Cheap black cat breed – what kind of black cat do you have

       There are two kinds of black cats that can be rated, but there are more black cats, and many of the country cats are black

       Egyptian black cat

       Before people were afraid of cats, they were in awe of them. Ancient Egyptians

       First of all, cats were domesticated as domestic pets, and finally cats became the object of their religious worship. Around 2000 B.C., the goddess Bastet was depicted as a woman with a cat’s head and human body, regarded as productive

       And the God of healing. According to the Greek historian Diodorus

       Siculus) says cats live in temples, feed on milk, bread and Nile fish, and even the people who look after them have a high social status. Later, cats were thought to be not just the incarnation of the goddess, but themselves

       God. Even if a cat is killed unintentionally, it is punishable by death. If a domestic cat dies in an accident, the whole family should shave off its eyebrows as a sign of mourning. Cat amulets are very popular. Even after the death of cats, respect for them remains

       It’s not gone. Burying a cat also shows respect for them. At that time, it was mummified (mummies were believed to regenerate the soul). In the summer of 1888, an Egyptian farmer was in the middle of

       A total of 300000 cat mummies dating back to more than 2000 years have been unearthed in our home, but this is actually only one of the cat cemeteries in ancient Egypt.

       All kinds of black cats

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       About 1600 B.C., 3000-4000 years ago, the Egyptians raised cats for the purpose of protecting grain from rats, and for religious reasons. Love for cats seems to be the inherent nature of Egypt. Cats have always been highly respected and cherished. In the Greek and Roman times before 2000 ad, the dead cats were coated with spices and wrapped with bandages. The cat body was made into a “cat mummy” which was worshipped and worshipped by thousands of people and regarded it as a God. Archaeologists have found 300000 “cat mummies” in a holy temple. Some people even take some small mice or wire balls as funerary objects for the cat, making them live and die

       What you can do. Whether born or dead, ancient cats enjoyed a special status. According to historical records, an unfortunate Roman soldier was killed by angry people because he accidentally killed a cat. The Egyptian cat is the God of the moon

       Beth’s incarnation is the dark emissary of night spirit. The highest and largest palace wall can’t stop them from sneaking in. Like the Holy Spirit, they stand on high walls overlooking the most noble royal family in Egypt. Regardless of this, the image of the Egyptian cat before 1400 A.D. can be seen in the murals of ancient Egyptian temples on the banks of the Nile. It is said that the Prophet Muhammad found that cats could subdue poisonous snakes, and snakes were regarded as symbols of power in Egypt.

       European black cat

       black cat

       Black cat is regarded as a witch’s pet. It originated from the European Renaissance in the middle ages. It is believed that witches all have their own ‘familiar’ spirits dedicated to witches. They can appear in various images, such as cats, crows, owls, etc.

       Since ancient times, cats have given people the feeling of mystery. Because of their rapid action, they come and go without shadow. People see it as a kind of supernatural image; In addition, the color of the cat is black, which makes people feel a evil spirit. Therefore, people usually think that the black cat will bring bad luck. It is said that the black cat will fly into the sky with the witch on a broom. At that time, people said that the cat was so mysterious, which made people afraid.

       In 962 A.D., a hundred cats were used as sacrifices for the lent ceremony. In the age of witch hunting, a large number of women and cats were killed. In the dark

       In the dark period, many women were burned as witches, some of whom were regarded as witches for keeping cats and were punished together with cats. In Switzerland, hundreds of children have been hanged because they have been exposed to cats and are believed to have suffered

       The archetype of the cat — demon instigation. Cats can also remind people of the characteristics of women, which makes women and cats feel distrustful. Cats may be the embodiment of witches, and women may be witches. Under the guidance of male society, cats and women

       Sex is subject to sex. However, after the cat, the plague became more rampant and made people more afraid. Christianity therefore denounces everything as a result of cats, which is a symbol of paganism,

       And indoctrinate the people “cats are the incarnation of witches, messengers of hell, with the power of Satan, they must be destroyed. “The title of devil emissary makes cats more popular. It is also believed that cats raised by witches can speak and predict

       In the future, it is a goblin for witches, and the black cat has become the incarnation used by demons to play tricks on human beings. People are tired of it. People also spread the Black Death virus from the nose of cats, and people will be infected with the disease after drinking it. This is called the black death

       Cats are to blame.

       black cat

       As a result, a large-scale cat related crime appeared in 1200 ad, and the accusation of cat was also added in the trial: “the strange cat sneaks into the house at night to attack * * (or stuffy)

       Some of the evidences claimed that witches could be transformed into cats to get close to the victims they wanted to harm; some described witches or Pagans gathering to kiss the cat’s buttocks; and religion

       During the interrogation, the so-called “accusation” of worshiping cats appeared.

       In the 13th century, Pope George VI declared the black cat the incarnation of a witch. Therefore, when people think of cats or women, they will associate with the other. Therefore, both of them are subject to sexual abuse

       Fire punishment, known as Satan or devil’s paw or even the real body, actually regards the cat as the witch incarnation. There is also a legend: there is a good judge, in order to save a girl who will be burned by fire, secretly released the girl and replaced it with one

       Cat, but during the fire, people saw the cat escape from the fire, so they thought that the girl had turned into a black cat, and the idea that a witch is a cat has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

       In addition, there are many nursery rhymes and folklore that black cat often accompanies Witches: until now, some people think that black cat is the main culprit. Cat has nine lives, because you killed a witch into a black cat, she also

       Pure black, yellow green eyes, short hair, is an ordinary domestic cat, many pet forums will have beautiful black cat adoption, such as this one Looking for adoption

       Black cat is a good cat in the town. It is very intelligent, but it is also relatively skinny. I have it. I have kept it for nearly five years. When people see it, they say that your dog is really big ~ sweat ~ the black cat cat is very fierce when it is raised. Its body shape is comparable to that of a small dog.

       Persian cat [Chinese name] Persian cat [English name] Persian [origin] British [habit] Persian cat is intelligent, gentle, responsive and understanding. [fur color] solid color, silver and gold color, smoked color, tiger pattern color, variegated color and two color, Himalayan color. [historical origin] Persian cat is the most typical breed. It was born in 1860 after more than 100 years of breeding and breeding in the United Kingdom based on the native breed and Angolan cat. It has a long and gorgeous coat, elegant behavior, so it is known as “prince in the cat” and “Princess”. Why do Persian cats have the same eyes on both sides, while others have two colors? Is Persian cat a symbol of loneliness and nobility? Why do Persian cats have green and blue eyes? Why do Persian cats have different eye colors? Little knowledge about Persian cats? Berman cat [Chinese name] Berman cat [common name] Bowman cat, Baman cat, Myanmar God cat, Myanmar holy cat [English name] Birman [origin] Myanmar [habits] Berman cat is gentle, very friendly and has a pleasant call. [fur color] chocolate, seal, light purple and blue. [historical origin] the present Borman cat was bred in France in 1925, and then it had a long, thin, silky coat due to the introduction of Persian cat blood. It was recognized by the British Cat Association in 1966 and soon in the United States. It is a long haired cat that has been praised by people. How to distinguish the Himalayan cat from the Berman cat? Are Berman cats all white clawed? Does anyone know how much a purebred Berman cat costs? What kind of cat is this? How to winter cats? Norwegian Forest Cat Norway Forest Cat Norway Forest cat is smart, cautious, and good at catching, climbing trees and climbing rocks. [fur color] the color and pattern of wool are diversified, ranging from pure white to dark charcoal black, which can be matched with any pattern and color, but there is no key color. [historical origin] the ancestor of the cat lived in the Norwegian forest species. It is a unique cat species in Scandinavia. Its origin can be traced back to the ancient times. It was not until 1930 that it was recognized as an independent variety. Is Norwegian Forest Cat easy to find in China? Is it expensive? Does Baotou sell Muppets, Norwegian forest cats and Maine cats? Looking for a mate for a male Norwegian Forest cat? Which Hangzhou has sells Norwegian Forest cat, or Maine Kuhn cat? What kind of cat is more handsome? Doll cat Ragdoll cat Ragdoll cat ragdol American habit gentle and quiet, not suitable for playing outside, but like to get along with people. If you are a busy office worker and don’t have much time to accompany them, you’d better not raise this breed, otherwise you will make them live very unhappy. [fur color] double color, key color, open fingered glove style. [historical origin] puppet cat is a cat breed bred by ANN Baker, a California woman. What is a puppet cat? How much does it cost to buy a puppet cat? Where does Beijing or Tianjin have professional breeding Muppet cat shed? Where does Zhengzhou have sell puppet cat and British short hair cat? Introduction of puppet cat? Himalayan cat (Chinese name) Himalayan cat (common name) key color Persian cat (English name) Himalayan [origin] UK [habit] Himalayan cat combines the softness and charm of Persian cat. Siamese cat is smart and elegant, warm and generous, playful and lovable, with high learning talent, and its call is very pleasant. [fur color] key colors of seal, chocolate, blue, lavender, red, milky yellow and hawksbill. [historical origin] the Himalayan cat was bred in 1929 by a cross between Siam cat, Baman cat and Persian cat. How to judge Garfield and Himalayan cat? How to distinguish a Himalayan cat from a bad one? Is Himalayan cat a foreign long haired cat? How much is a Himalayan cat? Are Himalayan cats lazy? Chinchilla cat is elegant and quiet, gentle and has personality. It is tender and understanding, and likes to be close to people. The well-trained jinjila is extremely obedient, close to its owner and has strong self-esteem. [fur color] silver white, shadow, gold, shadow gold. [historical origin] jinjila is the first pure artificial breeding and a special species after years of careful breeding. In fact, it is difficult to prove the ancestry of jinjila cat, because it was bred by many kinds of cats. Does jinjila usually bark? Why hasn’t my cat been barking? What’s the difference between jinjila and Persian cats? Will chingira and Siamese cats produce Himalayan cats? Who has jinjila cat in Wuhan? I really want to have one! Beijing sells jinjila cat better place? Siamese cat [Chinese name] Siamese cat [common name] Thai cat [English name] Siamese [origin] Thailand [habit] has personality, outgoing personality, strong curiosity, like to be with people, quite intelligent. Disadvantages: often envious of competitors; noisy, especially in estrus. [coat color] the coat color will deepen with age. [historical origin] more than 200 years ago, precious cats were kept in Thailand’s royal palaces and monasteries. They were kept secret treasures. In 1884, when the British Consul in Bangkok left office, he took a couple home, which immediately attracted the attention of many cat lovers in Britain. Is Siamese cat easy to keep? Is it really troublesome to have a cat? What kind of Siamese cat is this? About Siamese cats? Want a Siamese cat? Do Siamese cats catch mice? Toy tiger and cat the fur color of toy tiger and cat is 95% similar to that of tiger. Amber body with black stripes. [origin of history] retired architects in Los Angeles bred a new Tiger Striped cat breed in their backyard: toyger. Tiger head tiger brain, amber body, black stripes. Is there a cat that looks very much like a tiger? Where does tiger cat come from? What kind of animal is tiger cat and where does it live? Is it on the tree? What’s the name of a cat that looks like a tiger’s fur? Tiger cat tongue problem? Scotty fold, scottish fold, is approachable, gentle and intelligent. He is nostalgic for his family and loves his master. He is calm and lazy on the surface, but attacks quickly when he encounters prey. [coat color] there are many kinds of coat colors, such as chocolate, lavender, dark brown, dark blue, lavender and white. [historical origin] in 1961, a Shepherd named William discovered the first cat with folded ears on a farm in Scotland. What patterns do Scotch fold eared cats have? How much is a Scotch fold ear cat, blue hair, golden eye? How much can Scotch fold ear cat want to buy probably? How long is the life span of a Scotch cat? How to tell if the Scotch cat is pure? American Shorthair is a long-lived, strong and healthy cat with beautiful appearance. It is quiet, smart, human and emotional. As long as you respect it, you will be very close to the whole family of its owner and be kind to the children. [fur color] American short haired cats have more than 80 colors and stripes, and Silver Tiger spot is the most familiar color of American short haired cats. [historical origin] American short haired cat is a unique American breed. Its ancestors came from Europe and followed the early pioneers into North America. Can you help me to see if this is just an American kitten? How much is the price of an ordinary American Silver Tabby Cat? What’s the difference between British and American Bobcats? Did American short haired cats not have long patterns when they were young? On how to identify American short hair cat, cat expert please advise! Exotic Shorthair is as quiet as a Persian cat, close to people, and as playful as an American Shorthair. There are various colors and styles of fur. [historical origin] this new breed of artificial cat was bred by selective breeding. In the early 1960s, breeders in the United States developed a plan to cross the Persian cat with the American short haired cat, so as to produce a new breed with both the plump and attractive appearance of the former Persian cat and the latter’s easy to comb its coat. Is exotic short haired cat Garfield? How much is a purebred exotic short haired cat? How to raise exotic kittens better? How well can exotic short haired cats breed? Red tiger spot exotic short hair cat problem, please advise! Egyptian cat [Chinese name] Egyptian cat [English name] Egypt [origin] intelligent and tame, friendly to people, playful and interesting, close to people, and pleasant call. [fur color] silver with dark gray spots, light yellowish brown with dark brown spots, dark gray with white underlying hair and black spots, light yellowish brown with dark gray or brown spots. [historical origin] originally from Cairo, it is a kind of natural cat. It was first introduced into the United States in the late 1950s. The cat is said to be a descendant of the sacred cat worshipped in ancient Egypt because it has a scarab pattern between its eyebrows. Is there an Egyptian cat? What’s the difference between American bobcat and Egyptian cat? Egyptian cat legend? Are Egyptian and Persian cats the same species? Do you sell Egyptian cats in China? [Chinese name] Dragen Li [origin] China [habits] civet cat has a very independent character, likes sports, is very cheerful, and has strong dependence. Most coat colors are

       English short,

       Beautiful short, different short, Scotland fold ear has black,

       But the eyes are yellowish green

       In addition, Siam,

       Bombay leopards also have pure black

       But I haven’t seen a cat with pure black or blue eyes,

       I don’t know if it’s the same as white rabbit or red eye

       English short and different short,

       Scottish ears are relatively sticky and gentle

       The beauty is short and lively

       Although Siam is clingy to people, it has a strong personality,

       Bombay leopard cat in China is not many, not easy to buy

       As long as you treat the kitten well, it won’t hurt

       The price of professional cat house for pet grade kittens (English short / different short / folded ears) is about 2000,

       Four or five thousand are good in class and certificate

       It’s cheaper to breed in your own house. If you don’t have a high requirement, you can consider it. Generally, it doesn’t exceed 1500

       1. Havana cat

       The Havana cat, which is a kind of cat owned by a few people, is not popular. However, this kind of cat has the characteristics of oriental cat. Its body is no different from that of oriental cat. Its ears are big enough to attract the wind.

       This is a kind of charming cat. It likes to play and interact with people. It’s special. The Havana cat is not suitable for staying at home, because it can’t be trapped at home. It needs outdoor interaction, which is what it likes.

       2. Tiffany cat

       Tiffany has many coat colors, of which the chocolate one is black. It is not so much black as close to black, a little shallow black, very beautiful. This color of Tiffany cat is also relatively rare, so many people may not be able to see.

       It has soft body hair, very suitable for hugging, can also be used as a crouching cat, because it also likes to sleep, in the master’s lap to sleep safely.

       3. Mandalay cat

       Mandela cat has the gene of Burmese cat, which is a kind of curiosity cat, good at family entertainment. At present, there are many people who keep this kind of cat, especially in Europe, because black cat has a lucky saying.

       Mandela cat body presents a kind of oily luster, very good-looking, very beautiful. In the sun you’ll find that its body hair quality is very good, which may be the advantages of Mandalay.

       4. Bombay cat

       Bombay cat is a representative of the short haired black cat, and it is also a kind of black cat which is more raised nowadays. Bombay cat’s body hair looks messy, not those very soft and greasy feeling.

       Bombay cat’s eyes are yellow with black eyes in the middle. If it’s in a dark place, you need to look at the Bombay cat’s eyes to know where it is, because the eyes are particularly conspicuous.

       5. Turkish Angora cat

       In fact, we can see from the name that this kind of cat is special. It is a combination of Turkish cat and Angora cat. The color of its fur is not only black. This kind of cat’s black coat and long hair is very attractive and special. Because most of the black cats are short haired, the ones with long hair should be considered an alternative.

       1. Bombay little black panther (common name alias) English Name: Bombay origin: United States breeding mode: viviparous historical origin: it is a modern breed, just like dongchini cat, Bombay cat is a breed bred by crossing Burmese cat with American black short hair cat in 1970s. 2. Origin of black cat (common name and alias): Britain breeding mode: viviparous history origin: [short hairy alien]: [black exotic cat]. Ancestors: Angora cat, Persian cat. Origin: 1880s. It was first recognized in the UK and exhibited at the first British cat show in 1871, and was equally popular in the United States. There may be other varieties. I only know these two.

       My family’s very black, pure Chinese native cat, ha ha ~ enough black? Ha ha, native cat, super can understand people’s words, can look at the face, cling to people, like to play games with people, do not like to compete for favors, can get along with other kinds of cats peacefully, and will generously give the owner to the new cat… Dead cat, I am not an object, so I gave up to ya ya ya ya, I am sad to think about, Jealousy of the cat is very serious, er

       In addition, Siamese and Bombay leopards also have pure black. But I have never seen a cat with pure black or blue eyes. I don’t know whether it is the same as white or red eyes, Although Siam is clingy, it has a strong personality. Bombay leopard cats are rare in China, so it is not easy to buy them. As long as you treat the kittens well, the price of professional cat houses for pet grade kittens (English short / different short / folded ears) is less than 2000, and the one with certificate is 4000 or 5000. It is cheaper to breed in our own house, If the quality requirements are not particularly high can be considered, generally no more than 1500