Cat’s eyes can’t open no foreign matter – kittens can’t open their eyes

       The white membrane seen in the cat’s eyes is the cat’s conjunctiva. Conjunctiva is a mucous membrane rich in blood vessels, which is easily congested and swollen when stimulated. Once the cat’s eyes can’t open and the conjunctiva is obvious, it may be suffering from conjunctivitis. If it is accompanied by redness, swelling, tears, secretion increase, it is the conjunctivitis caused by the virus.

       1. Causes of conjunctivitis

       Cat conjunctivitis has two main reasons, one is caused by external stimulation, the other is caused by virus. These two reasons are mainly to see whether there are other symptoms to distinguish. Conjunctivitis caused by virus will be accompanied by increased eye secretions, more tears in the eyes, and the eyes are quickly pasted by secretions and hard to open. This is a relatively serious problem. Conjunctivitis caused by foreign body stimulation will not have such symptoms. It is better to clean the eyes in time, sterilize and eliminate inflammation.

       2. Treatment of conjunctivitis

       Virus caused conjunctivitis, is commonly known as the cat nasal branch, in addition to eye conjunctivitis, there will be other symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose and so on. To treat this kind of conjunctivitis, you need to use state. Fun. Cat. Eye drops to clean the eyes, in addition to anti-virus drugs treatment, in the use of eye drops, to the cat’s eyes behind the drug, pay attention not to touch the eyeball. The cat can effectively control the virus in the body and prevent the disease from getting worse by taking meow. Think. Lysine which can inhibit the attack of virus.

       3. Nursing during treatment

       During the treatment, pet owners need to wear Elizabethan covers all the time to prevent the cat from scratching the eyes, so as to protect the cat’s eyes. When cats are sick, they will become very afraid of light, so try to keep cats in dark places at home. At the same time, keep your home dry and ventilated. Pay attention to do not give the cat a bath, as it may aggravate the disease.

       O(¡É_ O ~ don’t worry too much! Our family also has dogs and cats. Kittens may have eye infections and are uncomfortable. First of all, keep the kittens healthy and clean with water. At the same time, avoid the kittens’ eyes from being stimulated by strong light, and see if they will get better after two days. Take a bath with the kittens to keep them clean and clean, so as to prevent the kittens from washing their eyes with their paws to aggravate the infection If it can wipe with saliva, it will not be too serious, because small animals have a certain self-healing function, and the feet will promote coordination. O(¡É_ Hope to get well soon~

       If the cat’s eyes can’t be opened, pet owners should pay more attention to it. After all, cat’s eyes need to be maintained. If they can’t open, it may be red and swollen eyes.

       1¡¢ Caused by fire

       Because the cat’s own anger is more serious, it will lead to inflammation of the cat’s eyes and secretion of abnormal amount of eye excrement. In this case, the cat’s eyes are often wet and sticky around the eyes, and the cat’s eyes paste. The cat owner needs to moisten and soften the eye excrement before cleaning it, and then wipe it off with a wet cotton swab, and then give the cat eye drops, 2-3 times a day, 1-2 drops each time.

       Cat owners also need to pay attention to the cat’s diet, do not only feed dry cat food and fried food, properly feed some fruits and vegetables food and liquid food, easy to digest and not easy to cause the cat to get angry.

       2¡¢ Foreign body stimulation

       Cat’s eyes have dust or foreign matter, will shed tears or eye droppings, at this time it will often blink fine extrusion foreign body. It can be observed for 1-2 days. If any foreign body is found in the cat’s eyes, it is necessary to clean it in time. You can gently wipe off the eyedroppings at the corners of the eyes with a wet paper towel, and then gently blow or wipe off the foreign body. Remember to use a light method to avoid hurting the cat. In the future, we should also observe the cat’s eyes, and if there are foreign bodies, we must clean them up in time.

       3¡¢ Feline conjunctivitis

       Cats with conjunctivitis will also lead to increased eye dropsy, generally divided into acute and chronic conjunctivitis. If you have acute conjunctivitis will appear more tears, water samples at the beginning, and then become gray white mucus or yellow green secretions, conjunctival congestion, flushing, edema, photophobia, etc. If you have chronic conjunctivitis may appear red brown tear marks, conjunctival congestion, conjunctival coarseness, and sometimes mucinous secretions.

       If the cat’s eyes can’t be opened and shed tears, it may be caused by eye problems. The cat’s eyes suggest that the pet owner should check the cat’s eyes in time, find out the cause of the cat’s tears, and solve the problem symptomatically. Don’t let the cat cry all the time. It is not only easy to cause tear marks, but also eye problems. If it is an eye problem, it should be handled in time without delay.

       1¡¢ The cat’s diet is inflamed

       Cats are not suitable to eat oil and salt. Sometimes cats eat food with heavy oil and salt, or eat foods with high salt content for a long time, which may stimulate the eyes of dogs and cause redness and tears. Therefore, pet owners should pay attention to the diet of cats. Some foods with heavy oil and salt should not be given to cats, which will not only cause tears, but also lead to hair loss. In the selection of cat food, it is also necessary to pay attention to the diet of cats Pay attention to choose low salt, and then prepare enough drinking water for the cat to drink, drink more water.

       2¡¢ The cat’s eyes are infected with bacteria

       Of course, a cat’s eyes infected by bacteria can also cause redness and tears. Sometimes, it can cause purulent tears. For example, when a cat fights and is accidentally poked into the eyes by a foreign object, it may also cause the eyes to be red, swollen and tearful. Especially the kitten’s eyes are relatively fragile, and they may shed tears if they don’t pay attention to it. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the cat’s eyes in time and clean the tears , wipe it with a wet paper towel, and then prepare the eye drops for the cat, 2-3 times a day, 1-2 drops each time, directly into the cat’s eyes.

       3¡¢ Cat eyelashes trichiasis


       The first thing to be sure is, is it normal to eat, drink and Lazar except for this eye? It’s best to have a fever. Because the cat’s eyes have problems, it may be more than a simple eye infection.

       If you rule out the high fever, respiratory infection, then you said black and bloody eye excrement, may be caused by eye infection. Don’t use eye ointment. Sticky people don’t feel comfortable with it, let alone cats. You can use chloramphenicol eye drops or ribavirin eye drops in combination, because it’s hard to determine whether it’s caused by bacteria or viruses. The usage is very simple. If there is eye dropsy every day, you must use warm water to clean the eye dropsy slowly, and then drop the eye drops, five times a day, until the improvement, and then adhere to three times a day, and then medication for a week to consolidate.

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