Cat’s – cat’s show a lot

       If it is cataract, the condition will not develop so fast, or keratitis is more likely, eye disease is not usually fatal, don’t worry about the doctor’s instructions for treatment!

       If you don’t feed too much sweets in the process of feeding them, you can rule out the possibility of cataracts in young cats.

       The cat has bright eyes. The change of cat’s third eye risk is also closely related to the disease. Normally, the third eyelid is in the inner corner of cat’s eyes, which can’t be seen at ordinary times. When the cat is sick, the third eyelid will protrude and cover part of the eyeball, sometimes even half of the eyeball. The more prominent the third eyelid, the more serious the condition. In addition, when healthy, the cat’s eyes are very clean, very little secretion. If the disease, the eyes will appear purulent or serous secretions. When observing the cat’s eyes, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the eyelids on both sides are symmetrical. For example, swelling in one case often indicates that there is local disease of the eye; if both sides are swollen at the same time, it is mostly caused by systemic diseases such as heart, * *, and severe malnutrition.

       Baidu to However, it is said that the cat’s influenza can also reveal the third eyelid. Maybe it’s getting worse. Consult your veterinarian You can’t really get in touch with cats here

       1. Understand what a transparent membrane is

       There is a transparent membrane on the cat’s eyes. The cat is infected with keratitis. The cornea is transparent in the front of the eyeball. The cat’s conjunctiva is the surface layer of the white part of the eye. Therefore, keratitis is different from conjunctivitis. We should distinguish them clearly. Because the cornea is in direct contact with the outside world, there are more chances of infection.

       2. Why does cat have keratitis

       There are many reasons why cats can develop keratitis. Usually, corneal injury caused by fighting between cats, or irritation of inner eyelashes, or even bacterial and viral infections can lead to keratitis in cats. Once the cat has keratitis, you can clearly see that the cat’s eyes have a transparent membrane, the cat will shed tears, fear of light, eye secretions increase, etc. If not treated in time, the cat’s eyes will appear blink film exposed, cornea white, turbid, can not see things in the eye, serious words will affect the cat’s inner eye.

       3. Treat cats, treat keratitis

       When the cat suffers from keratitis, it is necessary to treat the cat in time. When treating keratitis for your cat, you must control your cat first. Cat eye drops should be used to kill and eliminate inflammation. Do not use eye drops for cats. If there is ulceration in the eye, it is best to use it with eye ointment. When the cat’s keratitis has not fully recovered, pet owners should wipe the cat’s eyes with a wet towel every day to keep the cat’s eyes clean.

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