Cats don’t bury their stools. What’s the matter with cats defecating?

       There are several possibilities as follows;

       1. The litter basin is not cleaned timely or there is too little litter.

       2. Changed the litter basin. The cat is not used to it.

       3. The cat has been in a state of emotional instability recently (e.g. estrus or a stranger coming to the house and being frightened).

       4. The environment around the litter basin makes the cat feel unsafe.

       5. The cat is sad and revenges its owner.

       [deodorization method for cat litter basin]

       1. Add baking soda

       Baking soda can be used as a deodorant to absorb moisture and odor. After cleaning the litter, pour about 5 grams of baking soda into the litter basin, and then add new litter according to the situation.

       2. Deodorant

       Deodorant, deodorant and deodorant can be converted into deodorant, deodorant and deodorant by deodorizer, deodorizer and deodorizer, and deodorizer can be converted into deodorant, deodorizer and deodorizing agent At the same time, natural beneficial microorganisms are used to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria to achieve the purification effect.

       3. Tea

       You can take the tea that you don’t drink at home or go to the Internet to buy the tea that you don’t drink and mix it in the cat litter. If the cat stinks a lot, you can add the amount, and the effect is surprisingly good, without affecting the caking.

       [cat litter basin type]

       1. Open cat litter tray

       The cat can come in and out from any direction, so there is no restriction on the cat’s activities in the litter pan. Many cats prefer this type of litter tray, and it is not easy for cats to dirty themselves with this kind of litter tray. They can walk away quickly if they are threatened when going to the toilet.

       2. Covered cat litter tray

       Another kind of litter tray is the house type cat litter tray with a cover. It has only one outlet. This kind of litter tray can prevent the spread of odor and remove the litter from the outside when the cat buries the poop. However, it may not be very popular with cats who are sensitive to smell.

       3. Enough cat space

       How big is the litter tray? Usually, it should be at least 1.5 times the length of the cat, so that the cat can have enough space when pooping. If your place is big enough, the bigger the sand tray is.

       Generally, there are several possibilities: the litter basin is not cleaned timely or there is too little litter, the cat is not used to using it after changing the litter basin, the cat’s mood has been unstable recently (such as estrus or a stranger at home is frightened), the environment around the litter basin makes the cat feel unsafe, the cat is sad and retaliates against the owner. Thoroughly clean the area with cat poop, spray lemon water or oil, throw the cat’s excrement back into the litter basin and let the cat smell it. Usually accompany the cat to play, to feed delicious food, do not often close the cat. If the problem can not be solved, it is suggested to go to the hospital to see if there is any disease

       This has a lot to do with the cat’s own character. Some cats are lazy and don’t like to scratch. My mother cat loves to be clean. She licks and combs her hair every time she goes to bed and cleans it after going to the toilet. But my male cat doesn’t like to be clean. He can lie down anywhere. He doesn’t like to lick his hair. His whole body is dirty. After going to the toilet, he never picks on the small one, but the large one does.

       Ha ha, just like my family, that smell can wake you up when you fall asleep, and it can scratch the wall until you shovel it. The owner of your own family has to shovel it with tears! I only put a rectangular plastic tray by the acne toilet. The cat is convenient there. I didn’t put litter. She also knew that we would help her pour out without burying her urine.

       Maybe it’s because the cat trusts you very much. You give him a very safe and relaxed living environment. He doesn’t feel any danger, so he won’t be buried. Or to declare their territorial rights! Many animals will do this, with urine and feces with their own smell of things to occupy the territory! You can take a look at his expression after he takes a shit. Is he saying, what are you looking at? These are the rivers and mountains I have laid for you!

       My family’s yellow also can’t bury, it obviously urinates in the back but uses the front paw to bury several times in front. -£¡ Feces are not buried at all. Today, I was holding it very rarely ~ ~ I suddenly found a piece of Baba on the back of it ~ ~ ah ~ ~ the other cat at home is very good at burying it, but it hasn’t been edified well ~ ~ I don’t know how big your cat is. If it’s small, it may be After urinating, take it’s head and let it smell, and then hold its small claws to bury it. If you have patience, you may be able to keep the clouds open. Otherwise, you will have to wait for it to grow up and see if the situation can be improved ~ ~ or you can only raise a cat that can use cat litter to edify it ~ my family’s is the original little white edification, although it is not greatly edified~

       Generally speaking, cats have the nature of burying their own feces. Most cats will find their own litter basin (or sand, soil, ashes, etc.) to defecate in the sand basin and bury their poop after defecation. However, some kittens leave their mothers very early. They can’t use litter. At this time, they need to teach their kittens how to go to the toilet.

       Xiao Zhao, a pet doctor, introduces that the arrangement of litter basin has a principle: when placing litter basin, it should choose a place with good ventilation effect and quiet privacy, which human seldom go to, and try to stay away from the cat’s nest and tableware, because the cat is not willing to go to the toilet where it eats, and the family balcony with a balcony is the ideal location for placing the litter basin.

       Text / tease the cat for a while

       Some people think it’s very easy to keep a cat without much trouble. They don’t have to take it out for a walk or worry that they will poop around. Give it a litter basin. When you want to urinate, you will go to the litter basin and bury it after pulling. It is very clean.

       However, some cat owners don’t think it’s like this at all. The cat in his house will not be buried after defecating. Every time he wants to change the litter, his stool is in the most prominent position. And some cats after defecation, just in the air casually pick and pull it, very perfunctory. Do you know the real reason behind this?

       Too lazy

       Some meow people are just too lazy to bury their excrement because they feel that they are the eldest in the family and don’t need to avoid anyone. Therefore, they will swagger to the toilet and never bury excrement afterwards to show their status. However, in addition to being too lazy to bury, there are some other physiological reasons that need to be analyzed in detail, such as illness. The cat is too lazy. After defecation, she will pick up the air and slip away!

       I don’t like cat litter

       Every cat has a preference for litter, and the litter that every cat likes may be different. Therefore, the excrement removal officer should purchase the suitable litter for his cat according to his / her preference. Your cat doesn’t bury shit just because it doesn’t like the cat litter now. It’s following the cat litter. Special attention should be paid not to change the types of litter frequently. It also takes time for cats to adapt to different kinds of litter. The cat pays attention to “foot feeling” when burying excrement. If the foot feeling is not good, it will not be buried. Picking up the air twice is just a symbolic perfunctory.

       I think the litter basin is too dirty

       Meow people are addicted to cleanliness and love to be clean, so they have their own requirements for toilet hygiene. If the excrement removal officer does not shovel the excrement in time, the meow will run away immediately after going to the toilet because of dislike, and never stay for another second. Don’t talk about pickling the air. The cat who dislikes the litter basin may not care about it directly and will slip away after pulling. As long as the cat litter basin is cleaned in time, this problem can be solved.

       No shit at all

       Not all cats are born with the skill of burying excrement. When a cat is just born, it will not be excreted with litter. After a period of time, when the cat’s mother teaches it to use litter and bury excrement, it will slowly learn. Some meow stars have left their mother since childhood, and may not have time to learn this skill, so even if they can go to the toilet, they will not bury their excrement.

       Why can’t cats bury shit

       Cats give people the feeling that they love to be clean. For example, cats often wash their faces with their own claws. After excretion every day, they will bury the excrement with their claws to prevent the odor from spreading out. However, more and more owners find that cats can’t bury excrement with their paws. Sometimes they even step on the excrement with their paws, which makes the whole house stinky and dirty, which is really a headache. What if the cat doesn’t bury shit?

       Method / step

       Find out why cats don’t litter.

       Sometimes, the cat is not unable to bury the excrement, but is unwilling to bury the excrement because it does not like the excretion environment, or to attract the owner’s attention by not burying the excrement. Therefore, we must first find out the real reason why cats can’t bury feces.

       Play the role of a female cat.

       Many of the cat’s skills are taught by the mother cat. If the cat leaves the female cat as soon as she is born, many good habits may be difficult to develop, and the skill of burying excrement will also be lost. Therefore, it is better to learn the skill of burying excrement with the female cat after birth, and raise it separately after three months.

       Prepare tools for cat poop.

       Cats are fussy animals. If cats are not satisfied with the environment in which they excrete and bury their excrement, they may not only be unwilling to bury their excrement, but also look for places to excrete, making the house dirty. Therefore, we should prepare the tools for the cat to bury the excrement, such as clean litter, and the container that the cat likes to hold the litter.

       Teach cats to bury poop.

       If you have prepared a clean cat for your cat, and the cat still can’t bury the excrement, you can only work hard for the owners to teach the cat to bury the excrement by hand. After the cat excretes, bury the excrement with the cat’s paw with the cat litter, and teach it several times.

       Master the skill of making the cat bury the excrement.

       The reason why a cat buries excrement is not because it is so hygienic, but because it thinks that the smell may attract the attention of other animals and cause danger to itself. If there is only one animal in the house, it will not have the power to bury excrement, so it can raise another cat to compete with each other.

       The cat buries the excrement the note.

       A cat can’t bury excrement, which doesn’t mean it never buries shit. If you occasionally find a cat burying its own excrement very well, you must praise it in time to make it feel that burying excrement is a happy thing. And after the cat buries the excrement, the owners must clean up the litter regularly to avoid the spread of bacteria and infection of diseases.


       The owner can’t teach him how to bury excrement. He didn’t learn from the female cat when he was a child. I once had a kitten and I didn’t bury shit. There was also a female cat at home. She couldn’t learn from watching it every time. I’ll bury it with its claws, or I won’t learn it until it’s pulled out. I can’t give it away, or my whole house will stink

       If you say it will be pulled on the edge of the basin, will your basin be small, or can’t meet its needs~

       A few cats in my family can use litter, but they can’t cover poop. They are all big help to cover~

       If there is less sand, they usually go away after a few gouges~

       Try putting more sand on them to see if they’re better~

       Under normal circumstances, a cat can use litter without being taught. This is a reaction. If not, you can wait for it to cover when it poops. If it is not covered, put it into the basin again. If it smells, it will cover it again. After all, cats don’t like stink.

       How to use: spread a layer of litter about 1.5 inches thick in a clean litter nest.

       Regularly clean up the garbage generated after use to keep it clean.

       If there are more than one cat, the replacement period can be shortened according to the proportion, instead of putting too much litter in the litter box. It is suggested to use a bag of 3.6L litter: one cat, one month, two cats, about 15 days, three cats, about 10 days.

       Saturated cat litter should be removed from the box with a spoon in time.

       Place litter box or litter in a clean, moisture free place to extend its service life.

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