Cats like to hide and attack me. – why do cats always attack me

       This is because the cat thinks that it is playing a hunting game with you. Sometimes when you are watching a play, it suddenly comes up and slaps you. In fact, this behavior means that it may regard you as a hunting object.

       When the cat finds the prey, it will immediately stare wide and round, and no matter how much noise around it will not be disturbed. Steadfastly fixed on its prey, it will first step lightly and slowly approach the target.

       Usually, the cat hides behind the cover first, for example, the gap between the sofa, the uneven pillow, behind the broom, etc. In order to avoid startling the snake, when it decides to attack its prey, it will quietly approach, lower its body, and lift its buttocks slightly, so that its hind limbs can have a moment’s springing force. At this time, its tail is swinging from side to side, trying to control the balance of the body, and at the same time venting its uncontrollable excitement.

       When the cat thinks the time is right, it will rush out with rocket speed to press on the prey, and then carefully bite the prey in its mouth. The whole process of hunting pigs was wonderful. It seems to show the skill of a hunter.

       Notes on playing games with cats

       1. Pay attention to protect the cat’s self-esteem

       When a cat sees a cat stick, it will show that it can’t extricate itself. Although the excrement shoveling officials can’t let the cat stick and cat play with it, they can’t let it catch it all the time. The cat is a self respecting animal. If it can’t hold the stick, it will ignore you.

       2. Take care of the cat’s mood

       If you have more than one cat in your family, you should pay attention to “rain and dew”, and treat each cat with the same attitude, because cats like to be jealous. If you treat one cat very well, the other cats will be jealous and ignore the excrement officer.

       Hello, landlord.

       Is your cat only a few months old?

       It’s time for a cat a few months old to learn hunting skills, and the way to learn is to play games. Basically, it should be the owner of the building as a partner, with you as the imaginary enemy in the game. At this time, the cat will behave very fierce, even bow up, hair erect, will also issue a similar warning sound, etc., in fact, it is playing, not seriously.

       If you don’t like it, you can give it a warning. For example, yelling out No. And buy it some toys. It’s better to play with cat paw board and cat stick every day. Over time, your cat will know what to play and what not to play.

       Above, hope to help you.

       Cats don’t show much expression, but they do have a lot of body movements. They usually approach their owners either for food or for comfort. Of course, this refers to their own cats. If they are not your own cats and you ask mysterious and mysterious questions, then dogs don’t dislike the poor, while cats love the rich. If a cat suddenly approaches and gets close to you, good things may happen, All in all, in short, please treat these small animals kindly. Good luck is always with you.

       When a cat is familiar with you, it will be like this. It means to play with you. And it likes to stare at something, then squat in the distance, constantly adjust the posture of its hind legs, fine tune its front paws, and then rush to the object to catch TA. This may be because it is out of the nature of catching mice, and it helps to practice its own reaction and coordination ability. My cat once caught a sparrow on the balcony=

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