Cats are more loyal than dogs

       As the saying goes, dogs are the most loyal friends of mankind! Historically, dogs have been with us for about 14000 years. Even in the most desolate places on earth, dogs will accompany us. Bajie was also the owner of two baby dogs, and spent several years of happy time with them. Playing with your dog not only makes the baby happy, but also makes you feel happy and full in spirit. These loyal, obedient, never-ending, attractive four legged friends, will always bring you unexpected surprise! Money, women, friends, will be far away from you, but the dog will never leave you! In the afternoon, turn on the computer, and the first thing that attracts eight elder sister’s attention is why dogs make the best friends. Now I’d like to share this article with all my friends who love dogs.

       Depending on the situation, dogs are more honest. So dogs are more dependent on people. Cats are much more independent than dogs. But even if you are not the owner, they will come and play with you and strangers can touch them. Besides the owner of cats, most people can’t get close to them easily. It depends on how you understand. If you haven’t owned a cat, you will think that the dog is loyal and has Cats will think that cats are not so unfaithful to their owners as they say. In real life, dogs are always associated with loyalty. For the pet dog, no matter the owner is rich or poor, as long as the owner is not abandoned, will not change. However, for a cat, if it finds a better living environment, it may leave dirty and small places and live a more comfortable life.

       However, both cats and dogs have their own characteristics. For example, cats and dogs will carefully feed their own cubs, will take care of their own cubs. In addition, dogs and cats also want to please their owners and get the care of their owners. However, dogs have a stronger desire to obtain their owners and behave more fiercely. While cats always maintain a sense of pride and nobility. In fact, both cats and dogs have a kind of attachment to their owners, but their expressions are different.

       According to animal sociology, it is the dog who is loyal.

       Dogs are domesticated from wolves. They are all dogs.

       Dogs are highly gregarious animals in nature. They are accustomed to obey and respect the powerful leader in the following group.

       And the human master has replaced this role and become their spiritual leader.

       However, most cats live alone.

       They occasionally cooperate in hunting, but cats don’t have such a clear sense of race and society.

       They are not obedient and follow in nature, so they are more “disloyal” than dogs.

       Felidae is the most widely distributed feliform and the only family found in the new world in modern times, including some of the most familiar and eye-catching animals. It is a kind of mammal that is almost exclusively carnivorous. It is one of the most carnivorous families in Carnivora. It is also the most powerful family among terrestrial carnivores. It is a superb hunter. Among them, large members are often the top carnivores in various regions. At present, the largest pure cat is Siberian tiger.

       Because cats are smarter than dogs, cats have their own opinions and sometimes don’t act completely according to their owners’ wishes. Therefore, people think that cats are not loyal and disobey their owners.

       In addition, once the cat is in estrus, it will go out to find the cat of the opposite sex. Most of them will come back in a few weeks or months, and a small number will never come back. Therefore, some people say that cats are not well-known¬°¬§

       Cats are feline animals, similar to tigers, belonging to solitary animals, with independence. Dogs are similar to wolves, are gregarious animals, and have innate trust to their partners. Therefore, cats can only become pets, while dogs can become friends to help people

       Dogs are more loyal than cats because they have been domesticated thousands of years earlier than cats. Humans have had dogs when they lived in caves. They are the earliest domesticated animals. Cats are thousands of years later than cats. Therefore, they do not seem to be loyal to dogs. Moreover, they are not the same kind of animals. There is a big difference in their habits. We can’t judge whether they are loyal from our own perspective. For example, dogs Loyalty, in addition to a few good dogs, 99% of the dogs you sent away for half a year, you go back to have a look, it still recognize you? On the contrary, the cat also has its character and lovely place. It always knows the way to go home. Even after a few months of walking, the cat will still come back. What does this mean? So in the same situation, it’s likely that the cat will come back to you instead of the dog

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