Cats in poor mental state are getting thinner and thinner – why are cats getting thinner

       It may be due to the following reasons:

       1. Many cats eat a single food all the time, which will lead to a fixed food preference of the cat, which will cause the cat to refuse to change its taste, especially when the cat has physical problems and needs to eat other food, or the formula of cat food is changed, this problem will be more prominent. It is suggested to change one kind of cat food every 3 months, which not only changes the taste, but also supplements nutrition. When cat food is not suitable for your cat’s appetite, you will not compromise. It is better to replace cat food. Home fun ecological cat food is a good choice.

       2. In the cat’s nature, it is the basic nature to leave the living area to urinate and bury. If the rice bowl is too close to the litter basin, the cat may reject food, which may lead to picky eating. If the cat’s eating place is always disturbed, or if there are more than one cat at home, if one cat is always bullied by the other when eating, it may think that One is a dangerous place to change appetite and picky eating.

       3. The cat’s stomach and intestines are not well digested. If you don’t feel hungry, you naturally don’t like to eat cat food. In addition, the pet owner feeds the cat irregularly and puts the cat food in a place all day long. The cat naturally doesn’t have to worry about starvation. Over time, it develops a bad habit of picky eating. Feed the cat some meow to think of gastric motility, play the role of Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets, promote digestion and absorption, and regulate the gastrointestinal tract.

       Extended data:

       Long term only eat dry food is easy to lead to feline lower urinary tract syndrome

       Because cats come from deserts where water is scarce, their body structure is to draw most of the water they need from their food. The water content of small animals (such as mice, birds, etc.) they catch is usually no less than 60%. In addition, due to their desert origin, their thirst function is not as sensitive as dogs and humans, which explains why most cats don’t like drinking water.

       It should be noted that the moisture content of dry food is only 6% to 10%. Although cats who eat dry food drink more water than those who eat wet food, they actually absorb half less water than those who eat wet food. This makes cats who only eat dry cat food for a long time fall into a state of chronic water shortage for a long time, resulting in reduced urine output and excessive concentration of urine, so that urinary system problems can easily occur in the future.

       Reference: cat food Baidu Encyclopedia

       This kind of cat phenomenon may be caused by some diseases, or it may be caused by cat food or abnormal diet. The phenomenon that cats don’t like to eat cat food needs to be improved by the cat owners in time, so as not to affect the nutritional intake of cats.

       1. Don’t feed the same kind of cat food alone. It’s better to give the cat some homemade cooked meat, such as fish, chicken breast, beef, and so on. In addition, you should also give the cat more vegetables and fruits containing vitamin food.

       2. Proper feeding can improve the gastric motility. For the sake of the cat’s health, it can improve the cat’s picky eating condition. Usually, you can prepare some meow’s stomach power for the cat. You can either mix food or give it to the cat alone. It can promote digestion, enhance appetite, and improve the cat’s poor appetite, pickiness, anorexia, etc

       3. Feeding nutrition cream

       If the pet owner finds that the cat eats and plays for a while while eating, and does not eat well, it will gradually lose weight day by day, and its strong body will also become weak. If pet owners want to solve the problem that cats don’t eat well, they should find out the corresponding reasons and then solve them.

       1¡¢ A sudden change of food

       If the pet owner suddenly changes the brand or taste of cat food for the cat, the cat may not be able to eat the food that he is not familiar with. He may look around the food, smell it or taste it. When he finds that it is not suitable for his own appetite, the cat will stop immediately and will not continue to eat. Therefore, when pet owners change food for their cats, they can first feed some trial packs to see if the cats are willing to eat these flavors of cat food, and then decide whether to replace them.

       2¡¢ A little indigestion

       Or when the pet owner is feeding the cat, he is afraid that the cat will be hungry if he does not eat enough. He often feeds the cat some snacks that the cat likes, such as dried fish, dried meat, biscuits, freeze-dried food. If the cat is fed in this way for a long time, it will easily lead to the cat’s excessive diet and poor appetite, which is intestinal problems. When the cat is fed with proper amount of food, it can be put into the cat’s food. In daily life, you can also give the cat some room temperature old yogurt and honey water, is the right amount of it.

       3¡¢ Some diseases

       If the pet owner can’t solve the problem of poor appetite after comparing the above problems, it should be considered that there are other reasons. Do not rule out because of cat plague, cat nose branch or intestinal inflammation caused by poor appetite, pet owners need to take the cat to the pet hospital in time to have a look, let the pet doctor help the cat to deal with it in time.


       If you still don’t eat, or just eat a little bit, it shows that the cat’s gastrointestinal system has a disease yo. According to the owner’s account, it can’t be treated, and the cat is thin and may have dehydration. In this case, it is necessary to send pet medicine. Find a reliable doctor to maintain life and assist antibiotics to restore gastrointestinal function. According to the severity of the disease, it can be cured in 7 days at most

       Take it to see it quickly ~ it’s obviously sick!

       If the mental state is good and the cat has not been sterilized, I may first suspect that it is caused by the cat, but your mental state is not so simple

       If you don’t eat much for a month, even if the cat is not sick, it is easy to get fatty liver, and then there will be jaundice. You should pay attention to whether the cat’s canthus and gums are yellow

       Or hirsutism, which will be accompanied by constipation. Dry stool. But even if it is hirsutism, if you don’t take measures for a month, I’m afraid it will also hurt your internal organs. You can’t drag it any more. Take it to blood test and do biochemistry immediately~

       I don’t know whether your cat is a male or a female. If it is a male cat, they can mate with a cat at any time, that is, as long as there is a female cat in estrus, it can be conducted after estrus. If the cat is pregnant, it will refuse to have sex with the male cat again. If there is no male cat, then they will cry, and they will feel very uncomfortable, The next estrus interval should be at least one month or more, but now that the diet of cats has been greatly improved, their sexual maturity has also been shortened. If you don’t want to make your cat sad, and you can’t stand its voice and other behaviors during estrus, I personally think we should sterilize it

       Estrus, parasites in the body will thin

       Healthy cats don’t suddenly or get thinner and thinner. When you find that cats are losing weight day by day, be careful. When necessary, take the cat to check the body, because this abnormal weight loss is mostly due to physical reasons. So do you know what causes cats to get thinner?

       First of all, the cat in the estrus period, because of the “cat” mood, during this period of time will not think about food and tea, and increasingly thin. What’s more, estrous cats will pee everywhere and scream in the middle of the night to attract the opposite sex.

       Secondly, cats infected with parasites will become thinner and thinner. At this time, the cat looks in good mental state and can eat, but it is getting thinner and thinner.

       When you find that the cat is getting thinner and thinner, you should first see if it is in estrus. If not, consider that the cat may be infected with parasites. The best way to solve this problem is to help the cat expel insects.

       To expel parasites in the cat, you should give it an anthelmintic. At the same time, in order to better protect the health of the cat and its family, when the cat is young, it should be regularly deworming. For example, it is best to expel insects once a season before a cat is 1 year old, and once every half a year after a cat is 1 year old. And those anthelmintic drugs should go to the professional pet hospital or other regular channels to buy Oh.

       It’s normal for cats to have estrus. Unless the cat is sterilized, adult cats are in estrus every year. To prevent the cat getting thinner and thinner, you can prepare some nutritious and balanced food for your cat at this time. Of course, when the cat’s oestrus is over, the symptoms will gradually disappear and the cat’s diet will gradually return to normal.