Chihuahua falls and lands on her hind legs – Chihuahua’s hind legs are injured and she dares not walk down

       The dog’s hind leg injury may be due to pain, so they dare not walk down. When Chihuahua’s hind leg is injured and dare not walk on the ground, the owner should take timely measures to help the dog to deal with the wound, otherwise the Chihuahua wound worsens, the owner can refer to the following methods for dog care.

       1: First observe how the injury is

       When Chihuahua is injured, the owner should first observe how the dog is injured. If the Chihuahua wound is very large and deep, and the dog still shed a lot of blood, the owner should take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment. If the dog is only a little bit of skin injury, not very serious, the owner should treat the wound for the dog at home. Otherwise the dog’s wound is getting worse and worse.

       2: Wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide

       Dog small wound owners can use some hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound, to see if there are foreign bodies in the wound, if there are foreign bodies, they should be taken out in time. If there is hair around the wound, shave off the hair around, otherwise it will stick to the wound. During the period to pay attention to keep the wound dry, do not let Chihuahua go to wet places, such as the kitchen, bathroom and other places.

       3: Use some pet speed closure

       After the owner cleans the wound for Chihuahua, spread some pet to the wound. If the Chihuahua can grasp and bite, the owner should wear a headgear for the dog, or bandage the dog. If the dog’s injured area is at the active joint, if the owner wants to bandage it, he should first use some tape to stick the bandage, and then bandage, so that the bandage will not fall off easily.

       You can touch it first to see if there is pain. It is recommended to go to the hospital to take a film to see if the bone is injured. It is better not to drag it. If there is no injury, it should be a muscle tear. You can recover by eating some anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs. If the bone is injured, it may depend on whether it is surgery or conservative treatment. During this period, we must take a rest and avoid strenuous exercise. I wish you a speedy recovery

       The young dog’s skeleton is still developing and relatively fragile. If there is no redness, swelling and severe pain, it may be sprain. It can be used together for a period of time, and generally it can heal itself. If there is swelling and severe pain may be injured to the bone, it is best to go to the hospital to take a film to check. Also need to pay attention to whether there is trauma, if there is trauma, use iodophor disinfection to prevent infection. Wish your dog a speedy recovery!

       Common sprain of hind leg joint or muscle strain. Use hot water twice a day (the hands feel a little hot but not irritating, and the dog can also accept the temperature), wipe the hind legs, and then use Votalin (it is recommended to be imported from Germany, which is good for athletes, and can also be used by people bought at home). It will recover for a week… In addition, after three or four days of continuous treatment, if there is no reduction (joint slight injury and muscle sprain will obviously improve after several days of treatment, at least you can walk), it may be bone injury, and you need to go to the pet hospital… The self recovery ability of animals with sports injury is much higher than that of human beings. In short, don’t worry too much and can’t be hesitant. Take necessary common treatment (hot compress + Votalin). If the dog doesn’t feel well after a few days, go to a doctor (how to see good: after a few days, the dog can stand or walk, although it can’t run, but gently touch its fall with its hand, it will not feel pain again – otherwise, it will go to a doctor)… My family has raised rabbits, cats, dogs, all have falls, are cured by the above methods.

       Take it to a regular hospital to have a look first, if the stool is black, it may be inflamed, or it may be caused by bleeding, but the most important thing is to pay close attention to the treatment first. Don’t be too impatient. Don’t let it drink raw milk. It’s bad for the stomach. I wish you a lucky baby quick card, healthy and healthy! Happy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ remember to take it for a walk on the lawn in the countryside after it recovers ~ ~ ~ the dog will need to eat some weeds or sand particles from time to time, which is good for its health~~~~~~~~~

       Take good care of your baby ~ ~ ~ don’t be like me. I lost my baby a piaofeng who was brought up in school that summer vacation. I should not go back to school so early ~ ~ ~ 3 years. I feel heartache when I want to. Now I dare not keep a dog any more. When I have enough conditions, I will keep one like it and never leave it ~~~~~~

       If there is no sign of fracture in your dog’s leg (the leg can be broken in the opposite direction), it may be a bone fracture (a small crack in the bone). If it is contusion, it will not hurt so much!

       You’d better use a cloth (gauze is better) and a small flat stick. The length of the stick is the same as that of the dog’s injured leg. Bind the dog’s leg with the stick with gauze, wrap it around the heel of the leg in a spiral form from the claw, and then wrap the stick from the heel of the leg to the claw, and fix or knot with adhesive tape. Remove the gauze after 15 days. Do not let the dog take off the gauze,

       It hurts! It must be where it landed! Bruised! But it’s nothing! It will be all right in a few days!

       Turn around because he wants to go where it landed! But on the inside! I can’t lick it! It’s turned! Normal¡¤

       Don’t go to the hospital. It’s no big deal! It’s only two meters! If it is huge or large, it will be very serious! But a small one will be fine… Don’t worry¡¤¡¤

       Sleep at ease¡¤¡¤¡¤

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