Cats are manic when they play with toys – two month old kittens are suddenly manic. Ask experts for answers

       ¡£¡£¡£ A cat of two months and six months is almost the same as a human being aged from 4 to 15. It is the time to learn various skills and grow up, and it is also the most naughty time

       You say that your cat is just learning to bite its prey. It’s natural that your cat will be more aggressive at 45 months

       If it hurts, you can yell to let it know that it is not allowed to bite hard, but don’t expect it to stop completely. It will take you as an object of practice, and it also shows trust in you. In cat families, kittens practice these survival skills with their siblings or parents

       You can give it some cat toys, little balls, little skin mice and so on, so that you won’t often be your object

       You can’t give the cat salty food. Salt is not good for the cat. You can make some cat food according to the second floor. There is no time to feed cat food. Moreover, cat food is much cheaper than Wang Zhongwang. Fazhan Baomiao duole is more affordable cat food

       Cats are sticky, but many cats don’t like to be touched or held by their owners as dogs do. But if you scratch their chin and ears, they will be happy


       By nature, two months old is the time when kittens are naughty, and also when kittens begin to learn skills and grow.


       You can buy some toys suitable for kittens, such as rubber ball, wool ball, cat Teaser stick and so on.


       It belongs to the cat family. Separated cat and wild cat are widely used in families all over the world. The ancestors of domestic cats are supposed to be desert cats originated in ancient Egypt, Persian cats in Persia, which have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years (but not completely domesticated like dogs).

       This is not manic, so lively and lovely cat!

       I’m playing with you!

       Don’t give the cat ham sausage, junk food!

       If you’re lazy, buy her cat food. There’s cat food for kittens. If conditions permit, fish soup can be soaked in cat food.

       Be sure to find a box to put litter, so that he can learn to use it. (cats are very clever. They usually throw them in, and they will understand.)

       Give the cat water, otherwise the cat will constipate.

       Remember to take the vaccine every year. It’s not expensive.

       If it’s a cat with long hair, always help him to comb his hair.

       You’d better prepare a cat scratch board for him, or you’ll catch someone bigger.

       If you are too lazy and have the conditions, all the cat’s products can be bought online: cat’s nest, litter basin, cat litter shovel, cat litter, cat food, cat scratch board, insect repellent or drip, cat toys and so on…..

       It’s very similar to my cat. My cat is a male cat. Maybe the male cat is more laborious than the female cat. As long as cats and cats are raised at home, they are not bitten by rabies.

       A while ago, I also suspected that my cat was making a lot of noise every day. Think about the cat’s two-year-old is youth, ah, energetic is normal. Later, I also checked a lot of information. There is a ten day observation method to determine whether small animals have rabies. You can search the Internet.

       However, it is still suggested that the owner should be careful. After all, the scratch can be big or small, and it is better to protect yourself.

       It seems not. There are two clinical types of rabies in dogs and cats: rabies and paralytic rabies.

       Violent type: divided into three stages, prodromal stage, exciting stage and paralytic stage.

       The prodromal stage is characterized by depression, fear of light and darkness, slow reaction, not listening to the master’s call, unwilling to contact people, abnormal appetite, like to eat foreign bodies, difficulty in swallowing and neck extension, increased saliva, weak afterdrive, and dilated pupils. This period is usually 1-2 days. After the prodromal stage, it entered the exciting stage, manifesting as violent and restless, active attack on human and other animals, disturbance of consciousness and laryngeal muscle paralysis. After the frenzy, he became depressed and tired and did not like to move. When his physical strength recovered slightly, he could stand up crazily with a little external stimulation. His eyes squinted and he bit his limbs and hindquarters. Once out of the house, the dog didn’t recognize his home and wandered around with hoarseness, jaw paralysis and salivation. This kind of dog is very harmful to human and other livestock. Once found, the relevant departments shall be informed immediately for execution.

       Paralytic stage: paralytic symptoms are the main symptoms, such as general muscle paralysis, difficulty in standing up, lying on the ground, convulsion, tongue prolapse, salivation, and finally respiratory center paralysis or death due to failure.

       You can compare it with your cat. If you have the above behavior, you should put it to death in time. If not, you can consult the hospital and give the cat a few injections of vaccine. In addition, you have been scratched by the cat, in case, you can consider a vaccination.

       You need to be aware of the kittens

       There are two kinds

       It’s a happy voice.

       The second is “snoring”, which means the kitten is angry.

       If you hear it correctly, it’s a whir, it means it’s angry.

       Pay more attention to the sound of the kitten, so that your relationship with the cat will help.