Chinchilla ate the hair that fell off – how does chinchilla eat its own hair?

       It’ll grow in general. It won’t matter

       And you’d better not scratch the tail

       It’s easy to break the tail, hurt the organs inside, and so on. Your chinchilla will be finished

       2 will make the Totoro scared and afraid of you

       If you catch chinchilla

       You can use the bath sand to lure you to come here. Chinchilla likes to take a bath. You put the box of bath sand on the ground. Chinchilla will come when he sees it

       Then you can close the box again

       It’s hard to catch it with food

       Want to buy some row hair papaya Pill on the net, prevent hairball disease. It is recommended that rabbits take 1-2 capsules a day. Papaya balls and Dried Papaya are not the same, this is concentrated, papaya dry to eat the amount of pineapple papaya pills to play the hair effect. Papaya pill is very suitable for rabbits to eat regularly, because rabbits have the habit of licking their hair to do cleaning, which will intangibly eat a lot of hair. Hair and feces will accumulate together, a small part can be discharged, most of the accumulation in the gut. When the owner saw the rabbit discharge grape like BB, it showed that it was very serious. At this time, we should give timothy grass and feed several papaya pills every day. The situation of chinchilla is better, but if the chinchilla bites its hair, rabbits will have similar situation. Therefore, eating a few papaya pills every 1-2 weeks can be used as snacks and regular health care.

       If the Totoro is just brought home, it is not recommended to take it out directly to play. It is better to let the chinchilla rest in the cage for a week and get familiar with the surrounding environment before holding it out for play. In addition, chinchilla died a very timid animal, they do everything very alert, always ready to escape. If you want a chinchilla to be completely familiar with you, it will be easy to build up a relationship by feeding healthy chinchilla snacks one by one. To let chinchilla slowly familiar with you, know that you will not hurt him, he will play with you, completely rest assured of you. Chinchillas are our pets, but they also have the mentality of self-defense. If there is depilation on the way to holding the chinchilla, it is better to keep them for a period of time before holding them.

       Pull off a lot of chinchilla’s fur. It’s OK. It will grow out after a long time.

       Chinchilla, scientific name of South American chinchillas, belongs to the mammalian rodent order porcupine. It is native to the Andes Mountains in South America. It is inhabited by caves and crevices at an altitude of 1600 feet. The local weather is dry and the temperature difference between day and night is very large. When long Maoping lives on some tropical plants (such as bark, root and cactus), it has strong vitality, However, in the 16th century, Europeans found that the fur of this small animal was so soft that they killed a large number of chinchillas. At the beginning of the 19th century, chinchillas were already on the verge of extinction. Fortunately, an American, M.F. Chapman, brought 11 of them back to California and successfully bred there

       You mean biting? If biting hair, you need to eat compound vitamins. It’s stimulated by the surrounding environment. If you are too lonely, you should accompany more at ordinary times.

       There are many chinchillas. There are those who sell Huamao cream. They are usually allowed to eat it, 1cm a week. If the defecation is very small and the appetite is not good, exclude other causes, 1cm a day.

       PS: if there is too much hair in the stomach or intestine, it can’t be digested, which will lead to death. In fact, the disease is not easy to detect. So just pay attention.

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