Cat’s preference for four flavors

       Cats have high requirements for food, so they often pick their mouths. Therefore, only when the owner understands the cat’s eating habits can they better choose the right food for the cat. The taste buds of the cat will feel different tastes for the sour, salty, bitter and delicious foods. Moreover, the sensitivity of cats to different tastes is helpful to the digestion of food.

       1. Sour taste – sour taste is very attractive to cats because the taste buds of sour taste are mainly located on the surface of the tongue.

       2. Saltiness – cats can sense the smell, but not as sensitive as dogs.

       3. Bitterness – cats are particularly sensitive to bitterness, which means they can avoid bitter toxins such as strychnine.

       4. Fresh taste – this is the unique taste sense of animals, which can recognize a non essential amino acid – glutamic acid.

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