Cats don’t catch mice. – why don’t my cat catch mice?

       If the kitten leaves the mother cat too early, the cat will not catch mice in the future

       Generally, when the kitten is one month old, the mother cat will take the dead mice home and eat them in front of the kittens, so that the kittens will know that the mice are food. When the kittens know that the mice are food, the mother cat will take the mice home with them and let the kittens practice catching mice. If the kittens leave their mother too early, No one would have taught him these things. Kittens don’t know that mice are food, so how can they catch them?! the kittens who left their mother three months ago would not catch mice. Even if they were with their mother, they would not catch mice, Even if the kitten had not learned how to catch mice and couldn’t catch mice, the kittens at least knew that mice were food. At that time, although the kittens did not learn to catch mice, they were already interested in all moving objects. Even if the kittens grew up, they would not kill old rats, but they would also drive away rats, at least to some extent, deterrent to mice

       1. Cats are not born to catch mice. Young cats often catch mice out of curiosity, and then they learn it slowly in this way. It is not unusual for older cats not to catch mice. If humans overindulge in cats’ dependence on humans, cats will not catch mice because they are hungry. They just hope that humans will give them food. This is also the evolution of cats in the future.

       2. The requirement of the older generation for cats is to catch mice, but now the requirement for cats is to make people happy. Now people basically live in the city, the teeth of rats bite constantly reinforced concrete, so rats are not common! And cats seem to have no place. If you put the cats in big cities in the countryside, it is estimated that few cats will catch mice. Maybe some cats will chase them with their help, but they may not be able to catch them!

       Cats are not born to catch mice. Kittens often catch mice out of curiosity, and then they learn it slowly in this way. If older cats don’t catch mice, it’s not unusual for cats to rely on humans because of overindulgence. Cats won’t catch mice because they are hungry. They just hope that humans will give them food. This is also the evolution of cats in the future. Here are some information you can find on the Internet. (it is often said that the environment can change a person. It is very difficult for people to change the environment, so are animals. For example, mice and cats are antagonistic to each other. What makes them friends? It is a key factor. Environment, the so-called environment, is the most basic condition for the survival of animals – the food chain. This food chain is what people give them. For example, if some people are uncivilized and used to littering the food that they have left behind, and the people pour the food into the garbage bag and put it in the garbage can, but the garbage can is not covered. So many times, it has created a lot of beautiful food space for cats and mice. When the cat is full every day, will it catch mice, I have heard the cleaner say that he has seen with his own eyes that many female cats will settle down near the garbage dump when they are about to give birth to kittens. Many times, they see kittens and mice sharing delicious food together. Until the kittens grow up to be more than half of the big cats, the rats will wait until the big cats are full and then the mice will eat them. If you think about it, this is not the process of kittens growing up, that is, the process of cats and mice becoming friends. In this way, cats will catch mice.)

       Cats are born to be good at catching rats. But with the development of society, the progress of science and technology, and the improvement of materials, the rat catching function of pet cats at home has gradually faded away. Only a small number of wild cats have the ability to catch rats in order to survive. To sum up, the reason is that the pet cats bred by multi-layer cross breeding have changed the physiological genes and the original nature of catching and eating mice. They have a wide range of high nutritional food sources, such as cat food, sparrow, chicken, fish, etc. their desire to feed on mice has been reduced, and naturally they will not have to struggle to catch them. Nowadays, there are various kinds of rodenticides in our society, such as chronic, rapid, coagulant and so on. For rats, taking medicine makes it difficult to distinguish the true from the false. Many cats die or cause many diseases after eating rats. Therefore, the fear and the occurrence of this dangerous situation will spread to the same kind of people, which leads to many colleagues to think that mice are a kind of lethal substance So I’m afraid. 4. With the increase of various rodent catching devices, such as power grids, rat traps, etc., cats will think that the place where rats enter and leave is the most dangerous area, and they will not hunt rats. The cat will damage the owner’s objects when catching mice, and is often scolded by the owner, so the cat’s interest in catching mice will be reduced. 6 the cat’s body changes, because the owner gives the material too good, causes the body to be fat, walks slowly laboriously, also won’t go to catch the mouse. In order to survive, the intelligence quotient of mice has exceeded that of cats. Many cats always come back empty handed when catching mice. They are panting for 10 times and catching rats 10 times empty. Naturally, they lose confidence in victory and dare not be interested in rats. The cat did not pass on the ability to survive in the wild to the next generation when it was breeding. Now there are fewer and fewer mice in buildings. Cats have been favored by their owners since they were born. They are very strange to mice, and they don’t think it is their food source, so they won’t catch them. When a cat is young, it is attacked and bitten by a mouse, leaving a lifelong fear of the mouse and not daring to catch a mouse. Cats love to keep their hair from getting dirty. They don’t go to the dirty places where mice are haunted. In order to eat cat meat, many people have set many traps for the cat, which makes the cat very cautious and dare not run around at will, so it will run around to catch mice. Cats have deceiving psychology. When their owners are not hunting rats, they will catch mice themselves when they go away. 14. If the owners manage to keep them by chance, the rich food given to the cats by their owners is too much, and they often eat too much, which leads to slow digestion. Naturally, there is no desire to eat rats again. If abandoned in the wild, some will take the risk to eat rats in order to survive, knowing that they are dead rats. These are the reasons why cats don’t hunt or eat mice.

       Because most of the cats are pets now, cats are only for entertainment, not for catching mice, so most of the cats now have lost the function of catching mice. Moreover, the cat lives very well now. The owner will give it cat food, and there is no need to catch mice by himself. Slowly, this kind of cat began to repel mice and meet the old The mouse will not only not catch them, but also be very afraid. But it was different before. The cat’s life was not so good before. If you can’t catch the mouse, you may be hungry. The owner will not be used to them.

       I believe you all know that in the food chain, there are many animals that are natural enemies and predators. For example, we are familiar with wolves and sheep, as well as cats and mice. In particular, cats and mice are very common. In the past, many people in rural areas raised cats to catch old rats, because there were so many mice at that time, but now there are still a lot of cat owners Most cats have lost the function of catching mice. Many people wonder why cats are not as fond of catching mice as they used to be. The key reason is that cats have become pets instead of tools.

       In the past, people didn’t love cats so much. Cats only wanted to catch mice. If cats didn’t want to catch mice, their owners wouldn’t give them food. So cats also helped their owners catch mice at home in order to survive. In the past, there were a lot of mice. Cats often contacted mice. Naturally, they were more experienced in catching mice. After all, cats catch old cats The function of mice is not innate, but also can be achieved through training. Nowadays, it is very difficult to see mice in most cities. Therefore, except for stray cats, most cats may not have seen what mice look like, and they may not dare to start after meeting them.

       What’s more, the cat has been spoiled by its owner. The owner gives them cat food. The effort and energy spent on the cat is no worse than raising a child. Therefore, there is no need for the cat to spend any energy on catching mice. As long as the cat stays at home, the owner will certainly raise himself. Why do you have to catch the mouse as hard as possible? Anyway, the owner can’t make himself hungry Now the cat has become more and more lazy, not as strong as before.

       In many people’s opinion, the cat’s ability to catch mice is frightening. Without training, cats will not wear the same clothes when they see the mice. In fact, the cat’s skills of catching mice are taught by the female cat. Only the kittens who have grown up with the female cat since childhood will know how to catch mice. Nowadays, cats are basically pet cats As a child, she left the mother cat’s side and grew up with human beings. As a result, cats now have nowhere to learn the skills of catching mice.

       On the other hand, in the past, cats were often short of food. In order to wrap their stomachs, many cats were forced to catch mice to satisfy their hunger. When catching mice to satisfy their hunger has become a lasting habit, this skill of catching mice will be passed down from generation to generation. However, the living environment of cats has been greatly improved, especially as pets in cities Because the food of the cats is abundant every day, and compared with the hard to swallow mice, all kinds of cat food and canned cat are particularly delicious. Moreover, it takes a lot of effort to catch mice. It is not as fast as selling a cute cat from time to time to get a can of cat from the main body.

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