Caucasian dog beat wolf dog – pure breed Tibetan mastiff beat Caucasus?

       Generally speaking, Caucasians win more. Male Caucasians are 90-100 kg and male Tibetan mastiff is about 75 kg. This is just like fighting with people. There are 1.7-meter people doing more than 1.8-meter people, but in most cases, 1.8-meter people are dominant. There is a very good basic Ko Tibetan Mastiff in Caucasus. I have only one Tibetan mastiff (there is no other dog in my family). I don’t want to look good. I don’t want to boast about it. There are many people who are willing to have a try with those who are willing to raise Tibetan mastiff (there are many cases).

       Generally speaking, it is more objective to ask for a fight in the Caucasus. Of course, like people, there are boxers who have been trained since childhood. Ordinary people, of course, are not rivals of professional players. The same goes for dogs. There are players to train the fighting ability of dogs. There are masters and counsellors in every group. Not all of them are good boxers. It’s just a professional. No training is waste. Do you understand, Lou Lou

       Who’s seen them play. It’s hard to say who is good. Here are the information of two famous dogs

       1. Dog dominates Chinese Tibetan mastiff

       Tibetan mastiff is a world-famous large fierce dog, which originated from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau of China. It is the only dog in the world who dares to fight with wild animals. Therefore, it is given the reputation of “Oriental god dog” and is called the mount of living Buddha in * *. Although fierce, Tibetan mastiff is very loyal to its master, guarding the herds, watching the family and guarding the courtyard for the Tibetan people.

       Tibetan mastiff is a kind of plateau dog evolved from the giant ancient mane dog in the Himalayas more than 10 million years ago. It is the only ancient living fossil in the dog world that has not been changed by time and environment. It was once a wild animal on the Tibetan Plateau. It was domesticated by human beings 6000 years ago. The ancients called it “Tiangou”, and Tibetan mastiff researchers said it was “national treasure”, “Oriental god dog” and “universal public” The oldest, rarest and most ferocious large dog species recognized is “the ancestor of world fierce dog”. Marco Polo described it as “huge, like a donkey, ferocious voice, like a lion.” Tibetan Mastiff has been fighting for others all his life, taking Tao as heaven. Their fight is loyalty, morality and responsibility. A Tibetan mastiff with pure blood doesn’t care about fierce beasts like animals. Grassland wolves, including snow wolves and Tibetan horse bears, all know that Tibetan mastiff’s sense of smell is the most terrible ability to kill enemies. If you hurt the owner or relatives of Tibetan mastiff, or bite the cattle and sheep they care for, you must first think of a way to get rid of tracking revenge, otherwise you will be finished Yes! They will hide your footprints, even if it takes a year, they will suddenly appear at your door! Is the most insidious and cunning Snow Wolf offended the Tibetan mastiff, the first action is to flee home, in a distant place another hole. Tibetan mastiff not only has the best quality of all the wild animals and domestic animals on the grassland, but also concentrates the excellent quality that grassland people should have.

       2. Caucasus, Russia

       Origin: Russia, Caucasus republic

       Period of origin: Middle Ages

       Initial use: domestic animal care dog

       Now, security dog use: Livestock

       Life span: 9-11 years

       Weight range: 45-70kg

       Caucasian dogs have deep concave black eyes of medium size, excellent eyesight, protruding black nose, wide nostrils, and thick coat. Adult dogs have soft hair, strong limbs, straight and long legs, and hair between big feet and toes, which can isolate and protect toes. Strong feet and claws can make them stand on uneven ground, with buttocks slightly higher than back, and tail covered with more and longer Hair covered. As far as I know, this is one of the biggest dogs in the world, right! It is an order of magnitude larger than Tibetan mastiff. As far as I know, there is a Caucasian named idola, which weighs 150 kg. But on the other hand, its personality is relatively gentle to people, but some breeds have strong aggressiveness to other animals, which will bring a lot of trouble to the owner. When angry, five or six strong men can’t subdue him – but then, as a guard dog, I think you can feel its deterrent power.

       Evaluation: the fierce and big guard dog is one of the most powerful dogs.

       Height range: 64-72cm

       Caucasian dog is bigger than Tibetan mastiff, and China has not paid attention to protect its own country’s unique things, so the pure breed of Tibetan mastiff is very few, even if it is pure breed, it is also kept in captivity, has long lost its power in the plateau, but because of the scarcity of Tibetan mastiff, it has been deified, in fact, it is not so powerful. Some of the more powerful fighting dogs are TUZUO and silent. Pete, wait. These are real fighting dogs. Some people say that Tibetan mastiff and tuzobit are more likely to win without training, but I don’t agree. After all, all kinds of creatures have individual differences, and dogs are friends of human beings, so they are very cruel when they fight. As for the fight between the Caucasus and the Tibetan mastiff, I think the Tibetan mastiff will be more severe under the condition of the same weight, but the Caucasus is generally tall, and the Tibetan Mastiff has more hair. Even if it looks the same, the Tibetan mastiff is still much lighter than the Caucasus. They are all typed by themselves, ha ha.

       A few years ago, this group of pictures spread wildly on the Internet has indeed misled many people. Let’s talk about it here. It is not difficult to see that, first of all, the attacker is not a Caucasian dog, because the Caucasian dog’s hair is not so yellow, and the special facial features are not consistent with it. The coat color and appearance are quite similar to those of Turkey Kanko. And you can see that the victim’s face is not very similar to a Tibetan mastiff, but rather similar to the dark coat of the Gaojia dog. So I’ve been seriously doubting whether it’s Turkey’s cango who gave the deep colored Caucasus to $^ – * ÁË

       In recent years, Tibetan Mastiff has become a hot topic in recent years. Tibetan mastiff is raised in kennels, broadcasted on TV, and written in novels It seems that the Tibetan mastiff does not know how many legs the dog has. But I don’t think this Tibetan mastiff is worth tossing. It’s stupid to fry a dog up to 45 million. Tibetan mastiff again fine expensive, that is just a dog, and not what a good dog.

       Some people may want to refute me: look how good the Tibetan mastiff is! There are so many advantages, such as a long history, tall and powerful, bold and aggressive, loyal and smart, and so on. Almost all dogs have the advantages.

       The Tibetan Mastiff has a long history of more than a thousand years ago. I want to ask: do you know paleontology? Hyenas are not canines. They are a member of the cat type suborder. They just look like dogs. In fact, the genetic relationship between hyenas and cats is far closer to that of dogs. Hyenas and canines have reproductive isolation. That is to say, if Tibetan mastiff evolved from ancient hyenas, they could not hybridize with other dogs. Where did the running Tibetan mastiff come from? I told you not to read novels, other writers write nonsense, you really believe it?

       Another highly respected feature, tall and powerful. I admit that people who have never seen a big dog will be scared by the size of the Tibetan mastiff at first sight, but that doesn’t mean that the Tibetan mastiff is the biggest dog. The male mastiff weighs 60 kg and the female 50 kg is normal. As for the giant Tibetan mastiff with more than 100 kilograms, I can guarantee that nine out of ten are stimulated by hormone to cheat money. The Tibetan mastiff is tall and powerful. Where do you put the Caucasian and St. Bernard dogs? They can all be an order of magnitude larger than the Tibetan mastiff. Is it comfortable to be a frog in the well?

       Now to talk about what you said bold and aggressive, we all believe that Tibetan mastiff is bold, but Tibetan mastiff must be the most daring dog? The writers say that Tibetan mastiff is the only dog that dares to challenge the lion and tiger, which makes me goose bumps. First of all, I wonder where the lion tiger comes from XZ? I remember that these two beasts didn’t cross the gate on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and then I was puzzled by the word “only”. Let alone Dugao’s breed is a large hound hunting Puma and Jaguars. It’s a beagle dog that can be put into a bicycle basket and bark at the sight of a lion or a tiger. This is the essence of every kind of hound. How can it become a patent of Tibetan mastiff ? As for fighting I think you’ll have to look for evidence from junk novels to prove that Tibetan Mastiff has defeated tigers and leopards. I wonder how a canid can beat a leopard cat with a body size, flexibility, and bite power that surpasses itself without having to pour its mouth and have sharp claws. Don’t mention tiger and leopard, even in dogs, you will find that Tibetan mastiff is not good. Some people say that Tibetan mastiff can’t fight tiger and leopard, but it’s a fact to fight against Wolves. I can’t help crying and laughing: those highland wolves weighing about 20 kg in the corner of XZ really humiliate the reputation of wolves. Let’s try a gray wolf in the west of the United States. A slightly bigger wolf can have 80 A Tibetan mastiff can be killed within five kilos in an hour. In fact, a 35 kilogram pit dog can easily kill a 70 kilogram Tibetan mastiff, and even a dog less than 30 kilograms, such as damamachi, dare to fight against the Tibetan mastiff. It shows that the fighting skills of Tibetan mastiff are not worth mentioning.

       Finally, let’s talk about the so-called loyalty and intelligence. The loyalty of Tibetan mastiff is beyond doubt, but smart I can’t flatter you. The intelligence of dogs is reflected in their obedience and learning ability. However, both of them are confused. In terms of IQ, the smartest dog is the border collie. Dogs like German shepherd, golden fur, Labrador, Dobbin and Rowena also rank in the top 10. As for Tibetan Mastiff I didn’t find it in the first 40 dogs anyway.

       In fact, I feel that the breed of Tibetan mastiff is not excellent. In addition to its archaeological and ornamental value, it can only be used for grazing. The current high price is purely fried. Because Tibetan mastiff really can’t do anything else: as a military dog and police dog, it’s not allowed to be banned like the German shepherd, and the first level will be eliminated; as a hunting dog, although it has a great desire to hunt, but its physical conditions determine its poor hunting skills, it is impossible to chase rabbits like fine dogs, nor bite wild pigs like Dogo; as a guard dog and pet dog, it is easy to disturb As a fighting dog, although its fighting spirit is high, its fighting skills are not as good as those of the same large-scale Caucasian dogs. As a fighting dog, its fighting skills are not as good as those of bitor bandago who are specialized in tearing arteries and the dull nerves with the skin clamped by a vise Counting and counting is not found suitable for Tibetan mastiff.

       Finally, I would like to say: Tibetan mastiff is not a divine dog, nor is it the roaring dog of Erlang God. Don’t be written by unscrupulous merchants and boring people

       Now there are a few pure Tibetan mastiff. Some of them have lost their wildness in captivity, but the Caucasus is different. Now several large-scale Caucasian bases in China have Caucasian male and female of pure Russian blood. Generally, Caucasus live in the suburbs and rural areas, and the wildness is basically not lost. Therefore, the probability of Tibetan mastiff winning is not great, and it does not mean that all Caucasians can defeat Tibetan mastiff Some of the ecological Tibetan mastiff is still very powerful, but basically extinct. Now the popular mastiff on the Internet is basically pig mastiff. It’s disgusting

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