Cats are eating less these days – cats are eating less


       The only possible cause is food

       The cat is a very picky animal, especially on the diet, long-term single or not appetizing food, the cat will have anorexia, poor appetite performance. If the food spoils and rots, has the serious peculiar smell, or the food is too spicy and stimulating, these will affect the cat’s appetite.

       For the sake of cat’s appetite and balanced nutrition, food can be diversified. Adult cats or cats who can eat cat food mainly eat cat food. Usually, they can prepare more fish meat, chicken breast, millet porridge, nutrition cream and milk cake, etc. meat food should be cooked and boneless before feeding.


       May be troubled by disease

       Cats with oral diseases usually drool and have difficulty chewing. If you find this, you may as well check the cat’s mouth to see if there is such a problem. Send to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible. After the cat recovers, slowly recuperate. Pay attention to feeding some liquid food to protect the cat’s teeth.

       In addition, if the cat with gastrointestinal discomfort or gastroenteritis, how much will affect the appetite, and this kind of disease is usually accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, high body temperature, so pay attention to observe whether the cat has adverse symptoms, need to send to the doctor in time for treatment.


       Pay attention to feeding and control the amount of food

       Sometimes the cat’s appetite is not good, it may also be eating too much, or eating too greasy, beyond the scope of gastrointestinal digestion, resulting in indigestion, etc. for a long time, this will lead to poor appetite of the cat, and even more serious gastrointestinal diseases.

       Considering this reason, you can prepare some stomach power for your cat. You can either mix it with food or take it alone. It can promote digestion, enhance appetite, and improve the loss of appetite, pickiness and anorexia caused by indigestion.

       * * *

       If the cat has not been sterilized, the poor appetite of the cat may also be the reason. Therefore, for the sake of the cat’s health, we must do a good job of sterilization and deworming and vaccination.

       On the one hand, cat lovers and dog lovers are very afraid of rabies, on the other hand, they refuse to give up keeping cats and dogs.

       If we analyze it rationally, we will know that there is more risk of rabies if we keep cats and dogs. And even if animals are vaccinated, no vaccine is omnipotent.

       What’s more, besides rabies, dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits can spread many other diseases as pets. How much vaccine do you need?

       Is the meaning of life is to keep cats and dogs, and then continue to serve cats and dogs, filial piety, cats and dogs to play a variety of vaccines to prevent diseases?

       So people who love dogs and cats are called Dog slaves and cat slaves.

       Smart people don’t have dogs or cats at all.

       There are many reasons why cats don’t like to eat. It is impossible to judge why cats don’t eat just by not eating. For example, there are hair balls in the cat’s stomach. The cat feels that there is something blocking the stomach and intestines, so it will eat less and do not want to increase the burden on the stomach. At this time, you can check whether the cat vomit the hair ball, and if some, feed a little Huamao cream.

       Or the cat’s intestines and stomach are not digested very well. Maybe the food that you eat has not been fully digested, and you don’t feel hungry when you arrive at the meal point. At this time, you can give the cat a little meow to dissipate energy, and then use a cat tease stick or infrared light to guide the cat to move. After exercising, the cat will feel empty and want to eat.

       There are other reasons, such as the hot weather, cold weather, the cat is not in a good mood and so on. The cat can look at the weather to provide warmth or cool food for the cat. The cat feels that the surrounding environment is comfortable and will be willing to eat. If the cat owner has time, he should accompany the cat more and try not to make him feel too lonely. The cat is in a good mood Appetite will also be open, eating food.

       Generally speaking, not eating is a matter of digestion

       First give it yeast or drugs to promote digestion, according to children’s dosage, according to individual circumstances

       Two times a day is enough. No matter what kind of disease you have, you can’t use drugs indiscriminately or often overdose them. That will stimulate the stomach and intestines

       Take it outside and let him walk by himself. Eat some grass instead of cat grass

       Cat grass is specially good for digestion and vomiting

       If she doesn’t eat for more than two days, she needs to feed some glucose instead of too much. Besides, she usually eats fish and so on and tries to eat raw

       It’s good for her

       Recommended amount of cat food

       Body weight (kg) daily dose (g) of kittens aged months

       1-20.6-130-40 (fed three to four times a day)

       2-41-240-50 (divided into three feeding times in a day)

       4 2 55 -65

       6 3 65-75

       9 3.3 75-85

       12 4 65-80

       Adult cats 5-7 50-60

       Pregnant female cats 70-110 g / day

       Lactating female cats 120-190 g / day

       Before one year old, the cat is in the growth period, and the food intake is relatively large. From about 40 days weaning to eight months old, the food intake is on the rise. After one year old, the weight is basically stable, and the food intake gradually drops to a stable state. If you eat more and gain more weight, you will grow only meat. From this point of view, the same is true of people. From their teens to their twenties, their food intake is often very large. Many boys have had the experience of eating several steamed bread at one meal. After this age, their food intake will be small. If they still eat a lot, they will gain weight, but they will not grow.

       The cat’s appetite for 4 months has suddenly decreased. It may encounter the change of season and the dishes are not cleaned. The cat loves to be clean and will not eat if it is not clean. There is also the possibility that cat food should be changed. It may not be palatable to eat one kind of food for a long time.

       Digestion: Generally speaking, if you don’t like to eat, it’s a matter of digestion. If you think it can’t be pulled out, you certainly don’t want to eat it. You should first feed it yeast or drugs to promote digestion. According to the dosage of children, it can be quantified according to individual circumstances. I think it’s OK to take medicine twice a day. No matter what kind of disease you have, you can’t use it indiscriminately or overdose it too often, which will stimulate the intestines and stomach Then take it outside and let him go for a walk and eat some grass or something. First, you can go to the net to buy cat grass. If it’s nutritious soil, water it directly. If the seed is soaked for 12 hours, it’s planted in the soil to let it grow. It’s very useful for digestion and vomit If she doesn’t eat for more than two days, she needs to feed some glucose instead of too much. Besides, she usually eats fish and other things as much as possible, which is good for her

       Suddenly changed the food is not suitable, the cat’s mouth is very tricky

       Generally speaking, the kittens picked up will be sticky, but there are also exceptions. The situation of the landlord is that the cat is not used to you because he has too little time to get along with

       However, stray cats may have diseases, even if you can’t see the test results may not be good, let’s go to the hospital for a check-up

       Like me, you belong to people who have no resistance to kittens~~~

       My cat also has three meals a day ~ ~ one meal needs two handles ~ ~ it looks round

       When a cat arrives at his new home, he will feel uneasy, so he will eat smaller. After a few weeks, he will relax and know who can get food from him. ~ ~ now you’d better make a good rule for him to eat at a fixed time. It’s not good to eat too much, especially if the kitten doesn’t know how to control himself. If he drinks a lot of water after eating, he says

       You should give less water. In addition, the quality of cat food depends on the quality. To tell you the truth, I don’t like Vega. The bad comments from the outside are too right. The fur balls in the cat’s belly should be treated regularly (cat grass, order food for it)=


       There is something wrong with the cat food you bought. I suggest that from the beginning, it’s best to make fish meal or fish stewed steamed bread with soup. Chicken liver can’t be used for a long time. Most chicken livers contain auxin hormone, and cat food is better not to be touched by cats. Once a cat eats cat food, it won’t eat fish, which is a healthy food. Many cat food in modern times is not guaranteed People’s food is not guaranteed, not to mention cats. At first, I fed some brand of cat food to my cat. Since my cat got sick, I checked this brand on the Internet and had a lot of problems. If you really don’t have time to cook for the cat, then buy the brand. Good. I watch the Royal lingcai online. I have to buy some food for the cat these days Cats may not eat fish, so it depends on your decision) a big cat in my family has not been fed cat food and chicken liver since childhood. The cat has grown very big and healthy. Now the cat is not as good as before. I hope my experience will help cat lovers!

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