Cats and dogs are different – can cats and dogs be raised together?

       Can raise together, but should pay attention to the following three points

       1. First, isolate each other to make them familiar with their own environment. You can tie up the dog and set the cat free to familiarize yourself with the existence of the dog. Cats are the animals that pay attention to the territory. When the cat is familiar with the territory, it will not feel strange to the new friends in the family!

       2. Walk the dog every day, but when the dog is on the road, the cat should be released and allowed to move freely, so that the cat can gradually know that there is a dog member in the family. Dogs should be, but there’s no need to do anything special. You don’t have to treat them like cats. As long as the cat comes and the dog’s nose is so smart, the dog must know. But to do this, at least for more than a week.

       3. Tie up the dog and bring the cat into the room. At this point, all the cats on the cat stand upright and scream. Dogs may also see cats barking. At this time, just bring the dog out and educate it, let it know that it can’t be ferocious to the cat. If the animosity between the cat and the dog is not so obvious, bring the dog out and let the cat and dog meet each other every day. Stick to it for a while

       They can be raised together, but not all cats and dogs can live in harmony. We should also pay attention to the following points:

       1. Separate and feed! This should be a mistake that careful owners will not make. Dogs are omnivorous animals, cats are carnivorous animals, and their nutritional requirements are high. Do not try to save time. Feeding cats with dog food or feeding dogs with cat food will lead to their lack of nutrition or excess nutrition.

       2. It’s better to live together from childhood, or when one of them is young. Because the cat and enough life habits are very different, the dog and the owner basically synchronized, cats ambush in the day and out at night, to give them the process of mutual adaptation, adult cats and dogs together will be particularly troublesome!

       3. The cat and the dog are properly emotional. For example, when a dog sees a cat wagging its tail and thinks that the cat wants to make friends The result is to be attacked or threatened by gnashing one’s teeth

       After the start of the pet dogs and cats, should be isolated first, so that each other familiar with the environment. Cats, in particular, are always hostile to dogs. Dogs are better, especially big dogs disdain to deal with cats. Dogs like to run with cats. You can tie up the dogs first and put the cats in the big environment, so that they can familiarize themselves with the territory first, and don’t let them know the existence of dogs.

       Cats are territorial animals. When they are familiar with territory, they will not run away easily. Otherwise, once the dog is chased away, he may never return home

       During the adaptation period of cats and dogs, special attention should be paid not to fight. If they are not sure whether they can coexist, they should not be allowed to stay together, especially the new cats. Never leave psychological shadows. If the cats and dogs have grown up, it will be more difficult to polyculture. If the breed of dog is very gentle, you can still try it.

       Cats and dogs can be raised together, but we need to pay attention to the rearing methods:

       1. First of all, we should understand the habits of cats and dogs. The meaning of the body movements of cats and dogs is totally different. This may be a sex symbol.

       For example, a dog’s paw is a friendly thing to them, but it’s not the same for a cat, which means aggression. When it sees the opponent’s paws, it will feel provocative, so it will be very angry. So you can see that the key factor in the conflict between a cat and a dog is that I don’t think it’s what you think.

       But in fact, if you know enough about the habits of cats and dogs, you can be a good mediator between them.

       2. For the first time, don’t let them live in a space, unless your home doesn’t want it, hahaha. One can be in the cage, the other outside the cage. When they get to know each other’s habits, and then come together, their hostility will not be so big.

       3. There is also a tip. If you have a dog in your family and you want to have another cat, you can choose a kitten to raise it. If you have a cat at home and you want to have a conscious dog again, you should also choose a puppy. Because dogs and cats, for younger than their own will produce a kind of compassion. When we get along with each other, we will be more harmonious. And when feeding, you need to treat them equally. Dogs and cats must have the same point at the same time.

       4. The last thing I want to say is that if one or two small animals really can’t get along with each other, don’t try to force them. After all, it’s not sweet to try hard, especially new cats. Don’t leave a shadow on their psychology. Cats can hold grudges.

       They can be raised together, but not all cats and dogs can live in harmony. We should also pay attention to the following points:

       1¡¢ Food

       The nutrients of cat food and dog food are different, so don’t mix them up. One is easy to lead to cat fat, the other is to avoid the spread of disease.

       2¡¢ Fight

       First of all, the destructive power of dogs is much stronger than that of cats. Because of their great strength and large size, the family is basically unable to bear to look directly at home, and the cat may just make up for it.

       So it’s very important for pets to take the lead in the family. As long as one pet destroys, the other will participate.

       Secondly, cats and dogs are a pair of enemies. No matter how the owners appease them, cats and dogs are hard to get along with each other. Sometimes peace is just because of the illusion of their owners at home.

       When the host is away, one of them will fight at home as long as it provokes the other, and the final result is a mess in the house. Therefore, I still suggest that those who are clean and a little lazy don’t keep dogs and cats at the same time. They will definitely collapse.

       3¡¢ Variety

       If you really want to raise two together, you can choose some kind of gentle character that can coexist with other small animals peacefully.

       A better match is to match puppies into cats and kittens to dogs. Of course, the best match is kittens with puppies. Kittens and adult dogs are easy to get along with. Generally, kittens are not formed in character, so they are also quite confused, which matches the careless character of dogs.


       Dogs and cats can also be good friends to help each other

       Cats and dogs are not as hostile as we believe. Although we often see them fighting when they are together in our life, and we often see the games of fighting between cats and dogs. However, slowly cultivating, cats and dogs can actually accept each other, get along happily, and even help each other and do something that moves us ¡£ ??

       According to Taiwan media reports, a 3-week-old Shih dog abandoned by her mother in Britain has finally found a new mother, but it is not a dog, but a Siamese cat. Coco gave birth to three cats and dogs. Coco’s owner said that he was afraid that hope could not survive without care after being abandoned by his mother diamond, so he suggested to diamond’s owner to let coco nurse. To my surprise, coco is not only willing to nurse dogs and cats at first sight, but also treats hope as his own and takes good care of him. ????

       In Ukraine, there is a more surprising thing. There is a conflict between Ukraine and Russia. A house in Ukraine was attacked by the Communist Party and caused a fire. Seeing the house fire, the owner quickly let go of the dog’s rope chain and let it escape on its own. Unexpectedly, it ran back to the fire, and rushed out with a kitten in his mouth. The dog’s action shocked all the people present. The reporter uploaded the scene pictures to the network, and netizens commented one after another. Cat and dog love each other more than Jin Jian. They are absolutely true love. The dog is affectionate and meaningful, which is moving. Animals also have feelings. When the fire comes, dogs do not choose to escape, but risk their lives to save other weak animals. This kind of righteous behavior makes people admire. ??????

       Some netizens said that sometimes the selfless love between animals is better than that of human beings, and they pay more regardless of the danger of their lives. After this incident was exposed on the Internet, many netizens deeply felt that if animals can do this, then people should help each other more. This behavior of hero dog is worth learning from each other. ????????????

       There are many similar cases. For example, there is a Chihuahua in Russia who carries a lame cat out for food every day, which shows that cats and dogs can become good friends, even friends of life and death. So, in our ordinary life, looking at the cats and dogs who are hard to get along with each other, how can we cultivate their feelings? ??????

       1. The best age for cats and dogs to get along with each other is when they are young. At this time, their thinking is relatively simple, and they are better adapted to each other. It is easier to cultivate intimate feelings, and this kind of feelings will continue with the growth of age. ????

       2. It’s also easier for adult dogs (gentle ones) to get along with young cats. Dogs are more open-minded and can accept different kinds. In addition, the naive character of young cats is not likely to repel dogs. Friendship will be gradually established in their daily relationship.

       When you bring your new pet home for the first time, keep it in a room and leave it alone for a few days. In this way, other pets can only know the arrival of a new pet through the crack in the door, thus reducing hostility. In this way, pets first get to know each other through their sense of smell, hearing and other unique senses of cats and dogs. By the time you introduce them face to face, they are already familiar with each other. In the first few meetings, it’s best to hold the dog with a neck strap, which will help them to get along with each other to a certain extent. ????


       Every time when walking the dog, two cats open the road in front of the cat. When the cat runs away, the dog will look for it everywhere. The cat will steal the dog’s food. The dog will eat up the dog’s food when he has a chance to eat it. The dog’s nest is outside. When the cat is closed, the dog’s nest will be occupied. It’s OK. Except for the first time when the cat scratched the dog, they will get along well with each other.

       I raised a husky myself, and later adopted a stray cat whose tail was crushed by a car. At first, the dog was very curious about the cat and chased after it all day. After a long time, both of them could get along harmoniously. The cat and the dog played with each other. Sometimes, we would make a big fight with each other, but the cat has been assimilated by the dog. The cat will be like a dog when I go home No matter what I’m doing, I’ll come home and meet me at the door.

       They fight just because they say hello differently. The cat’s friendly way is to growl, the aggressive way is to wag its tail, while the dog is just the opposite, so they fight as soon as they meet. And in terms of personality, cats are more independent, while dogs like to stick to people, because of some influence. However, if two grow up together, or a female dog, when the cat is very young, they will get along well.

       When cats and dogs meet for the first time, dogs will take the initiative to approach cats. Adult cats are absolutely unable to accept the warm reception of dogs, and even stretch out their claws to hurt the dogs, which will cause the dogs’ antipathy and lead to a feud between the two sides. Generally speaking, adult cats and dogs are more vigilant than dogs. On the contrary, young cats and dogs are relatively simple and easy to get along with. So when you want to have both a cat and a dog, make sure one of them is young. Moreover, when they begin to live together, it is better to tie the dog and keep a certain distance from the cat, and let the dog go after they are familiar with each other’s smell. Of course, if it’s all kittens and puppies, it’s better. You don’t have to worry about it. They will accompany you for life in harmony!

       Cats and dogs are both popular pets. Their typical differences are as follows:

       1. The shape of a cat is different from that of a dog. The cat’s paws will retract into its toes, and the dog can’t.

       2. The cat’s eyes will change over time, and dogs won’t.

       3. There are meat mats under the cat’s feet, but not the dog.

       4. Cats are feline animals and dogs belong to canine family.

       5. It is speculated that the ancestors of domestic cats are desert cats originated from ancient Egypt. Persian cats have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years, but they are not completely domesticated like dogs. Dogs are domesticated by wolves and have been completely domesticated.

       Extended data:

       Cats are the natural enemies of mice. There are livestock everywhere. There are yellow, black, white, gray and other colors; the body is like a beaver, the appearance is like a tiger, the hair is soft and the teeth are sharp (there are almost hairless varieties). Long tail, short waist, eyes like gold and silver, and more palatal ridges are the best. The body is small and attractive. Curiosity. Dogs are domesticated by wolves. As early as the age of hunting and gathering, people have domesticated dogs as hunting assistants. Therefore, dogs are the earliest domesticated livestock.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia dog Baidu Encyclopedia cat

       The biggest difference between a cat and a dog is that the dog is loyal to its owner, while the cat prefers to be lonely. In fact, this is not entirely true. Cats also need the care of their owners and will never be less demanding than a dog. And a large number of experiments have proved that cats who spend more time with their owners every day have much better physical and mental health than cats who are not accompanied.

       1. The shape difference between a cat and a dog

       The cat’s eyes will change over time, and dogs won’t.

       The cat’s paws will retract into its toes, and the dog can’t.

       There are meat mats under the cat’s feet, but not the dog.

       2. The difference between cat food and dog food

       Cats need twice as much protein as dogs.

       Add calcium to dog food

       Cats are tenants

       Dogs are family

       Cats are not fully domesticated. Dogs are completely domesticated.

       Dogs are loyal officials. Dogs will not leave their owners when they are tempted by delicious food. On the contrary, cats are often seduced by the opposite sex.

       Dogs have a smell. They smell when they are washed. The cat is very clean. It’s just beautiful.

       In the face of smaller than their own animals, the dog just play, the cat is to kill others.

       Finally, when the dog dies, it will be at home, preferably in front of its owner. Cats, on the other hand, are far away from home.

       The answer upstairs was obviously colored.

       Cats are more independent and clean. They can clean their bodies by themselves. They can find a fixed place to defecate. They can find food on their own initiative and eat less. Dogs don’t have any of these abilities.

       If you were asked to be a cat or a dog, which one would you prefer? Do you want to flatter the master every day, or do you want to be independent and unrestrained?


       1. All belong to chordate phylum.

       2. Most of them are hairless.


       1. Properties

       The cat belongs to the cat family, the dog (Latin canis)


       Familiaris belongs to the canine family of chordate.

       2. Variety

       There are Chinese civet cat, Persian, Himalaya, jinjila, British short hair cat and so on.

       The dogs are divided into Chinese country dog, * hound, Tibetan mastiff, husky, pine lion, golden fur, German shepherd dog, Chenery, damading dog, Bomei dog, Chihuahua, etc.

       3. Living habits (such as sleeping)

       Young and old dogs sleep longer and younger dogs sleep less. Dogs are generally in a shallow sleep state.

       About the sleeping state of cats, cats spend 14-15 hours in sleep in a day, and some cats sleep more than 20 hours, so cats are called “lazy cats”.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       Baidu Encyclopedia – Dog

       Cats and dogs are now very popular pets in the city, can bring spiritual comfort to modern people.

       The cat is a kind of high cold creature. More than 70% of the cats are independent creatures and do not depend on their owners.

       Dogs have a much better attitude and a strong dependence on humans.

       Friendship tips, raising husky, need to be careful.

       I was also interested in Baidu for a while and looked at this problem. I think that the human nature of dogs is special. The cat owners are more internal, and the dog owners are different. Those who like to keep fierce dogs are generally more rigid inside and outside, while those who keep gentle ones are hard inside and outside. There is a saying that people with cats are introverted or have a lot of temperament. There is a saying that people born from the heart, which means what kind of animal to keep. Of course, this is the animal you love. So you have most of the characteristics of this animal.

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