Cats growing up with dogs – can kittens and puppies get along

       can’t. Cats and dogs are enemies because, in the natural environment, they are competitors, but in the captive environment, the competition is weakened or there is no competition. Even if we didn’t grow up together, we don’t have to fight for food.

       Secondly, the body language of a cat is different from that of a dog. A friendly action of a dog, in the eyes of a cat, becomes a threat, so there will be conflicts. But the cats and dogs who grew up together are familiar with each other, and this kind of misunderstanding will not happen.

       Why do you want to put them together? Cats are small minded, arrogant and independent animals. You let them live well. Teddy is so small that it will be miserable to be caught. There are four cats and a little HA in my family. Xiao HA is also a later one. When they first enter the door, they chase around the house, and finally they are kept in isolation. They can meet each other occasionally. After a long time, there is no need for isolation Now, this time has a month or two. Now my cat sleeps on the dog, and the dog drags the cat. If the cat is bitten, the dog will loosen its mouth, and the cat will not scratch him. It will only beat the dog with its claws but not its nails. In a word, let it be. Don’t force the cat to do things. Watch the dog and don’t leave him. A matter of time.

       Kittens and puppies under six months old will soon get familiar with each other, and gradually they will accept each other

       However, at the beginning, cats and dogs are not used to getting along with each other, which is mainly caused by their habits. For example, when dogs want to be close to cats, they will stretch out their front paws and wag their tails. However, in cat’s language, wagging tail means attacking each other, while chasing or barking from dogs will cause fear of cats and cats for a long time, Kittens and puppies are used to each other’s language, there is no problem

       If the body of your dog is bigger than that of a cat, you must intervene with the dog at an appropriate time, so that the dog does not chase the cat or bark loudly, which will aggravate the cat’s fear. When the dog is good to the cat, you should reward it appropriately, and when the cat is good to the dog, you should reward it. In short, they should think that they are family members and should live together in the future

       On the other hand, fighting between kittens and puppies is also a way of practicing for predation in the future. Even if two kittens are together or two dogs are together, there will be such a phenomenon. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it. Although it may scratch the skin, it will never cause further damage

       If they are given enough time and space for them to adapt to each other, a deep feeling may be established between them

       It’s said that puppet cats are very docile and won’t fight with dogs. But my cat and dog have been together for more than a month, and have never had a fight

       If the owner’s dog is a large dog, and the cat is a young cat, please note that sometimes the dog and the cat will scare the cat when playing or courting, and the dog has great strength, just like dogs like to show intimacy by pouting. But you can imagine how a large dog would feel when it pounced on a cat with a grinning mouth

       Therefore, no matter what kind of cat, there should be a running in period with the dog. To teach the dog to treat the cat in a gentle way, the cat will not be hostile to the dog.

       The key to the disharmony between the dog and the cat is that the body language is not fluent. The behavior of the dog showing kindness is provocative in the eyes of the cat

       My new dog (Jinmao) is very fond of my cat. As soon as he sees it, he pours on it (note, it’s with a half size dog). The cat, who was not afraid of dogs since childhood, turned his head and left when he saw the dog. Sometimes he would give the dog two claws. Now he regards the dog’s attitude towards the cat as a training target, and the training is much better It’s Cat or dog=

       Therefore, first impression is very important for cats

       By the way, Siamese cats are very cheerful and can move out to walk. They may get along well with dogs, but they may also be bored with each other

       Look at their personality Oh, my old cat met my dog is very not cut, as if not see

       My friend’s kitten and dog grew up together. The dog’s personality is gentle, but the cat loves to tease him,

       So it depends on personality~

       However, it is easier for a dog to think he is a cat and a cat thinks he is a dog