Cats don’t stick to people all of a sudden – what about cats that don’t stick to people

       Sleeve tiger PET: the cat is born not to stick to people, only in its heart to you have enough trust and security, will become sticky.

       From our point of view, it’s clinging. In fact, in cat behavior, it belongs to imitation. From its perspective, we have been treated as cats. When we do something, such as sleeping or bathing, or even going to the toilet, it will be curious about our behavior and go together. In cat ethology, “companion behavior” belongs to its behavior.

       Therefore, the root requirement of sticking people is to let them trust us and have a sense of security for us.

       There are several things that can promote the relationship between people and cats and increase trust in us.

       1¡¢ Feeding food

       Maybe we think it’s too small to feed a cat, but in the cat’s opinion, if we can feed it for a long time and satisfy its appetite, it will recognize us as “friendly creatures”. And have some trust in us, and have a sense of security in our lives.

       So, if you want your cat to stick to people, prepare more delicious food, delicious canned food! Over time, cats will stick to people.

       2¡¢ Play with it

       As a child, cats like to play with kittens in the same nest to enhance friendship and social skills of cats.

       When you are free at home, you can play with the cat stick and laser pointer for a while. Until he is tired, he will like the sport.

       Interact with it every day for a while, can enhance the feelings, can maintain the cat’s good body muscle development, can also increase the cat’s food absorption rate and water intake through the hunger effect after exercise, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

       So this is very important, table tennis is also a good toy, but pay attention to do in the daytime, at night, easy to affect others.

       3¡¢ Scratch your chin, scratch your head

       I believe most cats like to be scratched in these two parts.

       Cats of the same kind will lick their fur, which is a manifestation of friendship and trust.

       You can scratch the chin and the head of the cat. The cat will be very comfortable. You’d better make a grunt every time you scratch it.

       Over time, the cat will like you! Like you, clinging to people is just around the corner!

       Cats are your pets only when they are not used to the new environment. When they are older, they are your roommates, and when they are older, they are your masters. He doesn’t care if you bought the house. No matter how big your home is, it doesn’t matter how much it costs per square meter. He will think of you every day to eat, every day to play with me. It’s good for me, OK. My house is for you. This is the cat’s heart.

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