Cats don’t like the performance of litter – some litter cats don’t like it

       1. Choose a cat friendly

       If the cat doesn’t like bean curd litter, you can choose other types of cat litter. But choose the right litter for your cat.

       Let’s first learn about the rest of the litter. Bentonite cat litter has large dust and heavy weight, so it is relatively troublesome to clean it; crystal cat litter is silica gel, without dust, but it does not agglomerate, so it is not easy to clean if the cat urinates; pine cat litter is made of pine wood, with good water absorption, and because pine wood has a taste, it is very good in deodorization. All pet owners can consider some meow pine litter.

       2. Teach cats to use litter

       After choosing the litter for the cat, the pet should teach the cat how to use the litter and let the cat know that the litter is the place to go to the toilet. First of all, you can bury its feces in the litter. If you don’t have feces, you can use a tissue with urine. As long as the cat has the movement of excretion, it is necessary to take it to the cat litter basin, and use its hands to pick up the litter for a few times. Over time, it will know how to do it.

       3. Clean up the litter in time

       When the cat defecates in the litter, the pet owner must clean the litter for the cat every day. The litter should be kept clean and tidy, and the cat will excrete on the litter. If the pet owner is using pine litter, it needs to be matched with a double litter basin. When cleaning the litter, you can directly pull out the lower sand basin, pick up the stool on the top and pour it into the toilet.

       1. Cats have requirements for the feel of cat litter

       Cats have requirements on the feel of cat litter. When using litter, the feeling of feet is more important. In ancient Egypt, when cats were born, in order to avoid natural enemies, they buried their excrement in sand, thus exposing their tracks. This habit has become a kind of nature with the inheritance of cats from generation to generation. When the cat steps on the litter to excrete and bury it, if the cat litter feels bad, the cat will inevitably feel uncomfortable.

       2. Cats have requirements for the smell of litter

       As for the smell of cat litter, different cats have different preferences. Generally speaking, cats will like some fresh and soft smell. Some cats will especially resist some distinctive smell, such as pine litter. Many cats feel uncomfortable with this smell. Tofu cat litter, because the smell is soft and soothing, many cats are more acceptable. Of course, the cat owners still have to analyze the taste of cat litter according to the cat’s specific preferences.

       3. Cats have requirements for litter dust

       Some of the litter dust is relatively large, the cat’s nose will be easily irritated when using, sneezing or nose discomfort. In the selection of litter, cat owners should pay attention to choose some litter with less or no dust, such as bean litter. In addition to a small amount of dust, tofu cat litter also has some other advantages, such as safer ingredients, lighter texture, water-soluble, better foot feel, smell, etc. I think it is more suitable for cats to try. (sleeve tiger PET)

       The smell of dirty cat litter is bad, which is torture to the cat who has a habit of cleanliness. Keep the litter and litter basin dry, which is conducive to the cat to develop better hygiene habits. The only way to keep litter dry is to keep it clean, preferably twice a day. Shovel out the lumped litter and add new litter. Replace them all at intervals.

       Wash the litter basin more frequently, at least once a half month. You can use a little smelly detergent. After the litter basin is washed and dried, add 5-8 cm thick cat litter. Don’t add too much at a time just to be lazy. Cats don’t like too thick litter, and this thickness is the most convenient for cleaning and updating.

       Now many cat litter is fragrant, hoping to cover up the smell, in fact, it will only smell worse. In addition to pine litter itself, it also has a special smell similar to disinfectant water, which many cats can not accept. So if they are suddenly given pine instead of ordinary litter, the cat is likely to refuse to go to the toilet.

       Litter basin is very simple, basically any plastic container that can squat down a cat can be used as a litter basin. But to make the cat more comfortable, it’s best to choose a size twice as long and twice as wide as a cat’s body.

       Some advanced cat litter basins can be cleaned automatically, which is convenient for owners, especially those who often have to travel far away. But many cats with bad character and big cats don’t like it.

       A cat, the owner will take good care of, so how to deal with more cats? Everybody uses a basin of cat litter? In fact, from the perspective of the most ideal deodorization, the best number of litter pots is the number of cats + 1, that is, if you have one cat, you need 2 pots of litter; if you have 4, you need 5.

       And many people think that cats, like people, need a closed environment to protect their privacy. In fact, the ideal toilet environment for a cat is good ventilation, comfortable environment, away from cat food and other pets, and no potential danger at all.

       Now that you raise it, take action to make it more comfortable.

       1. Texture of cat litter: cats like fine-grained, sandy surface, and hate coarse granular materials. If the cat litter will bring a lot of dust in the process of using it, or if the litter itself has a strong smell, it will not be favored by the cat.

       2. Style of sand basin: the style of sand basin is very important. Before excretion, the cat will have a series of actions, including sniffing, choosing the right position, turning around and grabbing. In order to successfully complete this series of actions, the sand basin must be large enough to not use “small basin containing big cat”. The cat’s personality is different, and the choice of sand basin is also very different. Some cats like to use cat litter house (sand basin with roof) to protect their “privacy”, while others like to keep “broad vision” when going to the toilet.

       3. Smell of excrement: the faint smell of urine will attract the cat to excrete repeatedly in the same place. However, if the owner has not cleaned the sand basin for a long time, the strong smell of urine will cause the cat’s disgust and refuse to enter the sand basin again.

       4. The location of the sand basin: the place where the cat litter basin is placed is also very important. It needs to be far away from the place where cats eat, drink, play and sleep. The sand basin should be placed in a place where the cat can easily reach, and it should be slightly hidden and avoid the passage where the owner often walks.

       But they can’t be placed in dark corners. Cats don’t like dark, cold or hot areas. Some noisy large appliances, such as air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators, are not suitable for them. In addition, the cat’s sexuality makes them like wider space, and they can easily escape when they feel dangerous.

       If your cat doesn’t use the litter basin to go to the toilet, the most common is a urinary tract infection or gastrointestinal disease. Once it belongs to the disease problem but not treated, it will cause great harm to the cat’s body. Therefore, if there is a problem of disorderly excretion, we should first go to the veterinarian for physiological examination and test, find out the specific reasons and suit the medicine to the case.

       In addition, male cats will have “enuresis” behavior, which is essentially unrelated to excretion, not to empty the bladder, but a manifestation of division of areas. It will be more serious in estrus or restless fear, and sterilization can effectively prevent the occurrence of this situation.

       Cats are very clean animals, and dogs with strict training know how to live better. Trained cats don’t defecate anywhere. They defecate in a fixed place. However, sometimes cats don’t like being convenient in a litter pan. Why don’t cats like poop in litter?

       There may be several reasons for the cat to reject the litter basin. First, the cat is not used to using the litter basin, or the owner has not trained the cat how to use the litter basin, which makes the pet cat do not know how to urinate in the litter basin; secondly, it may be that the cat is not willing to get close to the litter basin, let alone urinate in the litter basin.

       To let the pet cat accept the litter basin, can smoothly urinate in the litter basin. Training and guidance are essential, and it has to start when the cat is young. Guide the cat to the litter basin in time every day, or if you find that the cat has a tendency to urinate, you should take the cat to the litter basin in time, and then encourage it to urinate. Over time, pet cats will develop a habit of defecating in the litter basin.

       In addition to training, as the owner also has a very important job, which is the basis for the cat to urinate in the litter basin all the time, that is to clean the litter basin in time. Do not wait for the cat litter basin to come out of a strong odor to clean up, in fact, every time the cat excretion can be simply cleaned once, such a timely cleaning can also better ensure the cleanliness of the litter basin, so that the pet cat can adhere to the litter basin urination.

       Here you should know the benefits of training cats to defecate in the litter basin. If the kittens defecate at home at will, it will be a bad smell. To avoid these problems, you should do the following:

       1. Train the kitten to use the litter basin

       From the source to avoid the habit of kittens disorderly defecation, I will not repeat the specific training methods for pet cats here. There are a lot of relevant information on the Internet~

       2. Choose the right litter

       Bentonite cat litter is the most commonly used cat litter for cat families. The air humidity is high in summer. Therefore, when choosing bentonite litter, we must pay attention to choose the cat litter with larger particles. The bentonite cat litter with larger particles has better water absorption and dough effect, and is not easy to disperse. Small particles of bentonite cat litter are easily broken into powder in hot and humid weather.

       3. Clean up the faeces of cats in time and replace all litter regularly

       In summer, if you want to have no peculiar smell at home, you must often clean the litter basin, especially for families with many cats. It is essential to clean two or three times a day. Not only to clean up in time every day, but also to completely replace the litter in the litter basin at least once a week. At the same time, disinfect the litter basin with disinfectant. This not only can remove the odor, but also can effectively avoid bacteria breeding and keep the litter clean and dry.

       4. Replace the closed toilet

       If you can’t clean the litter basin several times a day, you can replace it with a sealed Cat Toilet, which can effectively block the odor in the toilet.

       If the cat is excreting in a place where it should not be excreted, the owner should use toilet paper to take the excreta to the litter basin (if it is urine, suck the urine into the toilet paper and put it into the sand basin), hold the cat in the sand basin, let it smell its excreta, and cover the excreta with hands in the cat’s paws. Don’t scold cats. Cats are rebellious animals. They may have rebellious psychology. Instead, they should praise them gently when they teach them to bury sand. If they do well, they should be rewarded appropriately. Remember, cats are animals that remember to eat or not to beat, so when cats do well, they must be given appropriate rewards. After a few repetitions, the cat will learn to use the litter basin.

       In addition, the place where the cat defecates must be cleaned up, thoroughly cleaned with detergent or 84 disinfectant, and must not leave any smell, otherwise the cat will excrete in the smelly place again according to the smell.

       First of all, there are health problems. When a cat suffers from cystitis, gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation and other diseases, it is possible to defecate anywhere. Secondly, the cat’s toilet is not cleaned regularly. When the cat is dissatisfied with the texture or smell of cat litter, it will also appear to defecate outside the toilet. In addition, the cat toilet is placed in a place where many people go in and out and are noisy, and the cat has excreted in the toilet In addition, because the owner is not at home for a long time, being scolded by the owner, adding a new pet in the house, or having a newborn baby, the cat will be worried and drown.

       Therefore, we only need to analyze the behavior of specific cats in view of these problems and take corresponding measures. But keep in mind that punishment doesn’t work well and can make the problem worse, especially if it’s too severe or only after the fact. For example, putting the cat in the toilet after severe punishment will cause bad conditioned reflex of the cat to the toilet. Under no circumstances should the cat be patted or physically punished. For example, pressing the cat’s nose to the floor where it is defecating will produce worse effects.

       When the cat is not good, scold loudly. In order to make people and cats live a comfortable life, it is necessary for the cat to abide by the discipline of each family. Therefore, we should teach cats well and give them the minimum necessary education. If we master the following four points, then the work of training cats will be carried out smoothly.

       First of all, the first is to criticize on the spot immediately. When it does something it shouldn’t do, it should immediately “no” and “hello” yell. Of course, the cat didn’t stop at the owner’s words, but stopped because he was frightened by the loud noise. If you do this repeatedly, the cat will gradually feel that it will be reprimanded and will not do it again.

       When a cat does something it shouldn’t do, it’s no use taking it to the crime scene to preach. Cats are healthy animals. Even if they are reprimanded for what happened just now, they will not understand why they are reprimanded. When it’s doing well, it’s also important to play well.

       The second is to educate patiently. It is not that criticism can be allowed today, but that criticism should be conducted with the same attitude and patience at all times. If people give up halfway, then the previous hard work will be in vain. “I’ll be forgiven right away anyway.” In this way, the cat will be ecstatic.

       The third is that corporal punishment must not be carried out. If you hit the cat casually, it will have a sense of fear of its owner, and will produce a character of inferiority. Because the cat’s body is much smaller than that of a human being, it can be hurt if it is beaten.

       The fourth is to praise it when it performs well. Although the cat can’t understand the owner’s words, it is very clear that the voice of rebuke is different from that of praise. When the cat is praised, it will be in a better mood, so the effect of education will gradually be higher. Of course, in this case, it’s important to praise on the spot rather than afterwards.

       You put some of his poop things in the sand basin, and then let him smell it. Then he knows that it is the place for defecation. If there is no smell, it will not be pulled. However, there is a cat in my family who likes to pull the outside secretly. That’s because he didn’t teach good habits when he was a child. When he saw that the sand basin was dirty, he would pull it outside. You should pay close attention to training, otherwise you would not be a bad habit It’s not easy to change. Generally, if you don’t like what the cat does, you should let him know on the first day when he comes home. The first thing the kitten does is to let him know where the sand basin is.