language, only the lovely facial expression to seize your heart, can no longer change your love for it.

       4. American Curly eared cats the development of American Curly eared cats has been rather slow, mainly because the original curly eared kittens are long hairy. But now, it is winning people’s love and has been able to cultivate a variety of colors, providing a broad prospect for cultivators. Characteristic ears are curly in varying degrees, such as ears pointing to the head and stripes. But for cats of this color, hawksbill and tiger stripes must be clear and eye-catching. American Curly eared cat is very curious and a good companion for all families. He is stable and intelligent, and his behavior as a kitten will remain for life. American Curly eared cats don’t like to talk much, but they know how to tell you what they need. It can also get along well with other pets in the family.

Introduction of Siamese cats and pictures of Siamese cats

       Siamese cat (details)

       Siam (read Xi ¨¡ n) is a world famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. Ethnic history Siamese cats originated in Thailand (hence Siam). More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s imperial palaces and monasteries. It is a noble who stays at home. Many friends can’t read this word, this should read Xian Oh, remember, then this issue of Borch will bring you the introduction of Siamese cat species, I hope you have more understanding of cat knowledge.


       Head: equilateral triangle, the whole face from the nose to the ears in a straight line, showing a V-shaped. Therefore, the development of the whole face is very uniform and symmetrical, and the bone at the bottom of the cheek is smooth, so the uniform color can be seen at the bottom of the whiskers.

       Ears: large and sensitive. The base of the ear is broad and has a strong color. The tip of the ear is more sharp than the end of the ear.

       Foot Palms: small and oval, with five toes in each forelimb and four toes in the hind limbs.

       Tail: long and pointed, with a focused color at the end.

       Coat: short, fine and glossy.

       Teeth: scissors bite.

       Eyes: medium-sized apricot shaped, eyes hanging upward. The color is dark blue or lake blue, and some Siamese cats have light blue eyes. The elongated line from the inner corner of the eye to the tip of the eye forms a V shape with the tip of the ear. The eyes are slightly convex.

       Nose: the nasal tube is long and straight, extending to the forehead. The bridge of the nose is high and straight. It is an equilateral triangle from the nose to the ear tip.

       Limbs: long and thin, hind limb is higher than forelimb, and the front of limbs is slightly egg shaped. And the limbs, body and neck match evenly slender.

       Body type: medium size, slender and slim. It has fine bones and strong muscles. Long neck, long body and slender tail. It is cylindrical from shoulder to hip. The abdomen is compact but not retracted. The buttocks are strong and shoulder width. The limbs are slender and coordinated.

       Coat color: body hair is uniform and monochromatic, but seal spots are allowed. There is a little shadow on the blue spots. The color of body hair should be obviously contrasted with spot color. All the characteristic spots (nose, limbs, ears, tail) are the same color, and there should be no mixed hair color and white in the spots. The spot color of the characteristic part shall be as follows:

       Seal spot: the body is beige. The face, ears, lower half of legs, feet and back are all seal colors.

       Blue spot: the body is beige. The face, ears, feet and tail are blue gray.

       Chocolate spots: the body is ivory, the face, ears, legs, feet, tail for chocolate color, nose for brown.

       Lilac spots (LILAC spots): white and pinkish gray on the body. The face, ears, legs and tail are lavender.


       The head is slender and wedge-shaped. The skull is flat and straight from the top of the head to the tip of the nose when viewed from the side. The face is sharp and V-shaped, and the muzzle is sharp, forming a V-shape from the tip of the muzzle to the tip of the ear. The bridge of the nose is high and straight. It is an equilateral triangle from the nose to the ear tip. The cheek is thin and the teeth are scissors bite. The ears are large, with a broad base and sharp, erect ears. Eyes of moderate size, almond shaped, blue, dark or light. The elongated line from the inner corner of the eye to the tip of the eye forms a V shape with the tip of the ear. The eyes are slightly convex. The tail is long and thin, and the tip of the tail is slightly curly. The length is equal to the hind limbs. Good flexibility, muscular development, slim figure, angular growth, thin and long legs. The palms are small and oval. The tail is long and beautiful, with a sharp end.

       Bad sexual characteristics

       Birch net reminds you that for the body type other than Oriental type, there are shadow colors on lilac spots and chocolate spots. Loose and soft constitution, sunken eyes or strabismus, improper color of nose and foot, and inconsistent color of spots are the disadvantages. Spot part has white spot, blue and light green eye color, tail abnormal twist, no spot is inferior.

Some tips for raising Siamese cats

       Siamese cat originated in Thailand. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s royal palaces and monasteries. It is a noble who stays at home. Now Siamese cat also has the reputation of “Prince of cats”, especially loved by people. It not only has elegant posture, witty and flexible, but also has become a place people like to talk about. Do you know how to raise Siamese cats? Here are some tips for you.

       1. Although Siamese cats can better adapt to the local atmosphere of their owners. But because it is from Thailand, it is still very sensitive to the cold, so Siamese cat’s nest must be in a warm place, the best in the day can be direct sunlight, night can not blow the cold wind. The cat Prince is very picky about his cat’s nest, so the settings in the cat’s nest must be comfortable enough, otherwise the cat may not want to sleep.

       2. Because Siamese cats have very beautiful fur, they also love to be beautiful. We should be very careful when we take care of Siamese cats’ fur. Combing the hair of Siamese cats every day, catching fleas often for Siamese cats, and bathing cats and cats at intervals are necessary for daily life, so that they can feel refreshed.

       3. Siamese cats have deep feelings for their owners and need their constant caress and care. Therefore, when their owners express their love, they can touch and look at them with affection. Siamese cats will understand. Moreover, Siamese cats like their owners to hold them, so owners can often hold Siamese cats to increase their feelings. If forced to separate from the owner, you may die of depression.

       Siamese cats are very clever and can learn things quickly. Therefore, the owner should not waste the talent of the cat. He should often train the Siamese cat, such as somersault, carrying things, and so on. Siamese cats are also willing to learn these skills. They can even walk with a leash.

       5. Siamese cats love to fight, so they should be quarantined when they enter the house; if there are new pets coming home, they should also be quarantined, because it is often the aggressive Siamese who cause trouble.

       With these tips, Siamese cats are sure to be the perfect pets in the family and live in harmony with their owners.

Care of pregnant Siamese cats

       When the Siamese cat is pregnant, it is also a very critical period in its life. Cats breed in multiple births, so they must suffer a lot during pregnancy. The pregnancy cycle of Siamese cat is generally about 63 days. During this period, it needs the owner’s meticulous care and care to promote the development of fetal cats and give birth to healthy kittens.

       When the Siamese cat is pregnant, the breeder should first strengthen its food and nutrition management. In the early stages of pregnancy, the cat’s lifestyle can be the same as before without too much change. With the extension of the cat’s pregnancy, the owner should prepare high-quality protein, vitamins, calcium and other nutritious food for it. Moreover, the prepared food should be easy to absorb and digest, and will not cause the burden of digestion of the cat’s intestines and stomach. As the cat’s gestational age increases, the amount of food to be fed should gradually increase, especially at the end of pregnancy, the amount of food for the cat should at least double.

       Siamese cats in pregnancy, in addition to strengthening food management, owners should also pay attention to the cat’s life management. We know that pregnant cats will become lazy and don’t like sports, but long-term inactivity may lead to birth difficulties. Therefore, during the period of pregnancy, the owner should properly guide the cat to do some exercise, walk or walk the bend. Siamese cats in the near time of childbirth, there will be signs of childbirth. And the owner has to prepare the relevant production tools for the cat before it is officially delivered. For example, box, towel, scissors and so on.

       When Siamese cats are pregnant, the activities of cats should be reasonably limited. Limit the cat’s large range of walking and jumping, and reduce the times of taking the cat out for exercise. To prevent cats from abortion due to violent exercise or impact, ensure Siamese cats can successfully pass the pregnancy period and give birth to kittens smoothly.

Daily care and feeding skills of Siamese cats

       To raise a healthy and beautiful Siamese cat, careful daily care is indispensable.

       1. Trim feet:

       Cat’s paw is a tool for cat to catch mice, climb and defend itself. If the owner keeps a cat to catch mice, of course, he can’t trim his feet. If the owner keeps a cat as a companion animal, he should often trim the cat’s paws to avoid scratching people, damaging clothes, furniture, floors, etc. Trim feet should start from a small age, once a month or so. The specific methods are as follows:

       Hold the Siamese cat in your arms, hold one of the cat’s feet with your left hand, squeeze it slightly with your thumb, index finger and middle finger, and then you can stretch out your paws. With the right hand holding the scalpel, carefully cut off the transparent part of the front end of the claw, and then use the small file on the nail knife to polish the claw. When pruning, don’t cut too much to avoid hurting Siamese cat’s feet. Then cut and polish the other claws in turn.

       2. Bathing:

       Bathing Siamese cats can not only keep the cats clean and beautiful, but also remove some parasites on the body surface, promote blood circulation and metabolism, and play a role in disease prevention and fitness. It’s better to cultivate the habit of bathing from an early age, and then to bathe cats when they are adults. Cats will be very reluctant.

       Before taking a bath, you should prepare the utensils for bathing, such as bathtub, bath towel, detergent, comb (preferably one is sparse and the other is dense), brush, etc.

       When bathing, the water temperature should not be too low or too high, so as not to scald the hands; the detergent used should not be too irritating, so as not to irritate the skin; the fur of the long haired cat should be combed before bathing to prevent tangle; the action of bathing should be quick, and the hair should be washed in a short time as soon as possible; after washing, the hair should be dried with bath towel immediately, and the towel can not make the hair completely dry, so blowing can be used When the air temperature is low, it is better to cover the special towel quilt or other warm keeping articles to prevent cold.

       3. Combing the coat:

       Siamese cat’s tongue surface is rough, has the special tongue nipple with barbed, like a comb, Siamese cat often uses the method of tongue licking to comb its fur. The parts that can’t be licked, such as head, shoulder, back and neck, should be combed with claws. Even so, it’s best to groom the cat once a day. Because the cat will depilate all the year round, especially in spring and autumn, when the cat combs, it will swallow the hair into the stomach and form a hair ball in the stomach over time. If it can’t be vomited out, and can’t be discharged through the intestinal tract in time, it will form the hair ball blocking, affecting appetite and even life-threatening.

       When carding, carding should be done not only along the hair, but also against the wool. When combing, Siamese cats can first wet their hair with water, and then rub it to make the coat stand up for easy carding. If the fur of a long haired cat is tangled or stuck together, it can be opened with the tip of a finger or combed slowly and carefully with a thin toothed comb. If the felt has been rolled, you can use scissors to cut the felt into thin strips along the growth direction of the wool, and then comb it with a comb. If the rolling felt is serious, the coat can be cut off to make it grow again.

       4. Remove tears:

       The eyes of healthy Siamese cats are bright and vivid. When Siamese cats are ill or in poor health, they are afraid of seeing light and shed tears. Some cat species, the nasolacrimal duct is easy to block and tear. Cat tears too much, in the nasal corner of the eye is often accompanied with eye droppings, can be dipped in cotton wool 2% boric acid solution, gently wipe off.

       5. Ear care:

       Siamese cat ear care, mainly to remove wax. The method is: disinfect the external auditory canal with 75% alcohol cotton ball, dip olive oil or edible vegetable oil with cotton stick, soak the dry earwax, and take out the earwax carefully with tweezers after it softens. Do not break the mucous membrane of ear canal to prevent infection and suppuration. Once the cat’s external auditory canal is infected and suppurated, it can be gently scrubbed with cotton stick dipped in hydrogen peroxide, and repeatedly scrubbed until there is no pus on the extracted cotton stick, and then the hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal will be dried with absorbent cotton. Scrub several times, the infection can be cured. If the cat’s earwax is too much and the cat shakes its head to scratch its ear, it should be treated by a veterinarian in time.

How to make Siamese cats more obedient

       Siamese cat has always been known for its liveliness. Although he is a proud “Little Prince”, he also has a mischievous side. Although the owner is not willing to teach him, he must hope that the Siamese cat can be more obedient.

       Pet cats are very spiritual pets. They can accompany their owners quietly in daily life, and can also add more fun and joy to their lonely life. Most of the pet cats are very obedient, and the feelings of their owners are very deep. But there are also many pet Siamese cats will not be so obedient, daily life is always very naughty, for breeders, how to make Siamese cats become obedient, can be very good with their own life?

       Before raising Siamese cats, breeders should first understand the characteristics of Siamese cats. Siamese cat looks very noble, but its character is very cheerful and lively, they are willing to get along with people. In the process of raising, Siamese cats are eager to get the attention and love of their owners and to play with their owners. They prefer to get along with their owners rather than with other cats. If the owner does not pay attention to them for a few days, Siamese cats will feel very lost and depressed, and may have some bad behaviors. This kind of disobedience can attract the owner’s attention and hope to get the owner’s attention.

       Therefore, in order to let the pet Siamese cat become obedient, first of all, the breeder should establish deep feelings with the cat. In daily life, caress and pay attention to Siamese cat frequently, and praise and reward it appropriately when necessary, so that Siamese cat can feel friendly and trust towards itself. Of course, when establishing a good relationship with Siamese cats, breeders should not spoil Siamese cats too much. Because the more spoiled, it is easier to encourage the arrogance of the cat, the cat may become more daring, unscrupulous. In order to make Siamese cats obedient, it is very important to train the breeders, to have a clear attitude towards rewards and punishments, to care about Siamese cats and not to spoil them.

Are Siamese cats smart?

       Siamese cat is a representative breed of short hair cat. Siamese cat originated from Thailand and is a noble who stays at home. Now it can be said that it is a big name in the cat industry, the audience is hot, so popular cat, then it is smart? Is it easy to train? Let’s have a look at it with the editor.

       Siamese cats are very clever. They can quickly learn somersaults and tosses. It is strong and active, witty and flexible, curious and understanding. Siamese cats like to walk with people and can walk with their belts. It needs the master’s constant caress and care, loyal to the master, deep feelings, if forced to separate from the master, may die of depression. The call of Siamese cat is unique. It seems to be talking with people or crying with children, and the sound is very loud. Combined with the above characteristics, Siamese cat is known as “cat like a dog”.

       Known as the “Prince of cats”, Siamese cats are probably the most extroverted cats. But its temperament is unpredictable, strong personality and curiosity. It is very sensitive and emotional, like to be accompanied, do not like loneliness, can not tolerate indifference. If it is treated coldly, it will become depressed. It’s not quiet. If you’re looking for a straight cat, Siamese is your best choice. It is a “big mouth”, often hoarse and loud harassment of the host, followed the host everywhere, hoping to get attention. Siamese cats are sensitive to the cold and like comfortable apartment life. Its feelings are very specific, with a strong possessive desire, emotional disclosure, and even jealousy. He likes to socialize and play with children, but he doesn’t like to be with other cats.

       Although a cat is not as easy to train as a dog, it doesn’t mean that it is not smart. It just has its own world and doesn’t want to follow other people’s steps. In fact, it is very smart, and raising it is a very happy thing.