Cat’s hair ball can’t spit out symptoms

       The cat gets hairball disease, can have vomit hair ball symptom commonly, but if hairball disease becomes more serious, hairball accumulates bigger, can vomit not come out, so some parents can think, cat eats grass not can vomit hair ball? In fact, the cat eating grass can only deal with mild globosis, for the more serious hirsutism is not what role, need to use other methods to discharge the hair ball.

       1. Adjust diet

       The hair ball in the cat’s stomach will block the intestinal tract and cause the stomach to swell, so it can’t eat normally, which will increase the burden of the intestinal tract. You need to fast your cat for a day, and then give your cat something easy to digest, ecological or natural food with high vitamin and fiber content, or cat food without hair ball. In addition, it is better to give the cat millet porridge which is easy to digest. You can also eat apple puree, yogurt, honey water and other digestive food to help the cat increase intestinal peristalsis and help the cat discharge the hair ball out of the body as soon as possible.

       2. Feed Huamao ointment

       The best way to treat hirsutism is to give your cat a hair removing cream. You can choose natural ingredients of Huamao ointment, including cat grass, cat mint, honey, plant cellulose, etc. without adding any mineral oil, it will not stimulate the cat’s intestines. It can help the cat drain the hair ball in the form of lubrication. During the period with cat grass or ecological food to take, the effect will be better.

       3. Comb your hair frequently

       The reason why cats get globus is mainly because there are too many dead hairs on the body. When cats lick their hair, they tend to swallow their hair into their stomachs. Then, in order to avoid the aggravation of feline globus disease, the owner should often comb the cat’s hair with a pet brush. On the one hand, it can reduce the dead hair on the body, and on the other hand, it can enhance the feelings between the cat and the cat.

       In addition, the owner should also remember to remove the hair and paper scraps on the ground in time to avoid the cat eating by mistake.

       If the hair ball disease is very serious, the stomach can touch a lump directly, and the cat will have abdominal pain and cry, and be mentally depressed and do not eat or drink. You should go to the pet hospital for treatment in time. If necessary, surgical operation should be performed to remove the hair ball from the body.

       Flowers bloom without fail

       Cats spend a lot of time tidying up their hair every day. When the cat has been retching and can’t spit out the hair ball in the intestine, the pet owner must try to make the cat spit the hair ball. Otherwise, the cat’s hair ball will accumulate in the intestinal tract, and the cat’s appetite and defecation may be affected.

       1: Feed the cat grass

       In the past, farm cats used to eat their own grass. After eating grass, cats would induce vomiting, and cats would spit out the hair balls in their intestines and stomach. But now most of the cats raised by people are precious pets. Naturally, they can’t let the cats go out and find grass to eat. At this time, pet owners should plant some cat grass for their cats to eat.

       2: Give the cat hair cream

       3: Always groom your cat

       The fur ball on the cat’s body is because the hair is eaten into the body during the process of licking, so the pet owner should comb the cat’s hair and help the cat deal with the dead hair on the body, so that the cat will not eat too much cat hair into the body during the process of licking the fur. When the pet owner combs the cat’s hair, the hand should be light. If it is too hard, it may hurt the cat.

       Cats like to vomit. Sometimes they can’t vomit when they look at them. What’s the matter with this? Here is an analysis for you:

       First of all, the cat’s hair spitting

       Many novices ask, what is hair vomiting? In fact, the cat usually licks and cleans up the hair, and eats the dead hair into the stomach. It can’t be digested inside and forms a hair ball, which stimulates the cat’s intestines and stomach. Sometimes the cat vomits with hair, that is, spitting the hair ball.

       However, not every cat can spit out the hair ball successfully. It is very harmful to the cat’s health if it is accumulated in the belly for a long time. If the cat wants to vomit and can’t vomit, it may not be able to spit out the hair ball smoothly. At this time, giving the cat some meow hair cream can help the cat expel the hair ball and inhibit the formation and development of the hair ball.

       Second, eat too much at once

       Some pet owners don’t feed their cats regularly. They eat several meals a day, or a large plate of cat food is put there to let the cat eat to death. As a result, the cat eats too much, vomits again and again, and finally fails to vomit. For this kind of situation, should fast for 2 hours, to prepare water for the cat, let the cat take a good rest.

       Third, the cat’s intestines and stomach are fragile

       Cats are prone to indigestion and gastroenteritis. Cat owners all know that cats have weak intestines and stomachs. They can’t feed them casually. In particular, they should not feed spoiled and rotten cat food, unclean food and cat food with allergic ingredients. Unreasonable feeding will lead to problems in the cat’s intestines and stomach, and it is one of the symptoms of vomiting and vomiting.

       Fourth, cold and retch

       Usually do not pay attention to warm the cat, let the cat stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, as a result, the cat caught a cold, nausea is one of the symptoms. Therefore, we should first check whether the cat has a cold. There are symptoms such as dry nose, runny nose, dyspnea and so on. If so, it is estimated that the cat is caused by a cold and wants to spit out.

       vomit? Maybe it’s common

       Every cat owner, in the novice stage, will soon learn a common sense – cats vomiting behavior is very common. So for a lot of people, every once in a while they see cats vomiting. From the initial panic to later slowly calm down, we all see the cat vomiting is very common. However, don’t feel that you can replace the veterinarian if you know a little bit. Cat vomiting is common, but not necessarily common.

       vomit? It can also be dangerous

       Cat vomiting can be large or small, it may not be a problem, or it may be a serious disease.

       Physiological or pathological?

       Some people divide cat vomiting into physiological and pathological. In fact, it is not accurate to say so. No matter what kind of vomit it is, it is the reaction of the cat’s body. The reason is that the vomit “mechanism” of cats is relatively developed. When they eat inappropriate things or have hairy balls in their belly, they will not harm their health but protect themselves. But some vomit is caused by a serious illness that cannot be passed on by the cat’s body’s regulatory system.

       It’s particularly easy to ignore

       Severe vomiting several times in a day or a long time.

       Vomiting every day for several days.

       Accompanied by severe diarrhea.

       Accompanied by fever.

       I often retch and can’t vomit.

       No energy, no appetite.

       Vomiting sometimes not only reflects gastrointestinal problems, but also can cause vomiting when most organs of the body have pathological changes. For example, there are serious diseases such as * *, intestinal obstruction and peritonitis. So if vomiting is accompanied by other symptoms, be sure to go to the hospital.

       Ignore the case of vomiting!

       If you ignore cats vomiting, it can lead to serious problems. Here are some examples.

       Cat friend Hanbai

       Cat friends are rich in money

       Different vomit, different to different

       1. When you spit out gastric juice

       Gastric juice and bile


       Why is that?

       This is typical of a cat vomiting on an empty stomach. When there is no undigested food in the stomach, the cat will feel uncomfortable in the stomach and cause vomiting. In addition to not eating properly, carnivorous cat food often contains too much acid, if the fasting time is too long, it will lead to excessive gastric acid secretion, so the cat is uncomfortable and even lead to gastritis.

       Solution: eat less and eat more

       Don’t leave the cat’s bowl empty for too long. The early and late feeding methods are not suitable for cats. It is better to eat less and more meals to maintain the cat’s normal gastric secretion level.

       2. Undigested food

       Completely undigested food

       Sometimes the cat may spit out undigested food, such as whole cat food granules. The shape of vomiting is a slender strip, which is squeezed out of the cat’s esophagus. There is less gastric juice in the food, indicating that the food is vomited out before reaching the stomach, which is a reflux situation.

       Why is that?

       Some cats are born with narrow or oppressed esophagus for some reasons. If they eat too much or too hard food, they will be vomited out through the esophagus, which is a manifestation of reflux esophagitis. This situation can be treated by surgical treatment or conservative feeding.

       Solution: soft food wet grain method

       Cats with this problem must eat delicate food. It is better to feed wet food that is completely mashed into paste, and each time it must be fed less, so that the food can enter into the stomach through the esophagus bit by bit.

       The following vomit

       Spit out parasites

       If there are parasites in the cat’s body, the initial larvae and eggs will lurk in the digestive tract, especially in the intestinal tract. But if there are parasites in the vomit, the number and volume of the parasites in the cat’s body are terrible.

       3. Incomplete digestion of food

       Undigested food, cat grass, etc

       This is often the case. When the cat has just finished eating, it will quickly spit out the food in a few minutes. The vomited food has not been digested, and there are many shaped particles. Even when the cat has just finished eating the cat grass, it will soon spit out the whole root or the whole ball.

       Why is that?

       It may be that the cat eats too much, too fast, or too anxious, or it may be that the food is too heavy on the cat’s stomach, leading to indigestion. Sometimes cats are intolerant of certain ingredients in their food and will vomit like this. This is particularly likely to occur at the stage of replacing cat food.

       Solution: prescription food

       If the cat is intolerant of food, it is best to give it a prescription food with low allergy formula. Special attention should be paid to the fact that cats with food intolerance are also prone to produce soft stools.

       Solution: small root cat grass

       For cats with poor gastrointestinal function, sometimes eating cat grass will cause indigestion and vomiting. It is better to control the amount of cat grass eaten by such cats, and feeding 2-3 roots each time is enough.

       4. What we spit out are fur balls, fur and fur balls

       Why is that?

       A large number of hair balls gather in the digestive tract, which may block the intestinal tract. Therefore, the cat can spit out the hair ball by some stimulation. Coarse fiber food and cat grass can play this role. But not all cats will spit hair ball, some cats digestive function is better, but also through the feces will be hair excreted from the body. However, for indoor cats, it is necessary to eat food to remove the hair ball regularly, so as to avoid suffering from globosis.

       Solution: always comb

       Whether it is a long haired cat or a short haired cat, you can comb out the extra fur by combing it regularly to reduce the amount of licking into the fur.

       Solution: hair ball products

       Home is often stocked with high fiber pilling food or hair ball cream and healthy oils (such as olive oil). Occasionally feed the cat some, can play the role of lubrication, decomposition of hair ball in the body.

       Vomit has blood

       If the vomit is mixed with blood, it may be the manifestation of severe vomiting or severe gastritis, or the gastrointestinal mucosa may be scratched by foreign bodies and cause bleeding. It is necessary to pay special attention to whether the cat has swallowed foreign bodies such as needles and glass.

       Spit out foreign body

       If the cat spits out some foreign bodies instead of food, such as plastic, tape or other things, it means that the cat has eaten foreign bodies. These things are not vomited out. It is likely that the cat has been poisoned, or a large number of foreign bodies are still stored in the intestines and stomach.

       5. Foreign body swallowing vomiting! Health killer

       Among many vomiting phenomena, vomiting caused by swallowing foreign bodies is very dangerous. In fact, this is what we can avoid as far as possible in our life.

       Eating by mistake and eating differently

       Once a cat swallows a non edible object, it can cause serious problems. It happens that cats are also very curious animals. When they see some small things, regardless of whether they are good or not, sometimes they want to put them into their mouths. In addition to this small probability of eating by mistake, there are also some cats suffering from paganism, especially like to eat something that can’t be eaten.

       Why is it dangerous to swallow foreign bodies?

       Do you vomit? What do you vomit?

       If swallowing a foreign body, what are the reactions? Is it really safe to spit it out?

       Can’t you spit it out?

       If the cat just retch and can’t vomit, it’s much more dangerous than vomiting. This suggests that something may have blocked the digestive tract. For example, many cats will retch by swallowing thread under the tongue and causing intussusception. In this case, you have to take the cat to the hospital.

       Is it safe to spit it out?

       Sometimes the cat will spit out part of the foreign body, and the owner will feel safe. In fact, maybe the cat spits out only a small part of what it eats. Maybe bigger objects still cause blockage in the digestive tract. So it depends on whether the cat is still vomiting frequently and constipation.

       Preparation before going to animal hospital

       Sometimes we can also find some clues from the cat’s excreta, because when some vomiting occurs, if it is related to the disease, it is often accompanied by diarrhea or abnormal defecation. If foreign bodies are swallowed or parasites are vomited out, there may be other undigested foreign bodies, parasites and eggs in the feces. If you find that the cat’s feces have such abnormal conditions, you can take photos to the doctor.

       Some cats can’t spit out fur balls. They may keep spitting because there are hairballs in their intestines and stomach. If they don’t spit out the fur balls, cats are very uncomfortable. As a cat owner, you should help your cat to deal with the hair ball problem. Next, we will provide solutions for you to refer to.

       1. Feed the cat some cat grass

       In the past, when cats felt uncomfortable in their stomachs, they would find grass to eat by themselves. There was good crude fiber in the grass, which could help the cat prick its throat. In this way, the cat vomited hair balls, and the stomach would feel better. If there is no cat grass in the cat owner’s house, then you can plant some cat grass. It can grow well in about a week. It grows fast. However, if the cat owner feeds the cat some cat grass, and the cat still can’t spit out the fur ball, then the cat owner should stop feeding the cat grass, because the cat’s stomach hair ball is large, it can’t spit out the hair ball, and the cat can’t digest the cat grass. If the cat is fed with more cat grass, it will bring a great burden to the cat’s intestines and stomach.

       2. Feed some Huamao cream

       Cat owners who have experience in raising cats will prepare hair balm in advance. When they see that their cats eat too many fur balls or have retching, they will feed their cats some meow fun balls and directly squeeze out two or three centimeters of hair cream to feed them. Therefore, cat owners can follow the example of other pet owners and feed their cats with some hair cream, which can be eaten with more or less hair balls. If you run into a cat who doesn’t like to eat Huamao cream, you can take advantage of the fact that the cat loves to clean up. Put the fur ball around the cat’s mouth. If the cat feels its mouth dirty, it will lick it off with its tongue.

       3. Feed some vegetable oil

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