Cheap long haired cat – what kind of cat is easy to keep and cheap

       Full name: ragged cat

       Ragged cat (2)

       English Name: ragamuffin

       Origin: USA

       Weight: 4-7kg

       Nickname: ragged

       Type: cat

       Breed: it is a new breed bred by Muppet cat. It is more inclined to Norwegian Forest Cat in appearance.

       When you first see a ragged cat from a distance, you will find yourself in awe. But when you approach it, you will find a pair of big and beautiful eyes begging for your caress. The ragged cat has beautiful colors, soft fur and perfect body. ¡¡[1]

       Ragged cats are allowed any coat color and style, but CFA standard does not allow pure white. These striking colors come in combinations of blue, white, tortoise shell, brown or sable. The ragged cat belongs to the long haired cat, but it is not difficult to take care of it. Although the coat is thick and long, it is not easy to knot and comb it.

       In general, the price at this price is the mixed blood cat. Now the kind of Persian and native cat with long hair is more common. In fact, any cat can be a pet cat. The key is not the price you buy, but some expenses, material and spiritual preparation in the future.

       There are a lot of short haired cats, but I haven’t seen them mixed with native cats. Maybe some sexual characteristics are not obvious? Generally, at best, I have seen American short and different short mix, British short and American short mix, fold ear and American short mix, and different short mix; and the price of this kind of mix is not as high as you said, generally about 1000. In fact, domestic cats are also very cute.

       Pets? In fact, the cat’s personality is not very different, the cat is also very good. Short hair, this price should be able to buy mixed blood Siamese cat. This cat is different from most cats in character, loyal and can be taken out to play. I have one in my family, which is highly recommended. Siamese kitten. Short haired, easy to take care of, is a popular short hair cat

       Do you mean the price of a cat or the cost of keeping a cat??

       In fact, it doesn’t cost much to keep a cat. As long as you take good care of it, you should pay attention to reasonable diet and not get sick;

       A good breed of cat is English short, good physique, strong adaptability, lively personality, and good hair care

       And Siamese cats are as independent as dogs

       And the Russian blue cat is smart and strong

       Hairy cats generally need double care

       “First of all, the price of all kinds of cats is very high. Unlike the native cats, such as cihuamao and rural cats, these cats cost hundreds of yuan. To say that the beautiful, lovely and sticky cats, such cheap cats should be blue cats and British short cats. Secondly, blue cat is a breed that many cat slaves like to feed. They are cute, sticky and gentle in character. Families with children are very suitable for feeding blue cats. There are also one or two thousand one blue cats. “

       1. Orange cat

       Ten orange cats, nine fat and one collapsing Kang. Orange cat is a very common domestic cat. Before it became a net red cat, it was everywhere. After it became popular, the price of orange cat was not particularly expensive. Moreover, compared with other kinds of cats, orange cat was strong, not easy to get sick, and it was especially easy to feed.

       2. Civet flower

       As a kind of Chinese country cat, like orange cat, it has high beauty, thick fur and healthy body. It’s easy to feed and very good at catching mice.

       3. Siam

       Siamese cats can better adapt to the local climate of their owners, and their character is strong and active, witty and flexible, with strong curiosity and understanding. Siamese cats like to walk with people and can walk with their belts. Cat world can slip ah, like to walk around the corner, quickly look at it!

       4. English short

       To say the breed of cats, in fact, are not cheap, but relatively cheap should still be blue cats, British short these cats.

       First of all, the price of all kinds of cats is very high. Unlike the native cats, such as cihuamao and rural cats, these cats cost hundreds of yuan. To say that the beautiful, lovely and sticky cats, such cheap cats should be blue cats and British short cats. Secondly, blue cat is a breed that many cat slaves like to feed. They are cute, sticky and gentle in character. Families with children are very suitable for feeding blue cats, and there are also one or two thousand one blue cats.

       The price also depends on the breed, the region, and the cat

       Popular breeds of cats will certainly be more expensive, while less popular breeds will be relatively cheap: 500-5000 (of course, there are tens of thousands of them, but it is not necessary to buy such expensive ones if you want to keep them or not)

       If you like the round face and cute suggestion, buy American short, British short, Garfield (similar to Persian cat, but with long hair), etc., the British short and American short are about 1800-3000; Garfield is about 3000, of course, Garfield is more expensive than other cats; of course, if you don’t dislike it, China’s huacivet is also a breed cat (in 2010, the international authority CFA recognized the change) The price of this kind of cat is about several hundred! I haven’t bought it, you can look for it! It is said that it is very expensive to sell abroad!

       If you like slim, personality can choose to buy Thailand Siamese cat, this cat has the key color, that is, the limbs, head, tail will change color with age and temperature (you can baidu search pictures); this kind of cat has relatively few people, generally 500-800 can buy almost!

       If you like the cat with long hair (the fur is not easy to care for), you can choose Persian cat, jinjila cat, puppet cat, etc.; of course, the Muppet cat is the best to look at, of course, it is also the most expensive, and generally there are tens of thousands of similar ones (remember to buy Muppet cats, it’s better not to buy the key colors, most of the key colors are crossed with Siam, which is not pure, just a few hundred yuan to know Siam); Persian cat and cat Jinjila is almost the same, that is, about 3000 more.

       If you are allergic to cat hair, you can choose Canadian hairless cat (I think it is very personal, but some people think it is ugly, ha ha), you can take a look at Baidu pictures! Generally, the price is more than 10000, but it is said that 6500 can be obtained. I haven’t bought it. Although my family has more than 20, ha ha!

       I don’t know the price of other kinds of cats. After all, I haven’t bought them; most of them are cold! Finally, we should pay attention to the fact that higher prices are really secondary. We must buy decent ones (don’t buy string, words will be wronged) and healthy ones (health is very important, otherwise it will be enough for you to buy cats before treatment). I hope it can help you!

       As a cat loving emissary, I have never owned a cat. It’s really a pity. If you want to keep a cat, you don’t know what kind of cat is better to keep or what kind of cat is cheaper. Well, I’d like to introduce a few cheap and easy to keep cats, want to have a look at it!

       First, first of all, do not buy cats directly from roadside stalls, neither native cats nor “purebred” cats claimed by traders.

       If it is easy to raise, ordinary bloodless domestic cats are OK, and there is no need to worry about being cheated. Now there are many organizations that do rescue work. Go to deal with them and find those who have good living habits. They can hold the one that fits in well with you and have fun with each other. If you start with a kitten, you should pay attention to the fact that a kitten a few months old has a high interest in hunting and is energetic, and will chase people’s hands and feet. You should insist on training its behavior habits and training it to bite toys instead of directly biting people. Artificial feeding of non weaned kittens is extremely annoying and strongly not recommended. There are many colors and different personalities of native cats. Patience will find the right one.

       When it comes to cheaper cats, the first choice is the Chinese garden cat. It’s only 0-50 yuan, but I’m not sure if I can take good care of it. I can’t abandon it on a whim. Chinese country cat is also very good, very lovely.

       Chinese garden cat

       Second: if you buy a breed of cat, you need to know what you think is good or bad, and how to judge whether it is good or bad, so as to avoid the rising incidence rate of diseases caused by mismatching. Domestic more common breeds of cats: Persian, Garfield and other flat faced cats are generally gentle and lazy. The disadvantage is that the face is flat, inconvenient to eat, and often wipe tear marks. The respiratory tract is short, and it may cause problems. If it is not well strung, it looks very old.

       Persia: the general price is about 5000 yuan, and the feeding is relatively simple. Just feed some cat food and some fresh water. The price is too expensive and the local tyrants are at will

       Persian cat

       Garfield: it’s only about 500. If it’s purebred, it’s 1000 or 2000, so it’s suitable for white adoption.


       British short haired cat: the intestines and stomach of short haired cats are poor. We should pay attention to the hardness of the food when feeding, not too hard or too soft. We should pay attention not to change food too suddenly when we change food, which will cause diarrhea because it is not suitable for new rations. 2000-5000 yuan, the price is too expensive, the local tyrants are at will. Suitable for family rearing.


       Novice to the cat’s correct feeding practices: within 2 months to buy kitten cat food, with hot water or pet puppies cat sheep milk powder soft not hot to eat it. For 2-12 months, the kittens should be fed with cat food directly. The fat food should be kept in the bowl all the time. A small amount of food should be eaten every day. Once in a while, add canned or cooked fish. If you want it to be in good shape, feed it three times. Food must ensure that there is boiled water to drink, not too little, or easy to breed bacteria, change every day.

       It all depends on the cat owner’s own hobbies and fate. For example, if you like to keep English short and American short, you can choose Siam if you like to be active, you can choose Muppet cat or Persian cat if you like beautiful, or you can choose Maine cat or Sphinx hairless cat if you like special. Some people like long hair and some people like short hair. This problem is too general. It is suggested that we should base on our actual situation

       If you really want purebred cats, then choose Persian cats. In fact, purebred cats are not cheap, which belongs to purebred cheaper.

       It’s cheap because there are so many people. Persian cat is a noble. He is gentle and elegant, intelligent and understanding. He is quiet and quiet. His voice is sharp and tender. He likes to be coquettish. It has always been loved by cat lovers all over the world and is the representative of long haired cats. Persian cats are strong and powerful, with simple and smooth body lines, round face, flat nose, thick short legs, small ears, large eyes and short tail. The coat of Persian cat is long and dense, and its texture is like cotton and light as silk. Its fur is gorgeous, brilliant and varied. Persian cat is gentle and gentle in temperament, elegant in manner, intelligent and agile, less moving and quiet, understanding, and has a sharp and soft voice. It is born with a spoiled attitude, giving people a gorgeous and noble feeling.