Cats are not energetic and eat less – my cat doesn’t eat and doesn’t have spirit how to do?


       The only possible cause is food

       The cat is a very picky animal, especially on the diet, long-term single or not appetizing food, the cat will have anorexia, poor appetite performance. If the food spoils and rots, has the serious peculiar smell, or the food is too spicy and stimulating, these will affect the cat’s appetite.

       For the sake of cat’s appetite and balanced nutrition, food can be diversified. Adult cats or cats who can eat cat food mainly eat cat food. Usually, they can prepare more fish meat, chicken breast, millet porridge, nutrition cream and milk cake, etc. meat food should be cooked and boneless before feeding.


       May be troubled by disease

       Cats with oral diseases usually drool and have difficulty chewing. If you find this, you may as well check the cat’s mouth to see if there is such a problem. Send to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible. After the cat recovers, slowly recuperate. Pay attention to feeding some flowing food to protect the cat’s teeth.

       In addition, if the cat with gastrointestinal discomfort or gastroenteritis, how much will affect the appetite, and this kind of disease is usually accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, high body temperature, so pay attention to observe whether the cat has adverse symptoms, need to send to the doctor in time for treatment.


       Pay attention to feeding and control the amount of food

       Sometimes the cat’s appetite is not good, it may also be eating too much, or eating too greasy, beyond the scope of gastrointestinal digestion, resulting in indigestion, etc. for a long time, this will lead to poor appetite of the cat, and even more serious gastrointestinal diseases.

       Considering this reason, we can prepare some stomach power for the cat. We can either mix it with food or take it alone. It can promote digestion, enhance appetite, and improve the loss of appetite, pickiness and anorexia caused by indigestion.

       * * *

       If the cat has not been sterilized, the poor appetite of the cat may also be the reason. Therefore, for the sake of the cat’s health, we must do a good job of sterilization and deworming and vaccination.

       Is that the cat you just brought home?

       If it is just received from home, it is likely that the cat is not familiar with the environment and has a little stress reaction. Generally, it is OK to let the cat recover by itself. However, the cat’s stress response should be obviously improved within three days. If it is not recommended, it should be sent to the pet hospital to see if it is suffering from any disease.

       If it is the original cat at home, suddenly eat less, also have no spirit, then need to pay attention to, generally is what disease the cat has, suggest to go to the hospital to do a check-up.

       When my kittens first came, they were always sneaking away. It would be nice if they had been sneaking for a long time. Now in winter, most cats are reluctant to move (two of our family exercise less than 3 hours a day and sleep in the quilt). If it is a new kitten, we should pay attention to whether there is any special food recently. Under observation, is the cat’s stool and urine normal? Is cat’s nose wet? Did you lick your hair? It’s not an old cat. It’s not a big problem.

       Hello, for a younger cat, there are many factors that will lead to his illness without vaccination. Now we need to monitor his body temperature to see if he has a fever. Then when I go to the hospital, I suggest that we should do infectious disease examination first. Although many owners do not believe that their pets will have infectious diseases, I think it is necessary to do the examination before treatment. This suggestion is for reference only. Thank you.

       It could be due to indigestion. In particular, the relatively small cats have no control over what they eat, thus forming the accumulation of food.

       In this case, we should reduce the diet of the cat or make the cat hungry, and pay attention to the amount of feeding.

       2. Sick cats will also lead to not like to eat, and accompanied by a very bad spirit. Common diseases include cold, gastroenteritis and so on.

       In this case, take the cat to the pet hospital.

       Extended data

       Common knowledge of kitten feeding

       To develop a good habit of snack cat food, kittens can eat cat food from 4 weeks old and begin to soak in warm water. When the kitten is 10 weeks old, it can be fed with dry cat food, so that it can eat freely and have clean drinking water.

       Eat less and eat more, and pay attention to the timing, ration and fixed point of feeding.

       Timing: feed at a fixed time every day to form a good eating habit.

       Ration: don’t eat too much or less. With the age of the cat, the appetite of the kitten will increase gradually in a certain period of time (usually three or four months), and it will be stable after more than eight months.

       Generally, about 2 months of the cat a day to eat more than 5, 6 times. Three months ago, kittens were generally fed four times a day, such as 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. When they are three to six months old, they are fed three times a day. After six months of age, twice a day, it’s best to eat dry cat food, which is good for its teeth and gums.

       When the milk for kittens is not enough or there is no milk, you can drink special pet milk powder. When you are bigger, you can add some rice flour in the milk powder. If you eat milk directly, it may cause diarrhea, because kittens can’t digest milk well.

       Reference: cat Baidu Encyclopedia

       Cats do not eat food, no spirit can be taken to the animal hospital for examination, the doctor will give the cat examination and tell you the problems to pay attention to.

       Expanding information

       £¨1£© Food: pay attention to the difference between young cats and adult cats. If the cat is very small, don’t feed the adult cat food. Supermarkets have cat food and canned food for young cats. You can feed it appropriately, but not too much. Milk can be fed, but you can also give it a lot of drink. If the cat is too small, it is easy for the cat to have diarrhea.

       £¨2£© Cleaning: if the cat is too small, don’t give it a bath first. Because cats have the ability to clean themselves, when they grow up, they can take a bath. Generally, it’s OK to wash cats once every three or four weeks. Cats should not be washed regularly. Cleaning cats often will hurt their skin and reduce the grease in their hair, which is harmful to their health.

       £¨3£© Play: cats like to play. Males are more naughty than females. They like thread, like to drill their pockets, like to move things, they are full of curiosity about everything; you can buy them some small toys in the pet store, or make some by yourself, but once you have a cat, you should pay attention to put away your mobile phone charger, headphones and other things with cable, because as long as you pay attention, it will bite.

       Generally speaking, there are several main reasons for kittens not to eat. First of all, the food prepared by the owner is not suitable for the cat’s appetite; secondly, the cat has just entered the house and is still very strange to the environment, and is always in a state of tension and panic, which will lead to it not eating; thirdly, diseases such as cold, heatstroke and gastroenteritis will cause kittens not to eat; fourthly, kittens are overindulged by their owners, which makes them form bad eating habits, And lead to picky eating, anorexia, refusal to eat and so on.

       In order to solve the problem that cats don’t eat, parents should first find out the main reasons why cats don’t eat, and then make targeted adjustments. Generally speaking, parents should cultivate good eating habits of cats from childhood, feed them regularly and quantitatively every day, pay attention to the variety matching of food, and ensure the balanced and comprehensive nutrition of food. Each time the diet time is limited to about 20 minutes, forcing the kitten to develop a quiet, stable diet habits. In addition, parents can prepare some food that the cat likes to eat more and match it with some other food to lure the kitten into eating normally.

       In addition, we know that pet cats are very clean animals. They like to eat in clean and quiet places. Therefore, parents should choose a fresh, elegant and quiet diet for cats. It should be noted that the cat’s diet should not be close to its toilet or its cat’s nest. Parents can observe the cat quietly while eating, but it is better not to disturb the normal diet of the cat.

       Loss of appetite is a common feature of many sick cats. Even if cats don’t eat solid food for many days, they rarely starve to death. However, the dehydration caused by rapid reduction of liquid intake will further worsen due to vomiting and diarrhea, which will quickly kill the cat. Therefore, you should give the cat liquid food to nourish the body. If necessary, you can feed the cat with a teaspoon, Feed 1-3 teaspoons of liquid food as often as possible

       Food for sick cats

       Unless your veterinarian recommends a special diet for your cat, you can feed your cat a diet rich in protein, minerals and vitamins to meet its calorie requirements~

       Liquid food

       Diluted glucose water (2 teaspoons, 1 cup water)

       Diluted honey water (2 teaspoons, 1 cup water)

       beef broth

       The juice made by heating the frozen beef leg

       Liquid food suitable for sick cats

       Solid food

       Fresh fish and shellfish

       Good quality minced meat, cheese and eggs

       Food based on meat and fish

       Mashed potatoes and rice

       Feed the cat with a teaspoon

       Grasp the back of the cat’s neck, turn the wrist to make the cat’s head tilt back and the cat’s mouth open. Then feed the juice with a teaspoon drop by drop to make the juice flow in along its tongue

       Safe feeding

       After every two or three drops of juice, let the cat swallow it, otherwise it will choke

       The reasons for this situation are: 1. The housing environment is not good

       2. I’m not familiar with you

       3. Sick (most likely)

       Eye dropsy still indicates that there is something wrong with the health condition. My family has been having diarrhea since I brought it back. There are a lot of eye droppings every day. I have to wipe it many times a day. Later, I prick one needle. If I don’t have eye dropsy, there will be no eye dropsy. You carefully observe it, see if it has any abnormality, or if there are parasites in its belly, and find the right medicine. It may be that they eat too much salt, that is to say, the content of salt in cat food is relatively high, because the cat does not have sweat glands and can not be discharged. Only through the lacrimal gland, that is, the gland of the eyes, can it be excreted.

       1. Proper feeding is the truth

       Cats less than three months old are not recommended to feed dry cat food. For kittens, sheep milk powder and millet with minced meat porridge are their favorite foods. Cats over three months old should pay attention to regular feeding. They should eat 2-3 meals a day. When they are full, they should withdraw their food when they are full, because they are prone to indigestion and loss of appetite.

       2. Love to eat is the hard truth

       When choosing cat food and cooking cat meal, the excrement removal officer should also pay attention to whether the food is rotten, discolored or allergic. If not, it is not good to eat it for the first time. If so, it means that the cat food is not suitable for the cat’s taste, and can be replaced with another cat food. The same is true for cat rice. It is necessary to make the food that the cat likes OK.

       3. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis

       If the cat suddenly refuses to eat well, it may not be because the cat is tired or in a bad mood, but because there are some problems in the digestion of the stomach. Can take meow think stomach power, improve picky food, partial food, enhance the cat’s appetite.

       4. It’s important to eat a healthy diet

       In daily life, try not to feed people’s food to the cat, which not only easily causes the cat to be picky, does not like to eat cat food, but also causes the cat abnormal hair loss. Moreover, the meat fed to the cat needs to be processed, with less salt and less oil, and some fruits and vegetables can be made to try to feed the cat.

       Cats often experience vomiting, which is not a single disease. Vomiting is mainly caused by the strong stimulation of gastric mucosa, which leads to the occurrence of retrograde peristalsis of the stomach, accompanied by the opening of the cardia and the retrograde peristalsis of the esophagus. Vomiting is a protective reflex function of the body, which is to exclude irritant objects in the stomach. Vomiting in cats is not a pathological phenomenon, some vomiting is physiological.

       1. Eating food that is not easy to digest

       Did not try to eat cat food, once he suddenly fed cat food will appear indigestion phenomenon, resulting in vomiting. Prevention: feed natural cat food and cat food can.

       2. Vomiting from a cold

       The weather turns to season, sometimes cold and sometimes hot. In such weather, bacteria are easy to breed and breed. If the heat preservation work is not done well, cats are easy to catch a cold. Prevention: when changing seasons, pay attention to the heat preservation of cats. Usually give him distilled water to drink, drink cold boiled water, try not to let him drink tap water, cat’s intestines and stomach is very difficult to adapt.

       3. Food allergy

       For some cats with special constitution, some ingredients in the food you give it may become a potential allergen; however, food allergy usually occurs when you eat something you don’t usually eat. The food that causes cat allergy easily includes cereal, edible pigment, chemical additive, antiseptic. The allergy is generally mild, but the sick cats will vomit several times a week, and most of them occur within two hours after eating. Prevention: it’s not easy to identify the allergen, so it’s best to exclude the food that may cause allergy from the feeding “line” and feed the cat fixed food.

       4. Don’t change food for it at this time. Feed it (cat grass) wheat sprouts or remove hair to feed it.

       When vomiting occurs in cats, it is necessary to distinguish between physiological vomiting and pathological vomiting. If there is no other abnormality except once or twice vomiting, and most of the people who eat after vomiting are physiological vomiting, they can be ignored; if vomiting occurs frequently and lasts for a long time and does not eat, vomiting occurs immediately after artificial infusion, and there are other abnormal manifestations, such as restlessness of mind, temperature rise, diarrhea, etc., the veterinarian should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment.

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