Cats don’t stick to people – what’s wrong with my cats that don’t stick to people?

       1. Wild cats, such as tigers and leopards, live with their mothers, brothers and sisters when they are young. When they learn to hunt, they will be driven away and forced to live independently. Because if this is not the case, there will be less and less prey in the territory. In the end, everyone will be starved to death. Although cats are domesticated by humans, they are far less domesticated than dogs.

       2. Dogs are loyal to their owners, are on call, have a sense of inferiority, and are particularly willing to obey. But cats are different, so cats don’t stick to people. It’s normal for dogs.

       3. Breed and personality problems. Cats have different personalities just like human beings. Let’s have some cat toys and stick to play with him.

       Extended data

       Cat, belonging to the cat family, is a more extensive family pet in the world. The ancestors of domestic cats are supposed to be desert cats originated in ancient Egypt, Persian cats in Persia, which have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years (but not completely domesticated like dogs).

       General cat: head round, face short, forelimb five fingers, hind limbs four toes, toe tip with sharp and curved claws, claws can stretch. Nocturnal sex.

       Hunting other animals by ambush, most of them can climb trees. There are fat pads on the bottom of the cat’s toes to avoid making noises when walking and not to scare rats away when hunting. The claws are in a contraction state when they are on the road to prevent the claws from being blunt, and will be extended when catching rats and climbing rocks.

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       Cats don’t stick to people. Maybe it’s because our cats don’t like things. What do you do that cats don’t like?

       Shaving the master is very serious

       Because sometimes it is necessary, or because of the personal preference of some excrement removal officials. We shave cats. This is a big taboo of the master!

       Cats are very concerned about their beautiful appearance. In the cat’s heart, shaving can lead to their inferiority complex and depression. Which still has the mood to stick people!

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       It’s rude to roll the cat

       Cats are gentle and sexy animals. We should be gentle and gentle to treat them. Cats don’t like the rude way of pushing cats.

       Although the cat is rude, the cat will not bite us, but it will be very unhappy, will break away from our arms and run away. Cats naturally don’t like us that much.

       I used water when playing with the cat

       A cat is a small animal that is very afraid of water. Meeting water is like meeting a devil. Except for bathing, try not to let the cat touch the water because of us.

       If you like to roll cats with water in your cat life, it is pushing cats step by step against us!

       Improper guidance for bringing a new cat home

       We all know that cats have a strong sense of territory, and they are lone Rangers. If we take a cat home rashly and handle it improperly, the cat will have distrust and even hostility to our environment.

       This is a serious matter. So if you have a new member of the cat coming home, be sure to deal with the relationship with the aborigines.

       Frighten and bully cats

       We all understand that. Only when we are good to cats, they will let go of their guard and gradually get closer to us. Of course, this is a relatively long process.

       Frightening, bullying and beating cats is a big taboo.

       Not diligent in serving the master

       Cats are very clean animals. If the excrement removal officer is not diligent, the cat will not be close to us, and even will not like to clean the broken pot.

       Therefore, it is very important to clean up the cat litter basin.

       Make the cat feel lonely

       It is said that the cat is very cold. If you also meet a high cold shoveling officer, it will be very heart piercing. Cats are passive creatures. If you don’t pay attention to me, I won’t pay attention to you, the excrement shoveling officer.

       So if we want cats to stick to us, we need to take the initiative first.

       Breed and character problem, my family cat (Mei short) also does not stick to people.

       Only when you call it when you meet for the first time every day, it promises.

       Only I find it to play, it will never take the initiative to come to me. And never let you hold it for more than five minutes.

       He never asks for food. At most, when he eats a can, he gives a warning and calls twice.

       Oh, I can’t write any more. It really hurts my self-esteem

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