Character characteristics of exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       Exotic short haired cat (Garfield) is the best of all cats. It has nothing to do with what bites and scratches don’t like strangers. If you imagine a cute cat with a perverse personality, you have to be a foreign kitten (Garfield).

       The character of exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       They are independent in temperament, do not like noisy, like to look at the host but will not harass, most of the time will find their own fun. On the other hand, they also have strong curiosity, lively and intelligent, not nervous, can adapt to the new environment immediately, so they are easy to raise. However, because exotic short haired cats and Persian cats have a flat nose, so it is easy to have inflammation, so it is necessary to clean its face regularly. As long as they are cleaned up every day and kept healthy and active, their life span can reach about 13 years old.

       Exotic kitten (Garfield) maintenance

       1¡¢ Insect repellent

       Imported insect repellent

       It can be used to treat ear mites and ear mites

       2¡¢ Nutrition cream

       Nutrition cream: Vic, Junbao, these two brands are good, Junbao is better and more expensive, Huamao ointment: yishigao is recommended, and the effect is fast.

       Exotic short haired cat (Garfield) is quiet, lovely, warm and pure, sweet, peaceful, informal and loyal. On the other hand, it is as lively and playful as other breeds. It is as quiet as the Persian cat, close to people, and as naughty as the American Shorthair cat. Take one home quickly!

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