Cat’s third eyelid is exposed – the third eyelid blink film of wild cat is exposed, covering 1 / 2 of the eyes, emergency!!

       Yes, if you don’t pay attention at this time, the cat’s third eyelid may fall off directly, leading to more serious problems. If there are other complications, such as gastrointestinal problems, parasites, food loss, fever, etc., it is recommended to go to the pet hospital for examination of the cat. Different reasons will have different methods for symptomatic treatment, so don’t take it lightly.

       1. It’s OK to escape from Bayer.

       It can be used at the same time.

       3. Chloramphenicol anti-inflammatory is effective, but if eyelid hyperplasia is not because of eye inflammation, then the effect is very small.

       4. There may be other diseases, and they may die if they are not completely covered up.

       5. Maybe.

       6. You can wipe it with warm water. It’s better not to take a bath.

       It is suggested to go to the hospital for blood test and stool test. There may be other problems with organs.

       The cat’s third eyelid gland congestion, swelling, tears overflow, it may be the cat’s eyes by bacteria or virus infection, bacteria or virus can cause the cat’s eye function decline, make the eye muscle retract into the eye socket, cause the eyeball to move backward, make the third eyelid forward extrusion, at this time the cat will frequently scratch with the front paw, or touch the friction cage with the eye The furniture can cause conjunctivitis, keratitis, corneal damage and so on. It can also cause damage to the cat’s eyesight. Pet owners can use the cat’s eye drops and eye ointment together.

       The cat’s eyes are likely to be inflamed by tears. See if there is any foreign body piercing into the eyes or bacterial infection, which shows that the eyes are red and swollen, sticky secretions, eyes can not be opened, etc., which will affect the cat’s vision for a long time, so it is necessary to take measures in time. You need to clean your eyes at home. Wipe the secretions with a towel in warm water, and then use the eye drops for 3-5 times. After that, hold the cat and keep it from scratching its eyes. Wait for a few minutes for the drug to penetrate.

       Infected with the cat nasal branch may also cause the cat’s eyes to shed tears, because the cat’s nasal branch is accompanied by conjunctivitis, which shows symptoms such as conjunctival flush, tears and fever. In addition to using eye drops, you should also take mehline to control the virus. Only by treating the cat’s nasal branch can the pus be improved. The treatment of the cat’s nasal branch is a long-term process, and the excrement removing officer should be patient, During the illness and recovery period to supplement nutrition.

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